Layers of aura - learn how to dissolve layers of aura and karma

Who has layers of aura ?

All humans have many dozens of active layers within their aura. They can be seen or felt easily. They are active because their content forms the acting forces of your life - the vector forces as described in an earlier chapter.

What is the origin of such layers ?

"Unfinished business" !! Your previous unfinished and unsolved personal ( ego-created) problems of any kind. Anything you rejected or suppressed in previous years or previous incarnations. All is carried in your aura - beyond physical death into any future incarnation until you decide to dissolve it.

How are layers normally dissolved ?

  1. As a result of true and correct Kriya Yoga layers of your Aura and hence karma will be dissolved on a regular basis. To fully dissolve all layers, all karma all fears and rejections you ever have created and are carrying along with you people either may work out their karma - that means any time frame between dozens up to hundreds or even thousands of reincarnation away from God are needed to live your karma and to work it up - provided you stop creating new karma - else it could become an nearly endless cycle as well.
  2. However during certain times - like Christmas time, blessing ceremonial, eastern and other holy days or situations, layers - even many, in rare circumstances all at once - can be instantly dissolved as an act of true love - either by your personal Guru or by his Paramguru or other Saints - for example Jesus. 3.Dissolving layers by God is done in a different way, at a different time - after physical death if such is suitable as a result of your truly loving honest work for a long time or as an act of grace and mercy !

Such dissolving of YOUR layers may take a few weeks of proper preparation from your side and may result in effects on you that may feel strange. Hence you may need to be prepared for such action on your aura.

First lets clear one very important point

Layers are only dissolved in those individuals who have proven that they sincerely want to love all in all situations and hence that they want to learn to love like God at any cost of their ego. People who are truly willing to fully and permanently dissolve their ego. People who are practicing spiritual techniques on a very regular basis and very intensely and prove their sincere spiritual orientation toward God in daily life.

Why such limits ? Very simply - dissolving layers frees your spiritual energies more and more and hence may also free your self for more spiritual activities and spiritual powers may occurs without proper preparation. That however causes any and every true ego to abuse such spiritual power for financial gain or to gain any other power over others. For the protection of all creation spiritual powers - also called by their Sanskrit name "Siddhis" - such abuse is best prevented by withholding it until much later when during years or decades or a full earthly incarnation who have consistently proven to love in all situations of life. Any premature use of Siddhis could lead to instant new karma that might take years or incarnations to dissolve. You remember - in one second - in an instant of one single thought or decision - you may create karma that may need up to many incarnations to be dissolved by you again.

Layers can be dissolved as a pure act of grace and mercy - an act of divine love to those having suffered too long too much and sincerely asking for grace and mercy and forgiveness by God.

However layers are dissolved the result always is the very same ! Freedom of part or all karma and hence freedom of restrictions related to such karma.

2 main situation that differ a little where dissolving of layers do occur

As a result of your very own spiritual efforts and spiritual lifestyle

As a result of your very own practice of Kriya Yoga - dissolving layers can be reduced to some 20'000 to 30'000 hours of most intense and sincere Kriya Yoga. Why I emphasize most intense and sincere ? Because it must be true love from the very depth of your heart, true understanding of the eternal importance of solving ALL situations in love for truly all remainder of eternity with all beings - human or non-humans. And it must include all aspects of Kriya Yoga - all includes all the teachings and chapters about how to conduct a truly spiritual life. Hence instead of escaping worldly life a true Kriya yogi will fully engage in worldly life - but with distinction and all senses open to always learn and search for solutions of love in all daily situations. Engaging in worldly life by fully accepting the many natural and hence God given lessons in your daily life you receive situations made just for you by God to practice, to become aware and to apply the theories given here in the Cyberspace Ashram.

Remember life is eternal and there is absolutely no way to be eternally happy with crossed legs and semi closed eyes. My father is active eternally - and all children made to his image also will be active eternally. The key to true spirituality of course is to instantly stop any NON-spiritual - thus NON-loving activity of ego and then focus on loving experiences, loving activities, loving creations and loving action of any kind for the of others and for the joy and bliss of others.

This eternal being happy by doing something loving can only be learned by fully engaging in your daily life - by making daily adjustments to your behavior, by re-studying your own actions and reaction and fine tuning constantly on your out put, your thoughts and emotions toward others.

A true Kriya yogi hence practices the teaching received by his Guru in his daily life AND also practices on a regular basis and with increasing time and intensity the true Kriya Yoga technique.

His layers then will be dissolved more or less very gently - step by step. More gently than an instant removal of layers from the outside. Some of the side effects of layers being dissolved in such a way are the same as for the next method of dissolving layers.

Dissolving layers from outside by outside forces

Such is done as mentioned earlier - and mostly during the Christmas days - but such can occur to all true God seekers at any time of the years whenever they make a true and most sincere commitment for God and love - such as should be done during the blessing ceremonial as described in a different chapter.

How can I feel it ?

Before a layer is dissolved - that layer's content becomes excessively active again for a while - up to weeks or even months before being dissolved. How do you notice that ? By experiencing particular situations and aspects of your very own ego strongly reinforced and with maximum intensity and frequency.

But why do I have to experience my ego more often and more intensely before a part of it is dissolved ? Because it is the only secure way to fully assure you are ready and truly willing to love in all such situations as occur during such times. It is like a premature final test - a final test offered to you before you study are over - but allowing you to prove readiness and spiritual and personal maturity to really focus on love above all in all such situations.

That clearly means - for a while - for weeks or even months you descend into the darkest depths of your very own ego - ego of past incarnations being thousands or millions of years back but still affecting your previous and sometimes present reactions and actions or emotions toward God, others or any part of human or non-human creation.

You activate for a while part of what non-spiritual people call "subconsciousness" and you become fully aware - and may even severely suffer - from your very own inner being, from the hard and persistent core of your self developed ego ! And that is in most cases nothing funny to experience. The very toughest battle you ever will have for eternity will be the battle with your own ego! And all people who fight such battle will always fail. There is only one way to succeed. To love such battle !! To love and only love in all parts of such spiritual tests and situations where your ego is reactivated. If you fight ego - your ego or other people's ego - you always fail. All kind of war against anything always fails ! Eternally !!!

During such intensification periods of part or all of your ego you will have to refocus every few minutes or more often again and again on God and on LOVE in all situations. If you manage to do that - then you pass the tests and may receive the awards of such - having particular layers dissolved instantly at the right time. Often Christmas evenings - i. e. December 24th, 25th ...

You are made aware of your still existing and unfinished business within and in outside with your environment and you prove the sincerity of your loving intentions FIRST - then the spiritual cleaning process occurs.

Any violent or selfish aspect of your ego can never be simply removed from the outside - it first needs to be replaced from the inside with your true divine aspects as a result of your own sincere and honest efforts to LEARN to be adult loving child of God - made to the image of God. God is an eternal and infinite lover - so are you to become while growing into freedom again.

For example if someone suffers from unfaithfulness - unfaithfulness never can be removed from your aura - unfaithfulness needs to be replaced by your by developing loyalty to God and all in a divine way.

When for such extended period you persistently lovingly survive all attacks of your own ego - then either in a deep meditation or very relaxed condition during a sincere opening to God - or more suitable in most cases during night time, during a deep sleep - which sometimes actually may be a kind of "spiritual narcosis" to ease all for you, a number of layers are suddenly removed and dissolved in love by outside forces. I call it outside forces because many humans on earth may never know who - because the have lost contact to their true guru and spiritual guide. Names are of no importance - all that matters is love and your sincerity to LEARN to apply love in all parts of life - eternally.

How does it feel when such layers have been removed ?

In a certain way strange, weird, may be even scaring to some, unusual to others, different than anything else and you may feel kind of emptiness, like having lost part of personality - of course you will have lost part of your personality - you will have lost a very substantial part of your EGO - in a matter of seconds !! and you will realize that instantly after.

The emptiness results from the many vector forces that suddenly have been neutralized by removing them all together. Hence - it is time for reorientation in lifestyle - since part of your karma is GONE for good - you may have lost a lot of different attractions or rejections caused by your karma and without karma you will be free or at least MUCH freer than before.

Your present life situation however is almost entirely based on your karma. Such karma missing you will suddenly feel attracted to totally new goals, even new professions, new life style - even ... new partner !! Most relationship on earth are FAR from love relationships but most of the time pure karma, pure fighting of 2 ego who failed to love each other and failed to forgive and release each other.

Without any karma at all - all humans ONLY feel true love and attraction of different kind to their one and only eternal partner. Partnership with anyone else only is possible while having karma with others for those refusing to dissolve such karma by the action of love and Kriya Yoga.

Hence being suddenly freed from part of your karma may FREE you from a wrong partner and separation may be in deep true friendship and love without any pain at all.

Such freeing of karma of many layers at once is strange because experienced by a few only - but such gifts of love may be more and more frequent n future and you need to be aware of it - then you know how to handle it.

Help ! My karma is gone - what now ?

First of all - BE HAPPY and smile - because you just have received a most precious, valuable and helpful gift of love - something no money and now wealth on this entire planet ever could buy or pay ! Feel loved by God and others because it is a proof of love from OTHERS for YOU !

Continue on your true spiritual path, focus on God, on love, on loving all, your family - you may well keep your partner for ever because your present partner MAY BE your eternal partner but you may have failed to fully and clearly recognize him ...

Do what you truly intended to do and your life will suddenly - after a few days - be filled again - filled with another personality - YOU minus part of ego ! Hence a far more divine personality than before - but still YOU !!

There are thousands of other and most important spiritual lessons that need to be learned as soon as you are free of substantial parts of your karma. Your karma has very intensely interfered with your learning and slowed it down. Now actual spiritual progress starts and becomes a true and adventurous and fun challenge for you. With less karma life is more fun !!!

If you are sincere with your spiritual orientation then you just keep on progressing in the same direction - fill all parts being removed with divinity and love more than ever before and you will feel very soon better than ever before on earth and you will be much closer to God than for a very long time in most cases.

There is no one who can help you here on earth - except if you are very lucky maybe sometimes your Guru - IF he is truly God realized - else he may himself never have experienced such divine gifts and thus never know what to say or do to assist you.

Pray to God - God always is omnipresent and almighty - God's love can but heal - God's love and advice and direct guidance may now be much nearer within direct conscious reach from you. Use it by fully accepting such divine gifts and opening for God !

If you are truly strong in your heart - strong in your love for God and love toward all - then such dissolving of layers shall happen to you at the right time. Be prepared - take time for God and if you think about having no time - MAKE time in a peaceful and loving, natural environment for God. That is the prerequisite before you ever can receive such divine gifts. They never can enter a drunken or partially drunken of food burdened body - but a clean and loving open heart. Such gifts can occur to an entire family including babies and children at the very same time - children never have a problem - if at all then only adults - and that was the only reason to write this chapter - to prepare YOU.

It is time to progress faster and more lovingly - and any time you wasted in the past will have to be compensated by more and faster steps NOW. NO one ever is waiting on anyone - including you - it is time you make all the necessary steps to progress faster and to BE spiritual and loving. It is time that divine order is reestablished in all creation ASAP.

That requires special procedures and special measures to ease and speed up your very own spiritual progress - but it also may well create a thunderstorm of love within you for a while to assure there is nothing left from all the previous lessons you may have rejected or skipped.

The only method to dissolve your karma is to FACE your karma and the object of your karma - to face means face to face, eyes to eyes, heart to heart and become ONE in love until all karma is gone and love is all that is left - until your true and fully developed or better FREED divinity is reestablished in full again.

God bless


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