Law enforcement - peace enforcement - love enforcement
various manifestations of raping people and nations

Learn to establish peace within on the basis of true love within and toward all - and peace outside appears as an instant logical result. If each person has established love toward all - then peace among all will be manifested without any outside force, love enforcement or peace enforcement by others.

The only peace of eternally lasting nature is peace that has been created from within each individual as a result of reasoning leading to a change the focus from hate, aggression, competition or retaliation toward love.

True peace exists only on the basis of true love - hence never can be enforced by any authority or government. Freedom needs to be gained by each individual. Freedom truly can only be obtained on a path of love - love however must be developed on your very own by each and all individual souls in God's entire creation.

Thus peace never can be enforced by military or other force whatever the situation may be or occur to be to the outside world. Peace and hence as well freedom automatically and instantly occur as soon as true desire for love has been established in an individual or a sum of individuals making up an entire nation or group of neighboring nations - such as for example:

As a result of above said - it is very obvious that enforce peace - enforce by outside forces - never can be of true inner and lasting nature. Peace enforcement just suppresses existing conflicts that have occurred as a direct result of missing love within all parties involved.

Suppressed nations or ethnic groups need to learn to:

Weak people are weak lovers - weak love never can to of healing nature - hence weak love never can create peace or love relationships with all. Hence the first amendment - the amendment of love - requires all humans to be strong before they can be strong lovers. Freeing people or nations by force removes the challenge their very own laziness or weakness has created. Hence law enforcement and peace enforcement removes any natural motivation to grow strong and learn to solve problems on their very own.

Keeping our eternal life within infinity in constant mind - we should realize that a weak soul within infinity of God's creation is like a small rubber inflatable designed for a swimming pool but drifting in an open ocean such as Pacific Ocean. How can a small inflatable pool toy be directed, oriented, moved - within the currents of oceans, within the power of waves, within the strength of storms and surrounded by all elements and evil forces and aggressive animals such as sharks ??

To survive all possible events in God's infinite creation a soul needs to be truly strong and really loving and if true divine wisdom in all possible situations. Such strength of love combined with wisdom needs to be practiced and applied in a huge variety of situations - again and again - already here and now on this very tiny planet earth - before we even start to move out of the confinement of a single planet. To move freely in all creation really requires infinite strength of love - absolute roots in God's love and wisdom and a permanent inspiration by the holy spirit.

A free soul - once truly free - is free to move from eternity to eternity within infinity of God's creation. Hence such a free soul needs to be strong enough and stable enough on the path of love to easily, smiling and lovingly survive all adventure and all beings of any nature that ever could, can and will be encountered.

Peace within a nation needs to evolve from within all members of that nation.

Here and now we encounter millions of most valuable situations for all mankind and all nature - never should such lessons be avoided nor removed from a country. While we all should help and encourage the establishment of peace and love within all - we should strictly refrain from enforcing love upon others. Enforcing peace without the existence of love is like building a house on swamplands. It never last. Learn from history - from our more or less well documented 3 or so thousand years on this planet. People or nations have been eradicated from the planet - yet peace never has lasted even by removing or destroying our "enemies". Killed enemies always bounce back - reincarnate - within our neighborhood - again and again - until we truly and lastingly have learned to establish peace on the basis of our very own love from within.

Enforcing peace would require enforcing love - forcing love into someone else usually is called raping. Raping a single person normally is punishable by human law - raping an entire nation, ethic groups or villages is nothing short of a criminal offense against divine freedom to grow strong and develop true love from within at our very own pace and as a direct result of our very own efforts and conclusions. The more freedom we have to experience our own experiences of life - even apparently harsh ones - the sooner we have accumulated the necessary number of experiences that are needed for our reasoning to have a sufficient large basis of facts and situations needed to allow our very own conclusions to change our way of living, thinking and feeling toward all in all situations of life.

Peace enforce by outside forces is the result of violence and brute force applied to a person or group of persons or nation resulting that persons to fear the greater force having enforce peace - hence such enforced peace is the result of suppression resulting in fear of the suppressor - the law and peace enforcer.

God never enforces peace nor love upon anyone or any solar system - God loves and waits until all have learned their lessons to love on their very own. God gives freedom and creates billions of learning situations - to learn to love on our very own at our very own pace. God creates lessons that help us to grow strong - in our heart as well as in our body - to become free as a result of ourselves being strong and experienced lovers.

God is Love

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