Kechari Mudra
and the physiology of kechari mudra

Kechari Mudra to achieve peace of mind and to calm down thoughts and intellectual activities of your mind


Kechari Mudra is an old technique from Hatha Yoga to achieve piece of mind and to facilitate a state of silent and deep meditation. Talabya Kriya is the preparatory exercise to achieve a perfect Kechari Mudra. If kechari Mudra is learned - it always should be taught directly by a guru and practiced under the direct supervision of a physical guru !

The first graphic shows the energy flowing into mental body through vishuddha chakra, into speech through your tongue and also into intellectual mind. All this may cause or contribute to a jumping mind. Your mind is like a group of wild horses. They all can be trained in various ways. One of it is Divine Love. It is just a question of method, willpower involved and proper technique and finally a question of time and efforts invested to achieve the final goal. What final goal are you heading toward ? if it is God - then God's Divine Love will always assist you in any way that YOU decide to approach God. Many ways are leading toward the final path of Love. The more Love you apply on your path to God - the easier you achieve Divine Oneness in God. God is Love - if you apply Love, it means you allow God to help you in the most direct way possible.

kechari mudra

The following graphic shows you how perfect position of the tongue should be when Kechari Mudra is achieved correctly and how it changes the path of prana flow - thus causing the energy being withdrawn from your intellect and devoted directly to God - keeping your mind silent and allowing you to facilitate a silent condition of mind to enter deep meditation. It is like an electrical bypass to the energy system of your mind. Instead of flowing into your mind and allowing your thoughts to jump like frogs here and there - it causes the mind to be quiet and allows you to focus on God. It is a Divine trick - allowed but there are other Divine and more direct methods to achieve the same. But Kechari Mudra is a very efficient way to achieve the goal. But you may have to work toward piece of mind in every incarnation again and again.

kechari mudra

Dissolving all disputes, all problems, all painful experiences and memories, all and any conflicts of any nature in Divine Love is an eternal achievement that survives any number of incarnation if you desire to reincarnate for any given reason again. All that really has been dissolved in Divine Love will remain dissolved for eternity unless you re-create it again at any later moment.

Kechari Mudra creates peace of mind by temporary withdrawing all life-force from all your thoughts, distraction, plans, .... they all are but sleeping and waiting to wake up soon after your meditation. To achieve proper Kechari Mudra may need a few thousands of hours of practicing. If you decide so - then you should do it under the direct guidance of a physical guru only. It is a difficult mudra to achieve properly and any wrong technique or any wrong habit during Talabya Kriya - a technique to prepare for kechari mudra - may result in loss of speech or damage of clear speech or loss of control over your tongue !! In traditional India it has been learned and practiced by thousands of Yogi and Yogini successfully for many thousands of years - under the guidance of a true Guru.

What is then the purpose of Kechari Mudra you may ask ? If Kechari Mudra is practiced long and efficiently in addition to proper techniques of efficient meditation a deep samadhi may result in your meditation. Various levels of samadhi are known. Each one leading to more and more proximity to the divine source of all. If such a deep samadhi is achieved through the combination of ALL techniques necessary to do so - then you have more and more Divine Prana flowing into your light body and dissolving all your karma, anxiety, spiritual ignorance and leading to more and more spiritual enlightenment. Kechari Mudra is one of several factors contributing to the achievement of deep meditation. As mentioned before - it can be replaced by other techniques as described on this web site. The choice is yours. Getting in peace with all mankind, dissolving ALL in Divine Love may also take many thousands of hours of conscious living and practicing. When achieving peace with all mankind, with all creation - this achievement is of lasting nature of its own, even when practiced on its own. The benefit of being in peace and Love with All are obvious to all.

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