Karma - Links between family members

and group members - karma as attraction between people

An explanation of metaphysical attraction between different souls according to forces of their Karma

When souls are incarnating into a physical body, different forces act at the same time. These forces may somehow be considered or compared to forces displayed by vectors acting in different directions with different power. Let's have a closer view at some graphical explanations to fully understand this phenomena.

karma links between two

Figure 1

A couple or husband / wife.

The X-like symbols from souls A and B mean the different karma that links these two souls and is now ready to be dissolved during present or future incarnations.

Karma caused together in past incarnations may attract the souls in any future incarnation until such Karma is completely dissolved. It can be dissolved by suffering the Karma originally caused, or by dissolving it with Love.

Of course it can be dissolved by the grace of God in the Divine fire of his Love if anyone asks God to remove such Karma and free the soul again.

Karma is neither "good" nor "bad", it is just like a magnetic force and can be caused by a number of different actions from either side of the couple.

Whatever you do to anyone else in your thoughts, your fantasy, or your actions, is coming back to you one day, unless you have dissolved this particular Karma in any way possible. There could be a wish or a promise to someone to have a child together, that may cause 2 souls to stay together for a while, there may be some ancient fighting that may need to be settled, or they may have been inseparable friends and are attracted by their friendship and Love for each other. Quite often however, the magnetic force of Karma attracting 2 persons is rather of the fighting category.

Two "enemies" may come together in a future incarnation by being mother - daughter or father - son or any other combination of close relationship. Incarnating as a child of a previous "enemy" will certainly cause most mothers/fathers, without knowing about the common past of all involved, just to love the newborn. This Love starts to dissolve all the Karma between the parties involved in that KARMA. LOVE is the fastest and smoothest way of dissolving any KARMA. LOVE IS THE WAY OF GOD. LOVE automatically leads to GOD.

The karmic links and arrows pointing outside toward X, Y and Z symbolize the other links of Karma toward other souls that might be active to a lesser extent at that time of life for these 2 particular souls.

Later on during the course of life, some or all of the Karma may expire or the forces of the remaining Karma toward other persons outside this relationship may become stronger than the one between the two. This may now constitute the beginning of a change in life for one or both of the two souls involved. One or both may start to orient themselves toward other people, eventually toward another single person. The person having the next most important Karma with that soul or just a person helping - usually helping the weaker one - out of the present situation to master the change of life and helping to reorient in life after having gained the new freedom from the previous partner. Such a helping person may be called catalyst. He appears suddenly in the life of a person, does his "job" and disappears again. He may remain just a very good friend or totally disappears out of sight for the remainder of this incarnation. Someone just coming into your life, getting you out of your apparent death-end road and once you are safe again, says "good bye". He then may have to follow his own path of life again.

These links of Karma are of course more complicated than just described. But this is the basic physiology of karmic links in life and you may now better understand why a situation in your life suddenly changes, why the attraction toward one single person vanished and suddenly other persons appear to be of more interest to you.

Laws and principles as described in the chapter about the physiology of Samyama may also be involved in this process, as well as the development of your environment and your partner or your entire family. We all are one with God and one with our environment. Thus we are influenced by our environment and at the same time having ourselves an influence on our environment. We are part of the process of life and evolution and we are life and evolution ourselves. The driving forces behind all is the Divine core of our soul, our Divine heritage received from God assures, that finally we all evolve and may one day return to our Divine home in God.


To make you aware of the complexity of Divine laws and principles and allow you to even further your understanding of it, we will now have a look at a more complex situation including a small group of souls, like for example an average family consisting of wife, husband and 3 children.

But it could as well be a totally different combination like husband, mother in law, sister in law, grandfather, and finally husband of sister in law. Seems complex to you? Real life sometimes is much more complicated than this and still, from the absolute point of view it all is absolutely logic. Be always aware that God at all times has full overview and control of his creation and knows exactly what's going on and how to take care of his beloved children.

All the lines between any two circles symbolize karmic attraction. Now we have different categories of Karma included to show a more realistic situation.

Blue rectangles show Karma of anger, fighting, disagreement, arguments, let's call this "open bills"

Ellipses show Karma of friendship and friendly attachment to other souls. We call this just attachments

The yellow triangles are connections and Karma of pure Love. We just call it Love.

karma links in groups

Some persons like A and B may only be linked by "open bills", that need somehow to be either paid or dissolved in Love. Dissolve in love in this case could mean that the one to whom you appear to "owe" something, may just say "let it be, it's OK". hence your Karma is gone. That means no matter how big your Karma may appear, it may be dissolved instantly and then these two may suddenly friends and by having learned to love each others, have become free.

Two others in this group, A and D always were friends and remain friends. They are together to help each other and because they like each other from previous incarnations.

The spiritual evolution goes on and we have a look at C. this soul still has some "open bills" with D, friendship and "open bills" at the same time with A and links of pure Love with B and E. this soul has already evolved and learned to strive for more peace and even Love toward many persons around.

While we look at E and we see a soul who may be in the last physical incarnation. Because we find lots of love and friendship toward others, including souls who still are "fighting for open bills" like D and B. The small blue rectangles have become rather small compared to the power of Love that has developed and it seems that this soul incarnated to completely dissolve all the remaining Karma through the power of Divine Love without ever getting involved in any fighting or arguing anymore. Some of the blue rectangles may have been absorbed from the environment where this soul grew up, from violent father, mother, sisters, teachers, or a violent political environment of the native country. The driving force of Love has grown so powerful that this soul has fully realized the power of Love and helps / loves for the remainder of the incarnation to assist others in learning just by being a sample for them. Just by living and practicing a lifestyle of Love fully devoted to peace, friendship, Love and God. The Link of love toward X, Y and Z symbolize Love developed just about toward any person in any country, culture and religion, even beyond this planet or beyond human life forms. Such a soul has a great and powerful effect on all the environment and speeds up the spiritual growth of dozens, hundreds, thousand or even more other persons wherever they are, whatever they do.

D shows one large "open bill" with C, and several aspects of friendship. One with A and two others unmatched yet. One day soon this person may meet another friend and may suddenly be tired of fighting for "open bills", turn toward new friends and start a new life, with a new environment and soon starts to learn loving like E does. Showing a Link of love with E at present, E certainly has a positive impact on the spiritual growth of this soul and its personality, even in the future, when they may part. Links of pure Divine Love last for eternity, throughout the entire cosmic creation of God.


Karma is energy. Energy is life. Life is continuously changing. Karma is continuously changing. All these situations as described above may change within a few years or even suddenly within hours or even minutes and thus completely change your life. Everything is changing faster now than during the centuries before and will speed up even more in times to come. Start to learn a life style that does free you from any Karma. A lifestyle that supports your learning and practicing pure divine Love more and more. To learn to Love is much easier in a peaceful and loving environment. There is no need to go "through hell" just because you once started some fight with someone, and can't stop it, or immediately dissolve it in Love. Just refrain from fighting by moving into a more peaceful environment, by choosing some new friends and neighbors, another nation to live in, .... and you may easily start loving more and more intensely until you succeed, until you become a being of Love - angel like.

All Karma can be dissolved in Love. There is no reason why you should ever fight whatever the cause might be.

Turn on the fire of Divine Love within your self by stopping to fight

or argue and start to focus on solutions of Love

Divine Love is the solution to all problems, practice it,

and you may prove it to yourself and your environment.

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