Jungle - wilderness, forests and wild nature

Do you love God ? Find out how sincere your true love for wild nature and you know the answer !

Your love for all natural wilderness in nature is proportional to your love for God. Gods love is infinite, Gods expression of love is infinite and yet always divine.


All wilderness we perceive and experience in jungle, wild forests and wild fields is a chaotic looking, beautiful, perfect and magnificent harmony of love displayed and manifested in billions of different divine ways !

Wild nature in full harmony
True harmony reflected in wild nature

The total sum of all energies in wild jungle nature, the mathematical total sum of all natural plants - natural = without any human modifications - equals a perfect harmony of divine healing love and God !!! God in all his aspects of divine love manifests himself through all the wild plants, herbs, flowers, bushes, trees, .. but also through all animals and minerals ... all is made of God and the sum of all equals God as nothing is outside God and nothing is made of anything else but God.

Hence your love for totally natural wild nature - nature without any impact by humans, nature without any genetically modified plants, parts of plants or beings of any kind, such true original wild nature is a reflection of the wilderness in manifestations of your divine colorful love. wilderness in the sense of unpredictable but always healing.

Wilderness in the sense of God's entire creation are 2 parts totally equal - totally meaning inside and outside equal. God's love is infinite and never predictable - because God's love is ever growing, ever expanding, ever healing - never equal to what it has been before - always better than ever, greater than ever and more powerful in its divine healing power than ever before. Jungle and wild nature is just exactly as God - ever healing, expanding, improving - as long as mankind refrains from abuse of nature and jungle.

A everlasting eternal healing love needs to be infinitely variable in its appearances and manifestations - such as jungle, rain-forests, tropical forests, forests any where on earth where natural wild forests still exist, with all the magnificent animal wild life inhabiting such beautiful jungle forests all over the planet.

Wild jungle of Cambodia
Jungle of Cambodia

Your true love for the beauty of wilderness in nature and wildlife equals your true love for God

Beautiful nature made by God - just for love

If you can fully enjoy, love and feel well in such wild jungle nature, if you can let all plants and herbs and "weeds grow wildly and freely and recognize its importance and divine beauty - then you truly love all creation and the creator of all such divine wild harmony in beauty !!!

Your true love for God is reflected in your true love for wilderness in nature even in and around your very home ! Feeling well and relaxed and comfortable in wilderness of jungle, islands, oceans, mountains is a proof of true harmony God and God's love as well as a full proof of true faith in God

Enjoy the thousands of Jungle and nature photos in my wallpaper collection of God's tropical beauty of the Philippine islands and Cambodia!

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