Divine intuition is you have learned to love all

Intuition is the direct perception of the absolute truth
without the use of intellect or senses

Mankind often wrongly assumes to have a perfect intuition. But true divine intuition is difficult to attain on earth in a dense physical body. Develop divine intuition - the perception of the absolute beyond the use of any senses or intellect requires intense spiritual work and the the complete dissolving of

We have seen how absolute perception is compared to relative personal perception. In the following drawing we see what most of us consider wrongly as intuition. When someone thinks to have a good intuition, he refers to it because something happened exactly the way he thought it would happen. How can this be ?

Most of us on earth have plenty of karma, desires, fears, attachments, opinions, wishes, worries, expectations, .... these all lead to a continuous attraction toward such experiences. The karma, fears, desires, expectations, etc. are becoming more and more powerful and apparently must realize one day to be dissolved. the closer this day is getting the more you think it will happen and finally it does. The following animated graphic will show an example of such a situation.


Intuition is prevented by karma, fear, wishes, prejudice, ..

A person has at a given time:

This cycle may be repeated for thousands of years or even much, much longer up to millions of years and more. Knowing in advance what is approaching you in the near future however like shown here has absolutely nothing to do with intuition or intuitive perception. It simply means that you know what karma is going to run across you in the near future - nothing else. This karma is inside you and survives all incarnations until you have dissolved it in Divine Love - for example by the power of Kriya Yoga - or until you have dissolved it by living and suffering through it. The law of karma is very simple and straight forward - one specific amount of suffering caused to others results in the exactly same amount of suffering experienced by you unless you or someone else is dissolving part or all of it in Divine Love or someone else is ready to suffer in your position - just for Love for you.

Divine intuition is the result of being free - divine intuition is a gift from God

True Divine intuition results in knowing all karma of others, their thoughts and emotions, their fear, and much more. Such Divine perception is a gift from God as a result of achieving a state of infinite Love toward all. It may never be necessary to know all at once, but whatever you need to know for your spiritual benefit always is known. This true intuitive perception of the absolute truth is done free of any senses and free of any intellect. It is a divine gift and the result of being free of any karma. This state of divinity is possible for all mankind but it requires full and intense work toward achievement of such a free and clear state of awareness and consciousness. It finally is the result of several incarnations of preparation and may result at any given incarnation, when working toward such Divine purity again. However each time a free soul is incarnating, this state has to be achieved again. Even fro Gurus or Avatars - all the rules apply for all - at any given time. Such clear perception of the absolute requires you to be absolutely free of any imprint that might have been given to you by your present culture, society, religion, education, parents and all others possible sources and factors contributing to such imprints like fear, desires, karma, expectation, etc.

Intuition is the result of extending your love toward all

As long as you cannot feel or perceive clearly all thoughts, emotions, fears, reasons of actions from others, you may have no or extremely limited intuition and your perception may be more the simple perception of your karma approaching you. Having a true Diving intuition always results in being able to directly communicate with God in direct way. Intuition is far beyond telepathy or any similar way of communication.

You can follow your intuition when you have learned to love all

Learn to be free of fears, attraction, expectations, karma, wanting, desires and all other factors. Create peace of mind and peace of emotions by developing Divine Love and purify all your Body and Lightbody. Dissolve all your karma by practicing Karma Yoga in its true and Divine sense while practicing Kriya Yoga and developing Divine Love. The value of true Divine freedom you receive in exchange of all your karma you return to God is far more valuable than anything else you ever could receive from this material world.

When you love all - you can perceive all from others while continuing to love them

Love is the key to all. Take all the time you have got from God in this present incarnation to develop Divine Love and dissolve all karma of any kind. It may well take a full incarnation from the early years until your last breath. Postponing all necessary efforts to a later date may result in finding yourself in a later incarnation here on earth or anywhere else again. Remember "later may be too late" at least in terms of this incarnation !!

You can follow your intuition when you have learned to love all

Like the sun dissolves fog - divine love from God can dissolve your karma to free your intuition again

Also keep in mind and realize fully that any karma of any kind always can be dissolved in Divine Love. Pray to God, focus on his infinite Love, Mercy and Grace and dissolve all your present, future and past situations in Divine Love. All past ones as well - your past is the source of your present or future karma and since all is energy, all - even past karma - can be dissolved in divine Love - anytime by ALL.

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