Teaching of love from God - with complete online initiation to the holy science of Kriya Yoga
Kriya Yoga - meditation techniques and solutions of love for relationship on your way to God

On your wings of Love
- on your way to God

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Written in the name of God and with Divine Bliss from God

1997 - 2012

Kriya Yoga - complete online teachings and online initiation.


This entire text is a compendium of Teachings of Love - of spiritual techniques, meditation techniques, divine teachings about God's creation and solutions of love for a large variety of different situations in your daily life and includes the complete initiation to the holy science of Kriya Yoga.

The goal of this entire text is to help you to understand the cause of human problems on earth and how to solve existing problems as well as to avoid future problems from occurring. Know the cause of fear, stress, anger, jealousy, sexual tension or frustration, how to control your mind and emotions and how to direct all your life into a truly loving direction. A basic but accurate understanding and awareness of God's creation and your very own spiritual being is essential. By the end of this entire in depth study of all essentials of life you should easily be able to analyze your own situations and to create your own solutions of love in all future situations in your life. To give you an orientation in life and help you to find your way home to God is the final goal of this text and this goal is achieved by practicing the holy technique of Kriya Yoga given to you in this very online text of God's teachings of Love.

The various chapters cover such vital topics as family life, relationship and sexuality, success in business and job, how to select or build a career successfully, spiritual, emotional, mental and physical health, emotion and mind control and many aspects of metaphysical physiology of mankind including information on chakras, kundalini, how to dissolve karma, spiritual laws, kriya yoga techniques, kriya pranayama, kriya yoga meditation, mantram, various essential mudras, meditation techniques and mind control techniques and many more helpful topics.

God's Teachings of Love - Introduction

This English text came into existence with the blessing and Divine guidance of God and started one day early morning around 0500 a.m. in the year 1997. Any of these chapters have been written with the Divine Bliss from God, therefore this text shall always remain free for anyone - free for a free, truthful and universal distribution for the mutual benefit of all creation.

May Divine truth and Divine Love expand throughout this planet and beyond

May Divine Love and Divine Bliss fill and free all hearts and all souls

and uplift them to their Divine Home in God.

Love and Bliss


From God I came
To God I return
The only purpose on earth was to tell you:
God is Love

God is Love

The only rule that really matters

Love all
forgive all
reconcile with all,
then return home to God

A text about God and his Divine Love can only be written on the basis of true and repeated God-Union. So is this text.

God can never be subject to philosophy, speculations and imagination. God is real, he is absolute and can be experienced by anyone wishing to to so. The authors repeated God-Union were initiated through the practice of Kriya Yoga in combination with infinite Love for God and all others. One day after an intense preparation, Nirbikalpa Samadhi was achieved and soon after Maha Samadhi full oneness with God. There are several ways of initiating your way to God, depending on your present personality. Bhakti Yoga - a way of developing Divine Love toward God and all his children and his entire creation or Karma Yoga the way of serving God in a selfless, loving way; to help wherever help is needed, wherever God guides you, these are but a few other ways that successfully start your way back to your heavenly home and final, eternal destination.

May this text help you on your way to God - on your way to Heaven, God's world of love - to final and eternal freedom. Whatever you are learning now - you are learning for eternity. Do now what you can learn now. Your future comes into existence by all those things you postpone to a later date.

God is Love - nothing but Divine Love - whatever you do, he loves you. He never stopped loving you in your past. No matter how your past has been and how you felt about it. It always was your miss-perception of God that turned your life into what you experienced in your past. Now it is time for a change. It is time to return to God - if you desire so. You are free do to whatever you want to do. To stay here on earth or any other place whatever time you like so or to return to God by the end of this incarnation, if this is the desire of your conscious soul.

God's Teachings of Love - Contents


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Divine Romance

Developing Divine Love

Problem solving

The metaphysical physiology of Kriya Pranayama

Many ways are leading to God

The relativity of law
on earth

The metaphysical physiology of Samyama

Karma Links between members of families and groups

Love and honesty is the Key to success in business

Dissolve in Love - metaphysical physiology of Bhakti Yoga

Kundalini Shakti and Chakras


The law of Karma

Spiritual laws - the basis for a successful and peaceful life with excerpts from Patanjali`s Yoga Sutras with in-depth comments


Techniques of Meditation

Fasting on your spiritual path to God

Divine rules of life on your way to God

Happiness in Job and Business

Magic of words and thoughts

Growing into freedom

later may be too late



Relationships and divorce

Set up your priorities on your path to God and follow them step by step

Rejection and fear

Learn to open for God and how to take a shower of Light and Love offered by God.

An introduction to the basics of human perception

Relative personal perception compared to absolute Divine perception

Kechari Mudra to achieve quietness of mind and intellect for meditation

Search for a Guru on your path to God realization

Intuition the direct perception of the absolute truth

Divine relationships and communication

Mantras sacred keys on your way to God realization

Short Kriyas silent meditation

Mudras Seals of Nadis

Maha Mudra

Secrets copyright and patents

Developing faith in God

Checklist for your spiritual success

Movies, books and stories

Mindcontrol and Mantram learn how to control your mind

Emotion control learn how to control your emotion by dissolving the causes in Love

YES or NO learning selflessness and how to get your Divine Love flowing

Physical health and well-being

Our environment and the relationship between mankind and nature

Greed and stinginess restrict the flow of Divine Love

Cultures - Religions - Traditions

Dynamic Love versus static Love

Physiology of Love

Global solutions

Merry Christmas

love heart

Focus on your goals

Operation Happiness

Decide to BE strong

Quality Consciousness

Sexuality on your way to God

Spiritual meaning of oral sex

Vector forces in eternal human life



How to construct your life and career to be forever successful

Dissolving layers of aura and karma

Cow milk, mother milk and breast cancer




Countries, cultures and languages

Divine tricks

Secrets of success

Christmas Message

Happy New Year - a love message from God

Soul mates

Yoga retreats and spiritual retreats

Be prepared - be ready

Schizophrenia - Multiple personalities


Chakras locations and names

Selfish Love vs selfless Love

Education in spirituality

The Passion of Jesus Christ result in the need to follow the teachings of love by Jesus Christ

Love Prayer

Adultery - Why adultery - why and how to prevent adultery ?

Crucifixion of Jesus Christ


Values of life


God is Love


Confessions and steps of preparation to confession

Maha Mantram

What is efficiency ? Benefits of efficiency and how to learn to be efficient.

Why to pray to God only and why to accept God as the only Guru ?

Christian meditation

Chakra meditation - meditation on light or japa meditation with mantram

Law enforcement - peace enforcement - love enforcement

Values of life and family for you - love or money - family or career

How to search for a partner to find your partner

Tradition of arranged marriages and the spiritual root of arranged marriage

Christmas gifts for her - Christmas gifts for him - honeymoon for two as a Christmas gift of very special love

Christmas message A Christmas message to remind you of the importance of purity of Love and quality of Love

Social justice - social injustice. Relationship between salary and prices of products of employers

My angel children

Christmas Love - Christmas Joy

Happy New Year

Religion - meaning and definition of religion - purpose of religion - goal of religion

Eastern - Holy week - Good Friday The crucification of Jesus - a day in remembrance of betrayal and betrayer among mankind

Strength - Meaning and purpose of strength

Christmas message A Christmas message of appeal to reconcile in Love all male / female love relationships

Happy New Year is ... A collection of Happy New Year is ... texts to guide you with love through each New Year

How to get closer to God

Easter message

Christmas chapters and Christmas gift topics:

  1. Christmas gifts
  2. Christmas gifts for poor and needy ones
  3. Christmas gifts for children
  4. Christmas gifts from God
  5. Christmas gifts for adopted children
  6. Christmas gifts for best friends
  7. Christmas gifts for enemies
  8. Christmas gifts for her and him
  9. Christmas gifts for neighbors
  10. Christmas gifts for parents
  11. Christmas gifts for the rich
  12. Christmas all year - collection of Christmas messages
  13. Christmas time and increased Christmas Love benefits all planet
  14. Christmas wallpapers
  15. Widescreen Christmas wallpapers
  16. Christmas eCards
  17. Printable Christmas cards
  18. Christmas - Blog
  19. Christmas love

Spiritual meaning of mothers day

Mother's Day messages

World of Love

Choices in life


Why war?

love heart

More chapters ...

This text in HTML version includes the complete and detailed initiation to the holy technique of Kriya Yoga - explained with many graphics and animated graphics. All previous chapters are part of the holy science of Kriya Yoga and should first be carefully studied, understood and applied in your daily life to a high degree of efficiency.

Open for God like a lotus flower opens for sunshine

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