How to use the information about Kriya Yoga diksha
given to you by God

Beloved soul

Here a short overview on how to properly use the information on Kriya Yoga diksha

- you should best:

Diksha for Kriya Yoga - initiation to Kriya Yoga

Diksha to the holy science of God-Realization

is herewith given to all beloved children of the Divine,

to all those who can accept God as their only Guru

on their path of Love to God - their eternal home.

then please read first all of this pages and all pages that are directly linked to it. Please follow the text from top to bottom and click and read / understand each link on the way through reading the page from top to bottom. Please look at and understand all and every picture and animated graphic before even starting to practice anything shown or explained. Make sure you have fully understood all techniques and ask God to help you to clearly understand all. God gave this diksha to all mankind again in the year 2000 and God will show and assist any and all God-seeker practicing Kriya Yoga as explained here on this web site..

when you have finished to read all and understood all first - including all graphics and animated graphics - then you may start to practice with

- maha mudra

- navi kriya

- kriya pranayama

- yoni mudra

exactly in the sequence and the number of repetitions as described in all appropriate chapters and as outlined on the page outlining diksha. The sequence and details are found from the main page containing the outline of diksha as mentioned above with the full title of that page. Please do it ALL exactly to the point and make sure you have understood that only God can be your Guru and you truly need to accept God as your only and prime guide on your path of Love to God. On your way to God you may need daily guidance - only God can be anytime anywhere. God may decide and know how to guide you best - sometimes by sending you a Guru, in or free of any physical body. Or God may see that you are open for his direct guidance. Whatever God does for you is the very best, the most loving he ever could do for you. God is Love and Love can but heal.

At the very beginning you may need a few weeks to learn the proper and correct performance and also to learn all techniques by heart. during this time part of your attention may be concentrating on such minor things like counting or concentrating on physical positions. But after a few weeks you have got used to all and know how to practice all. By that time the true practice starts and the divine Power of Kriya Yoga starts to develop its infinite Power of Divinity and Divine Love to uplift and purify all aspects of you.

You may do all these techniques any time of the day but make all at once - make all parts within a single session each day. Take your time during a peaceful part of your day to make sure that you have plenty of time to extend any session with increasing success of your Kriya Yoga practice. After about 2 years you may make 2 full daily sessions - each having the same content.

Look for a silent and peaceful place at home or where ever you want to practice it. Make sure all people surrounding you or living with you know and understand exactly that you now need peace and tranquility when you start your daily Kriya Yoga session. They should honor your desire for Godunion and leave you in peace for that time. YOU are responsible for your situation needed to make the greatest possible progress on your path of Love to God. YOU are responsible for the right amount of time for a retreat of several month at the right time during the course of coming years. From beginning of your Kriya Yoga practice until you may reach Nirvikalpa Samadhi and then Maha Samadhi you may expect approximately 4 to 30 years and 20'000 to 30'000 hours of kriya pranayama besides conducting an active live to practice and apply all you are learning. It depends on many factors - coming only FROM WITHIN YOU - after reading all chapters you will surely know which factors.

Create such a desired condition with Love and the assistance of God will be sure for you.

From God I came to testify God's love to all mankind

May Divine Bliss and Love uplift you on your path of Love to God

I love you


God is Love
Love hearts
Love hearts

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