Physical health and well being

Physical health is the reflection of spiritual health.

Physical health and spiritual health are like the 2 sides of a coin. Easy to understand steps to achieve or maintain good physical health and well being by keeping your metaphysical energy-system in balance. Physical health always is a direct reflection of your mental, emotional and spiritual health. Improve your life force or Chi and you feel well. learn to eat again food the way God let it grow to improve your health.

Natural drinks
Natural drinks

By fine tuning your inner health, your physical health and body will heal through the power of flowing love

For an overall health - spiritual, emotional, mental and physical - a few simple rules should be followed by all mankind to improve their overall condition of the present physical body.

First we may need to understand that many eating disorders are compensatory behavior - to compensate for emotional and or mental imbalance within that person and imbalance between that particular person and its surrounding environment. Hence establishing happiness and balance within yourself on the mental and emotional level is the first priority for all. Previous chapters of this publication show you how to achieve this Divine condition.

While many complicated and very strict diets are being published, for a truly spiritual God seeker there are no strict rules. However a few simple but efficient and important rules may help to improve your health and well-being.

  1. Eat only natural food, grown in a natural and biological environment, free of artificial fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides
  2. Prefer vegetables and salads that have been growing in open air and sunlight and avoid any greenhouse products. Greenhouse products may look nicer and be larger in size but are far inferior in their quality in regard to metaphysical energy content requiring higher quantities to nearly satisfy your needs of energy, natural vitamins and minerals.
  3. Avoid any genetically modified food, ingredients or food products
  4. Use natural herbal spices, whenever possible fresh herbs, rather than commercially manufactured spice mixtures
  5. Avoid canned or otherwise manufactured food whenever possible - it is always possible, if you really want to !!!!!
  6. Eat fresh raw vegetables as salad or fresh sun-ripened fruits as part of your daily diet.
  7. Avoid chemical vitamins and minerals and take fresh salads or fruits instead - year round. In wintertime you may eat a variety of nuts and air dried natural fruits - free of any preservatives to compensate for missing fresh fruits or vegetables.
  8. If you are a vegetarian - drink about 1 to 2 liter of pure fresh spring water to assist your body to flush out any debris of food and to balance its liquid system. Soft drinks and bottled juices are far inferior to fresh water or fresh fruit or vegetable juices.
  9. Learn to use the huge variety of far more than 100 different herbal teas available to further assist your body in balancing its energy system and protect your health and well-being. Learn to grow your own fresh herbs or collect your own herbs in your surrounding nature as a source of clean and naturally grown herbs - free of charge. Remember that herbal medicine is thousands of years old and - properly applied - is extremely powerful. Just keep in mind that old saying of "there is a herb against any illness".
  10. For emotional imbalance - learn to use flower remedies. Learn to produce your own flower remedies from flowers growing in your natural and clean neighborhood.
  11. Eat several small meals a day and avoid drinking WITH or immediately following meals. Drinking with or immediately following meals dilutes all acid and other liquids needed to digest your food in your stomach. Supply your body with pure fresh water - tap water if it is free of chlorine or other chemicals or bottles natural spring water or a cup of herbal tea 30 to 60 minutes before meals instead.
  12. When cooking vegetables, learn to do it the Asian way of quick frying or quick boiling vegetables for a very few minutes only - usually 2-3 minutes approximately - to preserve as much of its natural vitamin and enzyme content.
  13. Use local products, local fruits and vegetables and stay with products of the season. This assures to have fresh products, ripened in the sun and being collected daily. Remember the longer you store any fruit or vegetable the less metaphysical energy it contains, hence the more you may need to satisfy the needs of your body.
  14. Use the full variety of fruits, salads and vegetables available.
  15. Follow your instinct and intuition rather than books when selecting your daily assortment of different food for your meals.
  16. Allow family member to eat something different rather than follow a single menu for a large family. Different persons may have different needs of energy to keep their system in balance and healthy. Remember: To make others happy is the source of your own happiness. Hence try to make each of your family members happy with their preferred meals. Avoid forcing children to eat what YOU think is best for them. Most of the children have a much more reliable instinct / intuition in regard to the need of their body as their own parents. If however you want them to eat healthy - YOU may FIRST need to east healthy as well - even when your children are out of your sight or vice versa !!
  17. Avoid any manufactured dishes, like canned meals, deep frozen meals, etc.
  18. Avoid microwave cooking - microwave cooking changes the vibration of natural food and cook your food the traditional way. A wooden stove or gas is far better than electric stove.
  19. Part or a healthy nutrition is a regular - daily - walk, stroll, or any relaxed and pleasurable activity in clean open air and a natural environment. An hour or two should be the minimum for anyone. Open air activities in natural environment contribute significantly to the balance of your energy system and help your to re-establish a good overall health and well-being.
Fresh herbs from own garden for cooking

These are but a few simply rules to follow. If you have children, please keep in mind that all children try to establish harmony - equality - between your (parents) aura and their own. If you smoke, drink alcoholic beverages, eat junk food, candies, ... even in the absence of your children, then your children feel - subconsciously - this imbalance between their aura and yours and try to achieve an equilibrium between their own energy body and their parent's energy body causing them to crave for a variety of junk food, sweets and other artificial products.

A free and direct flow of true Love to others and from others reduces the need of compensatory eating disorders and behaviors. A soul lives from Love - once you have freed yourself from your cycle of reincarnation.

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