Happy New Year - a love message from God

Happy New Year

There is an old saying known in some cultures:

"Children and drunks say the truth"

Why such saying ? Is there something true about it ???

YES there usually always is some truth in such sayings - many of them are more or less mis-interpreted or mis-understood OR sometimes fully abused for ego reasons.

All natural energies, herbs, plants of any nature or kind, all natural products of any kind as long as purely natural in combination and content are of healing nature when used PROPERLY ! Nothing in God's entire creation is of destructive nature - only ego creates destructive products.

Hence there is a truth in above saying. And there is a very precise spiritual reason for that. Understanding the full physiology of your metaphysical body gives you insight in why and how things effect your body, mind and soul.

People from all around this planet suppress substantial emotions, have done so for long time - even many incarnations. Some humans are like a boiling pot under pressure. Emotional, mental AND spiritual pressure. Emotions of deepest origin are often suppressed with a time-wise limited success for a while - yet INSIDE humans it boils and storms. The more such unsolved and suppressed emotions are suppressed but still active - the greater the damage to the body itself - up to the point where true physical damage to a body occurs.

Millions of people are lying day by day - lying can have many different forms and manifestations. Some are simply lying to their very own inside spiritual being - to their true self. Others are lying to others - pretending to be something different from what they display and PLAY in the outside toward their entire environment.

However a true SPIRITUAL heart NEVER lies !!! Any innermost being always wants to manifest its true being and any and every innermost spiritual being always wants to free itself from ego.

A glass of wine

Very seldom more than a single glass - usually is enough to reveal the inner - and thus suppressed - emotions, the true attitude toward others. What you feel or say while having had ONE glass of wine is more true from the absolute point of perception than what you say fully sober ! However that rule only applies to mortals - to being with ego.

For any truly spiritual person the inner being equals in full the outer manifestation in the physical body. Hence even a glass of champagne or wine or whatever else reveals nothing new at all. Hence it is useless to have a single drink.

Why are people different after a glass of wine - why are drunks different from sobers ??

The physiology of that is of purely metaphysical nature and origin. Wine or pure natural alcohol of course consists of a extremely high concentration of a particular spiritual energy. The effect of that spiritual component of wine is to temporarily create a leakage into the layers of karma keeping the soul imprisoned within. It also creates a leakage of the "protective" suppressing layers that keep "unwanted" emotions inside and away from being manifested.

The energy of pure natural alcohol can penetrate such layers of ego and allow part of the emotional and spiritual essence to escape - resulting in a change behavior in most cases among mankind.

As you may have experience yourself within YOU as well as among your friends and people around you - MOST people are far more romantic, more loving, more friendly, more YES saying and more smiling after a glass of wine ...

Because most humans on earth are constantly suppressing LOVE !

However - some are becoming very violent, even fatally violent to their surroundings.Destructive, aggressive and uncontrolled ...

THAT is their true inner nature - a nature they hide when sober - a nature of killer, or destroyer, betrayer and suppressor toward others - and even toward God. Of course we have MILLIONS of humans in direct war with God, in direct competition to God, people who want to BE God and control others or substantial part of creation.


Out of total lack of knowledge about God's true extent of LOVE - a love that eternally can forgive again and again whatever has been done or is being done presently - whatever happened - God can forgive it and God can DISSOLVE it in his divine love.

However people who have got lost in their ego world a long time and for extensive periods of time or many many incarnations - they have lost even the slightest subconscious memory of God. They hence start to fear returning home - establish themselves here on earth or in a similar loveless environment and compete with God - why compete ? They want to have love - EVERY soul can live but from love !! While a physical body can live from physical food, a soul only can live from God's pure love. If direct contact to God has been lost - then indirect contact is needed. Bosses, managers, politicians on others in similar public positions often use their employees or followers as an indirect source of love and create a dependency for those employees while of course at the same time needing to present the employees or followers some kind of benefits to attract them and to maintain them as a source of love and life force.

Mothers abuse children as an indirect source of love to stay alive while staying away from God. Mothers - females - have a TOTALLY different physiology - physical AND metaphysical - and if they are in war with their God given partner - then they need substitutes as a source of love - children are efficient sources, while young and with little or no ego.

God's infinite grace and mercy toward all as a direct result of divine love toward all

Mistakes do happen - again and again - and the more mistakes have been made by a single person or soul - the greater the readiness to start thinking and learning about God and Love - first of course may be only about love - as first of all people start more and more to become hungry for love - true direct love - as a result of being tired to use inefficient indirect sources of love as a temporary substitute.

God knows that more and better than anyone here on earth - hence God knows that mistakes made by mortal humans lead to a high degree of spiritual maturity - in an indirect and painful but nevertheless efficient way. The final ultimate essence and result is the only important fact. All learn in one way or another.

If however people are living and acting without true conscious love relationship with God - then they accumulated all their mishaps within their own spiritual being and carry junk and unsolved emotional war and accidents along for many incarnations. AND of course the longer they stay away from God the more such existing emotions, fears and aggressions cause inner turmoil - leading to a need for relief - such people often turn either into truly spiritual persons and find very easy, loving and most efficient relief in spiritual techniques - such as open for God - with the light shower ... as offered as a healing method in one of the chapters here.

People who fully suppress all emotions - particularly unsolved war and aggression become eventually dangerous to society. Specially when drunk - as nothing but what is truly inside can come out when being drunk - and some among all humans on earth have but most intense aggression towards many - including toward God inside - and such aggression suddenly is freed if even the slightest contact with an object of aggression or a situation directly or indirectly related or similar to an ancient aggressive or painful situation occurs in their life. Even the slightest memory or remembrance to such ancient origin of inner pain and damage to the spiritual hear can cause a sudden outbreak of all suppressed violence or aggression - as much as it can cause a sudden outbreak of a wave of LOVE for the majority who suppressed but most efficient and most direct love with a partner of opposite gender.

The lack of knowledge about God's true extent of love and as a result the ability of God to give full pardon in all and any and every situation ever possible is leading to a ongoing separation from God by those who have repeatedly violated the law of love - and such missing knowledge about God and God's true divine love is the only result why some people on earth still are looking, searching, exploring and developing weapons, systems of warfare and laws of punishment instead of practicing love and forgiveness.

Forgiveness results in relief within the person who is forgiving. Full forgiveness results in full healing of all emotions and damaged heart ... and of course it results of the own relationship being healed - because no partner, male nor female. can live a lifetime with a partner who is carrying a burden of unsolved aggression within. A heart needs to be "cleaned up" as much as a house when you want to welcome someone within your heart and life.

The readiness to forgive is the initiation to learning to love

Without true intentions to love there can be no true forgiving. Hence there needs to be a true readiness to apply full amnesty to all mankind by each and all. That and only a full amnesty coming from the depth of your heart leads to true relief of all and every pressure within - and it leads to all aggression flowing out in a peaceful way ...

But where does such aggression-energy go when flowing out ?

It is being dissolved by GOD !! By God's own rue and divine love. This is very much comparable with the modern times burning of waste - even industrial or chemical waste. If done properly and with FULL investment necessary to avoid even the smallest danger or damage to environment - such burning can be done efficiently and results in a change from ONE particular physical state of a matter into another usually higher one.

Such can be and is the nature of true divine love - true divine love can dissolve by the divine power of love itself any karma, any suppressed aggression or painful emotions that humans carry along. However such energy needs to be surrendered to God. That requires people to open - such opening sometimes happens accidentally as a direct result of an overdose of alcohol.

Children have little ego - hence no need to disguise or hide their true being. Adults usually have an increasingly high mountain of karma and suppressed emotions, particularly when living or working for extended periods of time in countries where love is usually suppressed as a result of their tradition or religion - such as in Islam, but also in many areas of Christianity. Or in countries of distinguished society that pretends to be different from normal people. Such as England, USA, Australia and similar countries.

Drunks say the truth - it may be loving or it may be violent - but whatever is said is true - true from the point of view of the ego as being manifested to the environment. There is no possibility for any normal mortal human to change a drunk who constantly suppresses all emotions and gets violent every once in a while. The only solution is to either instantly abandon such a person - which results in loneliness and overburden of emotional pressure in the absence of "victims" ... it finally leads to either a change in behavior or death. God is taking care of death ones - they immerse in an ocean of healing love and fall into deep relaxing and healing spiritual coma. Coma lasting up to a VERY long time - until sufficient healing has been achieved to allow conscious learning and progress in normal real life.

If you are caught by having any unwanted emotions when YOU make the love test "a glass of wine" - to find out what is inside your self, then you should keep in mind the following:

But how to surrender to God ?

You have to ask for forgiveness to God, forgiveness from God and forgiveness from anyone you ever MAY have done any damage or pain or any kind, any time, in this lifetime or any time ever before.

A full request for forgiveness, a quest for full pardon, grace and mercy from God and from all. If you do so from the depth of your sincere heart - then you will FEEL the relief.. such relief can come in one single NIGHT or even a the most intense minutes of deep relaxed meditation or prayer to God may already be sufficient for God to fully absorb all your emotional or spiritual pressure from you and cause a spiritual healing within your heart and soul. It is up to YOU however to open yourself for God and to ASK FOR forgiveness - if you are too proud to ask for forgiveness from God or anyone else then you have no opportunity to experience such beautiful relief within. Love can but flow into open hearts it is YOU the one to open YOUR heart for love - for love from God as much as for love God sends you through friends, partners, children, customers, employees or anyone else willing to assist God in healing his beloved children.

God always forgives all that you ask forgiveness for - God can heal any damage and any pain you EVER may have caused to anyone on earth or among all the "death" ones.

New Year is another start from scratch - a moment when things CAN be changed - remember what happened when YOU had your last glass of wine - and dissolve what needs to be dissolved. Give yourself another chance for a better life before all your suppressed emotions have destroyed you and cause death by illness. Give love another chance in your life ...

Give God another chance in your life

To heal you - to assist and help you whenever and wherever you need help to learn again how to express true love in all various situations of your life. Give all others around you another chance of LOVING you - because that is the only reason WHY they are near you - because they LOVE YOU ...

New Year - after all the days of Christmas time - of intensified loving and giving to each other is an ideal time for a total new start of life for all - another chance for a second life - here and now on earth - a life more filled with love and all those loving things you suppressed all the many years in your past. May your next glass of wine become your last one needed.

Only very stubborn ego, very stubborn patients need permanent medication for their illness - all others change and allow healing from within to occur. When you find out that you have nothing but violence and aggression within - then it is time to review your entire life - a time for truth toward your very own heart and soul. A tie for a serious and powerful change toward the good of life - love. God has created but love - we made in the God given freedom all else - now it is up to us to change anything that has caused us to be aggressive - unless you want to face your very own karma and negativity again and again whenever you look inside your own heart.

Happy New Year

May love and bliss be all that flows soon through all of you - from deep inside to your outer most manifestations and in all your work - here on earth as well as eternally !!!

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Love and Bliss


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