Happy New Year
Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year 新年好

Learn how to turn your "Happy New Year" wish into truly Happy New Year for all.

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The Happy and prosperous Chinese New Year
Happy New Year in Chinese: 新年好

We all know our classic "Happy New Year" wishes and Happy New Year messages to our loved ones, neighbors or family members - but do we all truly contribute to the happiness of all or are our Happy New Year wishes but empty words like soap bubbles ?

Of course it's loving and correct to wish other people happiness and prosperity - but

  1. Who is the source of other people's happiness ?
  2. Who creates the feeling of happiness in your surrounding loved ones, colleagues, neighbors and friends ?
  3. What is the physiology of happiness in human beings?

Good luck in the New Year is created by your very own contribution to the happiness of others

Happiness results from loving interaction and loving communication with the environment of mankind, neighbors, family, parents, children, partner, ...

Happiness is the result of flowing love between the lover and the beloved one ... would you love others to love your loved ones ? Would you love others to make your loved ones happy or do you prefer to make your loved ones yourself happy ??? The ones making your loved ones happy are the ones also to receive their love ... love always flows between the lover and the beloved ones. The beloved always is attracted to the lover - the beloved always is attracted to the source of happiness.

Of course it would be nice for you if your family, friends and colleagues ... are made happy by many others


to influence others to love your loved ones is out of your own direct control and potential - however you are the only one in charge of your love toward other, hence you have an impact on your love toward others and on how happy they are or will be. You can change yourself, your attitude and behavior, you can apply positive affirmation to improve and be a better or more loving partner, colleague and neighbor - you can change yourself to love all others more and more to make all happy.

You alone are the safest source of happiness for others - if your love for others is sincere

If you wish others happiness, then always keep in mind that you are their essential or even only possible source of happiness. In a world of war, competition, business and money marketing among the many children of God most humans are fully occupied with their worldly material business and have forgotten to be human and loving - most have forgotten to be to the image of God ... loving.

Be a true source of love instead of wishing only love and happiness. How can you actively contribute to the happiness of others ?? The true lover creates happiness - the fake lover and the stingy one wishes happiness !

To create happiness in others you have to truly care for others and truly love all

To create happiness in others is simple and in many cases absolutely free of charge to you but you need a sincere intention to make happy - to give love, time true efforts and loving care are needed. All - poor and rich ones - can be a source of happiness for others. To recognize your opportunities to contribute to the happiness of others - here a few points that are the essence of happiness of all:

To be loved
to be loved by humans is the essential source of happiness. To be loved needs to be felt - hence you need to prove your love by action of love. Take your time and make the repeated efforts to prove your love for others by repeated action of love, help, care. Adapt your time schedule to the needs of love of others. Make some extraordinary efforts, walk a few extra miles, accept to meet at extraordinary times. True love is free of limits - the truly loving can love any time any place - hence can walk or travel any place any time to give love and make happy.
Work as the income basis of livelihood
Help others to find a job. Be open for job offers of your employer, family, neighborhood and environment. When ever you are aware of a job opening - think of who could need a job for an improvement or change in live, remember who is looking or asking for a job. Who of all your friends could fit into that job ?
Homeless people never can be happy - they are cold, dirty, hungry and left out or pushed out of society. The lack cozy home and comfort of life. Every person loves some comfort and protection from cold, wind, heat, rain. Every human loves a cozy home to live, work and love. The same applies like for work. Be open for all openings of apartments or housing. Who needs relocation, who needs a home nearer to work or who looks for a new job and may need a new home hear his work. Be a permanent mediator and facilitator for all those looking for a job or housing and those offering jobs or housing. Help all your surrounding to find what they need - help all around to to accomplish the changes in life they need or want. To progress in life and spiritually all humans need many changes to find and experience all lessons life has to offer.

The basis of happiness is the love-relationship with a partner.

Happiness is like a flower - happiness needs loving care to be kept alive and active. The happiness of others needs your love as well as your own happiness needs constant caring love from others. Many can easily take care of others - and fail to care for their own happiness. The own happiness is for others to care. Be a source of happiness of others and let others make you happy and be a source of love for your own happiness. Help others to be happy whenever you feel they need love or care or help of any kind to protect or heal their happiness and loving relationship.

It is the sacred duty of all to be a guardian angel of the happiness of all others! One day you may need their help as well.

Be there for others to prevent divorce or separation, to heal broken relationships - or - if all hope is lost and all means fail to heal - help others to separate in peace and love as friends. Be there for those who are lost in life and lonely and those who failed to fall in love with their partner. Help them to become aware of their missing steps and help them to open their heart and love, dissolve in love and forgive all - to find their own happiness again and fall in love again. Create bridges of love where people are too far away in their hearts - be a mediator of love - an angel of love to unite in love what belongs together in love. Help where help is needed, protect the weak ones, help love to grow and unite.

Good luck creating a Happy New Year
good luck creating prosperity and success in the New Year for others

Happiness have those you make happy - for all others the coming year may be like a lottery - some may be happy while most may lack happiness. Some may have a lucky day every once in a while - others may hunger for love and dream of happiness for all year and beyond and many may just wait for better times to be happy without any action on their own.

Be a good luck charm for others !!!

Good luck, prosperity and happiness in the New Year - if you wish such to others in the future - then be aware that you alone may for many be the only one possible to make happy, to create good luck and to help in life. Who else ?

From my own life long work and years of working for a large humanitarian organization as well as today's work in the orphanage with my angels, I know that one single person can make a full difference in the life of ten thousands of humans in a life time - very easily - professional helpers - angels of love by profession can make a difference for ten thousands each single day. To change the life of 50 or more in a single day can be done easily by each and every one of you. At least once a week - and the remainder of days a few or dozen each day until next week's full day angel of love.

May love flow in abundance into your heart
- to give you the happiness needed to share your love in abundance with all others around you

may my father's bliss and love be inside and outside and around you all the time

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