Happiness in Job and Business

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Happiness is the result of flowing love - also in business.

To compare happiness and love with technical terms:

Happiness can be compared to the condition of a light bulb. Flowing electricity results in a shining and warm light bulb. Flowing love through a human being results I a human with brilliant happy eyes warm in his heart enjoying life by realizing the true purpose of eternal life.

Electricity cut of results in dark and cold light bulb empty of its purpose. We humans - children of God, made to the image of God - are made to love, to be happy by loving others and making others happy.

I cut off from sources of love or separated from loving beings and separated from God as well - all feeling of inner warmth, wellbeing and happiness is gone and may persist only as a memory about past times.

Happiness in business is caused by producing, forwarding, improving, modifying, inventing or creating services and / or products with love for the sole purpose of pleasing others, making other people's life more loving, more enjoyable, more fun and safer - making other people happy ! To do so you need to have a sincere desire to love all - to make happy and to accept others as being lovable.

If the purpose of YOUR business or job is different from above - then sooner or later you will

The nature and source of happiness

Learn to understand what happiness is in your life and among your customers and friends

- Where does happiness and satisfaction come from
- How to select a fulfilling job, business or career
- How can you change your present situation
- Learn to turn your present situation into a satisfying and happy one.

Go much deeper in all your business relationships into a real human relationship. The benefit will be yours as well as for all your surrounding friends, customers and family-members

Learn to select your job, business or career from a spiritual point of view and in harmony with God

Happiness is important to mankind here on this planet as well as beyond. It is one major goal in life to achieve happiness in all aspects of your life, private, business, recreation. This following chapter will explain you the the laws and Divine principles behind happiness, enjoyment and fulfillment in your n their job, business or career.

What you do to others is what you get back in your life. This law of Karma has been described in depth in previous chapter and is valid for for your job, business or career as well. Understanding this principle thoroughly will enable you to change, adapt or modify any part of your present situation or to look for a new and challenging job, business or career in your future. Some may simply make some minor changes in their personal attitude to achieve this goal. Some others may make some changes in their business policy, in their way of doing business, talking to business partners, employers, employees or customers

you get happiness within in return for the happiness you are creating in the outside. Your happiness and fulfillment in your job, business or career depends on the following below factors.

Questions for employers:

Questions for employees


Some general questions to consider by all

If you say NO or your answer is questionable to any of above points, then you may have to consider some of the following suggestions and apply them in your situation.

First some common mistakes made and recommendations on how to improve the situation. Be truthful and honest toward yourself and find out whether some some of them apply to you.

Start supplying others with Love, happiness and true joy of life

and you may earn manifold what you have supplied to them

kriya yoga guru is God Kriya Yoga Diksha

God is Love - Invite God into your business to create happiness among all

Love and Bliss


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