Global Solutions
solutions to global peace, happiness and well being

Global solutions for peaceful spiritual Success in developing and maintaining peace among all creation of one single planet as a preparation for peace between this planet and all other parts of creation on a greater level can only survive and prosper on the basis of absolute Divine Love.

While for many the following global solutions may appear impossible - they absolutely are - because they are practiced by trillions of trillions of beings in God's Divine creation all over thousands of universes.

More importantly they all are a firm part of the Divine World of Love that all will enter when finally having reached complete God-union and returning to their Divine home in God.

To understand all these following short and precise points thoroughly and from the depth of your heart and soul - you surely need to have studied and understood ALL previous chapters and all other sections of the Cyberspace Ashram's spiritual Texts plus you need at least a basic but realized spiritual success within yourself as a direct result of your own desire to develop Love within yourself and your very personal environment.

The Essence of all global solutions is the point - what works for the majority of all Divine creation, for an nearly infinite number of physical galaxies, solar system, planets, on the physical, astral and causal plane and in all Divine worlds beyond, will also work for this tiny little planet and every village or household on it !

Global solutions for best possible development of Love as the basement of peace and harmony with all creation:

An infinite ocean of Divine Love is waiting to heal, free and uplift you - it is up to you to accept Solutions of Love for yourself - because only YOU are fully responsible for your very own destiny - from eternity to eternity. But God's Divine Love may change or heal your destiny any time you allow Love to flow through all of you.

True Divine Love is the basis upon which all is built on - the single and only common basis of communication beyond any language - beyond any culture - beyond any tradition. Love is the only common base for all life to exist eternally in true happiness and freedom.

I love you - I always loved you and always shall continue to love all of you - ALL.

I love you all - eternally - infinitely

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