Greed and Stinginess

Greed and stinginess in material world reflect greed and stinginess in Love.

At the beginning there was but true, pure, Divine Love coming from God, flowing through mankind's soul back to God creating a continuous state of blissful happiness within mankind. At this time mankind had but a body of light - the soul - and neither a causal body nor an astral or even physical body. At that time mankind had a true Divine awareness of its Divinity and awareness of all. ONENESS with God was common after any experience. The only rule existing was the great commandment of Love - as a rule from God to follow if we want to upkeep our continuous state of Divine Bliss and everlasting happiness.

At that time it all was about Love and to make others happy. Using the God-equal creativity that all mankind had to make others happy and Love all while allowing all the Love from others to be absorbed by ourselves to complete theoretical circle of Love.

The start of modification of true, pure Divine Love is the beginning of emotional stress and the beginning of the manifold human problems. As a result of this modification - one of the first disturbances of the originally pure Divine consciousness and pure Divinity - greed and stinginess started to occur. Mankind started to love less than full - stinginess or wanted more Love than they received greed. With the occurrence of greed and stinginess - the EGO was created - created BY MANKIND itself . With the formation of the EGO - the separation from God and from within mankind started to grow constantly. As a direct result, spiritual ignorance was growing - soon mankind forgot its true and eternal origin in God.

While this change in mankind's consciousness is obsolete, it was however expected by God that at least some of all Divine children went through this experience of creating - and later on again dissolving - an Ego.

God knew in advance that some of his children are modifying Divine Love in something less Divine - less pure - and God created the possibility to protect all others who preferred to remain in absolute Divinity by creating the potential possibility to increase mankind's density and shift accordingly the center of awareness into different layers forming "bodies" of ever increasing density. Some of these "bodies" are called causal body, astral body or physical body. By shifting the center of awareness to a universe of higher - density, mankind lost contact to its origin and also lost contact to all Divine sisters remaining next to God.

At the beginning there was but a free flow of Love in both directions -

then mankind started to influence or reduce that FREE and Divine flow of Love - greed and stinginess started to occur.

God is Love - God always was and will always be Love. That means that anyone and all always can fully love God - he always is open to any amount of Love - free of demand or wanting of Love. God always loves - all his creation.

God loves all creation fully - always. Whatever any of his creatures is doing or has done - God's Divine Love flows fully to all his creatures - always. Free of any restriction for any reason what so ever.

As you see, there always and in all Divine beings are two ways Love needs to flow - from a being toward ALL others and from anyone into that particular being.

Stinginess is a conscious reduction in the outflow of Love toward all or anyone and greed is a conscious increase of possible intake of Love from any source.

Any reduction on any side - intake or outflow of Love - always drastically reduces the happiness of that person and soul. The flow of pure Divine Love through your soul with all its present levels of manifestation is causing the feeling of happiness. Like the flow of electricity through a light bulb is causing the bulb to shine it light. The reduction of flow on either side - IN or OUT can be compared directly to a dimmer for modern lights. If you have some very basic understanding of electricity, dimmers and light, then you know that ever light bulb has two wires connected to it. One is the phase, the other null. Null conductor also can be connected directly to earth, to a metal water pipe for example. If you look at the two wires - one coming from ground the other one from the electricity generator - either wire you try to connect the dimmer and activate it - the light will be weakened. The flow of electricity is restricted by a dimmer causing a controllable reduction of flow of electricity through the bulb and hence a controllable amount of light to be produced by that bulb.

Love flowing through a human soul causes Happiness - Sanskrit term Ananda. The more pure Divine Love flows through any soul the greater the happiness experienced by that soul. To allow any happiness to be experienced you need to open both sides of Love flow to its maximum and let Love flow freely from anywhere and to anywhere. God is the source - the origin and the goal of all Love. All Love is coming from God and returning to God !!! only pure Divine Love in its original God-made state or condition can create true happiness - hence the need to dissolve any, even the slightest manifestation of ego or modification of Divine Love to regain the natural and God made state of Divinity within all mankind and assure Love to be allowed to flow freely in its purest Divine state.

If someone gives less than he receives - either money, material or Love - then this behavior is called stinginess, that person is stingy. If someone wants more than he gives - then a condition of greed is created.

Greed and stinginess are two of the most common global diseases of mankind on this planet as one or even both of the two almost always is present in any human being on earth. Greed and stinginess are true illnesses - at first emotional or spiritual illnesses but they also turn into deadly physical illnesses if practiced for any extended period of time and or intensely.

In addition the pure greed or stinginess, most have greed or stinginess in combination with additional spiritual blockages of their ego, depending on the various experiences they went through. Additional blockages that may hide their original greed or stinginess. But most of the time additional spiritual blockages are but a follow up of greed or stinginess. Greed or stinginess are often the root-cause of any additional spiritual blockages.

Before any such additional blockages should be treated - greed or stinginess should always be treated at first. As greed or stinginess always end deadly and always do require at least one or several additional incarnations if greed or stinginess persist until the last days, weeks or month within an incarnation. God's Divine rules of life contain preventive measures that dissolve greed or stinginess in Divine Love before it ever could start to exist.

Drop your search for any guilty person that made you at first greedy or stingy and just immediately start to allow LOVE to flow in both directions again. This is the only truly safe and efficient method of re-establishing your own Divinity again within yourself.

You may need to find out which of the two illnesses exist within you - as you may be sure to have to some extent one of them - then you may take appropriate measures to safely dissolve in Love what separates you from God. We will read about some solutions later on in this chapter. First we have a look at the two diseases in detail to better understand their nature and better prevent their reoccurrence for our future.

In regard to Love you could easily compare God and all free souls to a supra-conductor in our technical world. A conductor with absolutely zero resistance to flow of energy. Hence if zero resistance - then zero loss of energy will result - equaling an absolutely FREE FLOW of energy in any direction, anytime and for any period of time.

Mankind is made to God's image - hence we have the same Divine potential to love freely and be open for the Love from all and anyone !!!

Mankind was created as a being of light and free of any body - that means mankind was created as a being of light and Love free of the prisons of a causal body, astral body or physical body. We have been created by God and to God's image. Beings of Love made to love and to be creative with our Love. God made mankind with a partner soul - sometimes called twin soul. So we could enjoy life and Love as a family of beloved children - always near God and become one with God any time.

Some souls started to want or desire something other souls had - like the partner of another soul - despite the fact they already had their God-made partner-soul. Greed started to occur - as greed is the direct result of wanting more or something else than you already have at any time. The attention and Love was moved from the partner-soul toward another soul to attract a new soul. The attention shifted from the God-given source of happiness to a self-made happiness mankind search outside.

As a result jealousy started to exist as the partner of the particular soul searching and wanting another soul's partner or property has received less or no Love as a result of the change of focus toward that other soul. As a result of this lost Love from his partner the remaining soul started to withdraw or strongly reduce his Love toward his original and God-made partner-soul. As a punishment for the lost attention and lost Love from his partner-soul - still connected to God at this time - one soul withdraw his Love from his God given partner-soul for the desire to get another soul's Love and attention and Love - causing greed. And the remaining soul reducing his flow of Love toward his God given partner causing stinginess.

If you love less than 100 % at any time, if you reduce your Love for any particular reason what so ever, if you temporary say NO to Love any particular person - stinginess starts.

If you want more Love than you constantly give to any other person or the sum of all creation - then greed starts.

The previous chapter about YES or NO shows you how you can get your Love flowing again - in both directions - by learning to say YES in any situation where your Love is needed or asked for.

Greed and stinginess of course are manifested in all levels of our global society. In governments, organizations, religious groups or churches, business, family, sports, recreation, just in any possible field of mankind's life and activities.

Managers do want more pay as their employees - greed ! "Top level" politicians do want higher pay than "low level" politicians - greed. Active top sportsmen in almost any sports activity want a higher and higher pay year after year - greed. Labor want a higher annual pay increase than the annual inflation rate is - greed. White people want a higher pay than colored employees of the same company - greed. A bank wants more money for a given credit than it gives to its saving account holders - greed. A businessman dealing / trading with products or services actually provided by third parties usually tries to buy his services or products at the lowest possible prices and charges as much as the market can bear - greed.

Managers and leaders want to give less salary to their employees than they ask for themselves - stinginess ! Higher level employees or politicians want to give less money, less pay to lower level employees - stinginess. You want to sell a product to a trader and may receive the lowest possible price - if you really need the money and are in a financial emergency - you may receive even less, as the opponent may become aware of your emergency and abuse your weak situation - stinginess.

Some people may be mainly stingy others mainly greedy. Some however are both greedy and stingy, depending on the current situation.

Any of the two diseases causes great emotional stress on the entire society. Such stress again can be overwhelming and create situations totally out of control. Love needs to flow - however if you have no receiving partner for your Love - energy never can be destroyed but only changed to a different form of energy. Hence if Love is kept from flowing in its original and purest Divine state as made by God and received from God by all souls - then it needs to be modified to any other kind of energy. Energy always needs to freely flow. Any restriction to such flow requires energy on its own just to reduce, or change the natural flow of Love - from soul to soul.

Love that is stopped from flowing as Divine Love to another soul may need to be transformed into purely causal, astral or physical activities. Such Love also can turn easily into anger, hate, revenge or violence. Love is powerful and any soul strives to Love as much as possible. Mankind's mind - even in its Divine state of the soul can modify the flow of Love any time. The only way to allow this Divine Love to flow free of any loss - like a supra conductor - is to allow Love to flow directly as Love to another soul, i.e. In its Divine original form of Love. Any change of Love into anything else but pure Love always creates a loss of energy caused by the amount of Ego involved in that change. This "loss" of energy however can only be transformed into something else - never be really lost. Energy never can be lost but only transformed to different levels or different forms of manifestation. Like electricity flowing through a electrical or electronic system may be needed to produce a picture and a sound, but it also may create electro-stress and heat in addition to the desired effects of a particular equipment. Similar is the operating principle for the flow of Love.

The more you are used to modify your Love the more of your Love others may need to be happy. They also start to search for a number of sources of Love as one source of ego-modified Love never can satisfy any single person over any extended period of time. A soul is hungry for true Divine Love but only true Divine Love can really satisfy any soul anything less than pure Divine Love is causing an increase of hunger for Love and is supporting greed to occur. More and more is needed from any low quality source of Love.

Let's name a few low or very low quality sources of Love in nowadays material world and state a few examples:

The manifestations of greed or stinginess are manifold. For YOU however it is only important to learn about your own possible manifestations of YOUR GREED and / or STINGINESS and YOU may need to learn to dissolve your own imbalance and emotional and spiritual illness within yourself. YAMA and NIYAMA will help you to achieve the first steps of healing. The Divine rules of life on your way to God will help you further. Finally the development of true Love will do all the remaining part of any healing needed.

Notice that greed and stinginess are called illnesses - hence they need healing rather than punishment. Punishments of any kind make the situation worse than ever before and fail to contribute anything at all to the healing necessary.

For true healing Divine LOVE is needed - YOUR LOVE !!!

God is the source of all Divine Love and it is up to YOU to reconnect yourself again with this Divine source to become yourself a source of healing for others - for your surrounding, your friends and your family. Let all the Love coming from God flow through you and to all others surrounding you or somehow related to you to become a Divine source of healing. And let all the Love coming from others - however they may manifest their Love - flow into you and through you. It is the flow of such Divine Love that creates happiness and also creates healing - healing for the one being loved and for the loving one.

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