Focus on your goals

Invest all your efforts and resources toward achieving your goals!

When YOU focus ALL your efforts and resources toward achieving YOUR important goals - you will achieve your goals ! ANY and ALL goals. Learn how to achieve such efficiency and all your available resources toward achieving your true goals.

How efficiently are YOU using your available resources ?

YOU will find out very soon the exact answer to this question !


First please write now down the answers to following questions before you continue to read - then later compare YOUR spontaneous answers with the precise results of the worksheet provided to you at the very end of this chapter

  1. what is YOUR first priority in life ? name ONE priority - one goal only ! this can easily be done in ONE VERY brief sentence !
  2. does your present JOB support you in achieving YOUR goal ? YES or NO !
  3. does your present environment support you in achieving this goal ? YES or NO !
  4. do ALL the persons IN your family support and approve YOUR goal ? YES or NO !
  5. how many % off your ANNUAL total GROSS income are YOU investing in achieving YOUR goal ? write down an instant spontaneous but precise guess - a precise number of +/- 10 % accuracy !
  6. how many % of your total POSSESSIONS are absolutely directly USED in ACTIVELY supporting your goal ? possessions are: ALL your saving accounts, all your real estate property, all your shares, all your household inventory, all your business inventory

A few preparatory examples for you

from these days' daily life to help you understand the topic of this chapter

Example #1

a football player who wants to become a champion will

he however will never waste hours each day

a potential true football champion will

exactly the very same principle applies to EVERY potential champion in any sport ! such champion candidates most of the time invest ALL their money and time toward achieving that goal - and once on top of their sport - they continue to invest a substantial part of ALL their income in maintaining that level. YOU may look yourself at a few living examples in any popular sport ... football, car racing, windsurfing, skiing, boxing, weightlifting, judo, tennis, golf, squash, ... many or most - while earning millions a year - spend approximately 50 % or even more from their annual GROSS income toward ALL the contributing factors and helpers of THEIR success, including all necessary logistics ! check yourself !

Example #2

a musician. many professional top musicians may have started at the age of 5-10 years to learn one primary instrument and up to 2 or 3 secondary instruments.

A musician may have:

Example #3

a professional SCUBA diving instructor. about 2 - 3 years after his initial diving, by the time he is a qualified novice instructor, ready to apply for a job, he most likely has

Beware the end result of your goals
Beware the end-result of your goals

You achieve what you are striving for !

Successful experts in any field and specialty spend hundreds of us $ and hundreds of hours a year to improve skills and knowledge. many ten thousands of us $ for their general education ( elementary school, secondary school, high school, college, universities, ... ) until they start their specialized training and learning professionals of any field and specialty need many many years or even decades to become REAL specialists. by the time they are REAL and true all-round specialists in ONE single field ( for example electronic ) they may have

during all these years they had one major goal: to be good in one field - in one profession they loved to practice. ONE field of activity they selected for whatever reason. as a result of such intense focus toward achieving this ONE goal - they all finally made it !! hundreds of millions of humans have become specialists during the past 100 or so years on this planet. True specialists !

many have delayed having a family or having children until they achieved their goal. many top professionals have NO family and NO family life at all as a result of THEIR intense focus on ONE goal in THEIR life. many TOP sportsmen have sacrificed ALL to achieve their goal, ALL their savings, ALL their current earnings, ALL their property, ALL their time, ALL their privacy, ALL ...

and as a direct result from such precise goals and focus ON THAT ONE GOAL - they have achieved their goal. millions do it - again and again, year after year on this planet. in fact ALL industrial growth and technical development and other social OR spiritual development of THIS entire planet earth depends entirely on these few millions who strive to become REAL experts in ONE field for a while. experts such as:

hundreds of millions at present time are satisfied being average or minimalists and hence have nothing or extremely little to contribute to society and planet ( and creation ) ! and the few true experts are running most of this entire planet together with whose HARD working labor forces.

a cook can never become a chief by watching TV and using junk food ingredients - but by supporting his suppliers of quality food supplies, quality biologically grown herbs and vegetables from the small farmer around the corner, by using eggs from FREE living hens feeding on natural food and gorgeous FRESH quality fruits or nuts ( you surely know that hens would love to eat fruits - such as apples or bananas - if they would be given fruits !! ) - even if the price is twice as much as mass production and junk supplies . a specialist LOVES his customers - that is the reason he loves to be an expert in his field - to make his customers far above average happy - as happy as possible - expertise and quality consciousness is just another manifestation of LOVE toward ALL creation. an expert loves to constantly improve his skills and knowledge and overall quality - to serve HIS beloved customers better and better. throughout his entire professional life span.

Find your true goals and priorities in life and focus on them

at the very beginning of this chapter you have answered the question "what is YOUR first priority in life ?". that answer is what you want to achieve from your intellectual point of view. but what are you really supporting is what you are achieving. and what are YOU supporting ? - where are all YOUR efforts and investments directed to ?

most of you are at this very moment without true orientation in life - most of you may THINK to have a particular goal and may even think to work toward achieving THAT goal - BUT may fail to work precisely and scientifically toward ACHIEVING THAT goal !

Support YOUR goals and those supporting YOU

in any humans life there are many supporting people.

ALL the support YOU give toward those helping and supporting YOU NOW in any way, materially OR spiritually - is finally bouncing back to you. some as early as immediately. some support is coming back to YOU in later years or later incarnations or beyond the physical world.


if you fail to support your employer TODAY - you may find yourself jobless TOMORROW - leaving your with NOTHING for YOU and your family ! Lack of loyalty and support as well as MISSING QUALITY CONSCIOUSNESS are a very substantial contributor to the many crashes of companies of any size at any time. NO company is TOO big to crash within a single day - even governments crash ! look at the previous German democratic republic, or many other governments.

find out what value in life are important to you and actively and financially SUPPORT those values that contribute to your and your family's wellbeing, to FREEDOM, peace and love in your society and on this entire planet.

with a substantial part of your taxes you are co-financing police, army, secret service and control - hence the opposite of LOVE, inner eternal peace and freedom. if LOVE and GOD is what you want - then you should support spiritual development with an equal or greater amount than you support army and police and governments !

in our eternal home in God is only LOVE, peace and eternal freedom. the sooner we learn to "reign" with LOVE only the sooner we achieve the spiritual maturity to live at home in God.

the goals you support NOW are the acting forces on you in YOUR future.

Do you love your JOB and are YOU supporting your employer ?

your present employer is providing you with all the money needed to conduct your present lifestyle, HE is the one on earth to support YOUR family financially ! if you truly LOVE your job - then you are truly making others happy because the job you love is a job you want to be a true expert in and all experts of any field are a pleasure to have around.

if your employer is providing a NEEDED and USEFUL product or service to mankind. a product or service that makes

if your employer is supporting or re-establishing

then your employer is truly spiritual, then he is providing a real important, a useful and MOST valuable service or product to ALL creation !

- and if so, then YOU should fully support YOUR present employer by INVESTING in his business, by donating and contributing to his company, by becoming a shareholder and invest at least one full monthly gross income every year for the progress and improvement of YOUR present employer. you should also support your employer by improving on a permanent basis YOUR professional expertise and skills. expert knowledge and expert skills is the very best assessment in any business - your very own, your family business or the business of your present employer.

EVERY sincere and honest self-employed person ALWAYS considers investment in HIS very own business the most valuable investment ! because every honest person ALWAYS works and fully supports the WELLBEING of all others - of HIS customers. a honest and sincere businessman in any field always wants to make others happy with all his efforts. such attitude of SERVING others and making others HAPPY is a divine way of telling OTHERS and GOD

"I love you"

by making others truly happy, by SERVING others - you LOVE GOD, as God loves to see his children loving, helping and SUPPORTING each others ! it makes God HAPPY to see his children loving and helping and supporting each others !

if YOU want to make God happy - then support those who make God happy, support those who contribute to your happiness and to the happiness and overall wellbeing of ALL.

many of you have a physical guru somewhere on this planet, in Europe, USA or India or any other place on this planet - are you sure to truly support him proportional to his spiritual support for YOU ?

I am VERY sure most of YOU forgot to do so! If I look at most of the present gurus on this planet I see them either conducting a very simple life, with little or no food, with no bed, no real physical home on earth at all and no or extremely little comfort at all - that's the life and LOVE YOU give them proportional to YOUR love for YOUR guru


i see them involved in money making to support themselves instead of focusing in supporting you with his spiritual services on a physical level or on spiritual level by divinely and lovingly guiding YOU from within - with divine bliss and love from God. it is YOUR missing or insufficient direct support of YOUR guru that causes him to waste a valuable part of his resources to support his own physical body and family instead being able to fully focus on supporting YOU for YOUR very own benefit. HE has to waste a part of his valuable spiritual resources AND that wasted part may be missing in YOUR personal spiritual progress by the end of YOUR present incarnation.

he - YOUR guru - will return home to God by the end of THIS last incarnation and he has no reason to EVER return back to this planet. HE has given as much as YOU supported him to give.

YOUR failure to to ALL you ever could have done in THIS very incarnation - THESE very days and hours - this your failure to do ALL is YOUR sole responsibility for eternity. never expect YOUR guru to come one last time because you may feel too lazy to do ALL at once - HERE and NOW. in these modern times ALL important spiritual teaching with PRECISE INSTRUCTIONS for your successful path of love home to God is published in a clear ORIGINAL that will survive all coming centuries and millennium. ONE precise teaching is enough for ALL.

whether YOU may decide to actually realize and apply all these teachings of love is YOUR responsibility and YOUR free choice. After YOU read and studied all theses chapters you now should know all your possibilities and all possible end results of your actions or inactivity.

YOU will achieve what YOU support ! if you support it

your MISSING SUPPORT for him results in YOU receiving less spiritual support FROM him as he has to waste valuable resources for NON-spiritual tasks. YOUR missing support for YOUR guru results in YOU having to WORK what HE could have given you and finally it may most likely result in YOU making additional incarnations because failed to learn and PRACTICE very substantial and IMPORTANT spiritual lessons that ALL need to learn and apply for the remainder of eternity.

i see many of the present gurus conducting workshops, seminars or writing books just to maintain their own life and pay for their expenses HELPING YOU. many re-write or re-comment on books that already exist since a long time like the Gita or the yoga sutras of Patanjali. just because they are easy to sell among thousands of God seekers and hence a sure source of income to survive on this planet.

but with YOUR HONEST and active support they all could achieve true God union and write their very own books instead of commenting on outdated books of ancient times. they could personally write AND publish books containing solutions of love for thousands of different situations in life and most direct teachings for people of THESE days living in Today's world

if you have OTHER priorities than supporting my father in re-establishing peace and love - in re-establishing UNITY among ALL - how could my father support YOU in achieving YOUR selfish, egoistic and destructive goals ? the wellbeing AND protection of ALL creation is always INFINITELY MORE important that the selfish relative wellbeing of any number of EGO !

WE all are learning for eternity - HERE and NOW !

What works for achieving goals in sport or industry ALWAYS works as well in achieving SPIRITUAL goals !

for the very first time in history of THIS planet the previously SECRET and sacred technique of Kriya Yoga has been given to ALL mankind in the Cyberspace Ashram as a proof if infinite love from my father to all of you. however the intellectual study and knowledge of these techniques included in diksha are in NO WAY all of Kriya Yoga ! to receive the remainder from within - YOU need to qualify. you need to qualify by

if you manage your spiritual goal as professional and efficient as millions of sportsmen, politicians and professionals do - then you will be spiritually as successful as they are in their field of expertise and finally you WILL achieve God union.

if however the results of the worksheets and questionnaires given in this chapter show that the goal you WANT to achieve is different from the goals you actually are supporting - then you failed to successfully manage your own spiritual path and your entire life and you should search a manager / coach for your spiritual path and life.

it is ancient tradition that father AND mother coach their children. can YOU guide YOUR own physical children back to God ? how could you if you fail yourself to find YOUR very own way home. hence it may be time to reconsider YOUR position - the position your very own pride, stubbornness and stinginess or laziness has pushed you into and you may find it just about time to completely surrender all to God and to allow a God realized guru to manage YOUR path to God. NOW - ASAP - before your time on earth is over again. to be a champion of YOUR soul you need repeated efforts - you need "time" to succeed. the earlier you start the sooner and easier you achieve your goal. the longer you wait the more karma and obstacles you may have created in addition to what already carry along NOW.

Go to YOUR guru in person - BOW to his feet and then LOOK INTO HIS EYES and ask him the following questions:

if he looks into your open eyes and can CLEARLY and with a FIRM and loving voice say "YES !" to ALL 3 above questions - then surrender ALL your ego to him and follow all his precise instructions instantly. be ready to work very hard for many years, many hours every day - just like any professional does when wanting to become a leading expert or like any sportsmen does when wanting to become a world- or Olympic champion.

if anyone of you ever want to ask ME - I can clearly answer YES from the very core of my divine heart - I know my father - God - and I have become ONE with him and I can guide anyone and any number of humans and non-humans back home - in love, with love, for love, out of love for my father and ALL creation - because I KNOW that LOVE is the only solution for eternal peace in all creation and among all creatures my father ever has made.


if you are serious about your goals - here some worksheets for your computations to obtain real valuable FEEDBACK for YOU !

managing and coaching YOUR spiritual path and progress is only a little different from managing a company or coaching a sport champion.

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