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Fasting on your spiritual path to God - fasting rules for beginners

Why, how and when to fasten - how to start fasting


Wrong fasting may jeopardize your health.

Normal fasting over any Period exceeding 3 days should be done under the supervision and guidance of either a medical doctor, healer or your Guru if done so for spiritual reasons.

Proper fasting however can lead to a purification of your physical body and your spiritual body alike, hence it can be safely applied and used for spiritual benefits and to improve your physical health as well if done correctly.

If for any reason you decide to do the fasting all on your own without any medical supervision or spiritual supervision, hen you have to be sure to know exactly what you do. Know basic anatomy and physiology of your body and FEEL you body's reactions to food, changes of food, energy contained in food ! You need to have true divine intuition to do so safely - God can guide you - but it is your responsibility to be fully open for God's guidance !

This chapters gives you an insight to

Fasten is an old tradition in many cultures and spiritual traditions around the world

Fasten is a very old tradition practiced in many cultures, religions and spiritual traditions. What exactly is fasten and why do people fasten?

True fasting means a complete stop of any food intake for a period of time. As food you may consider anything that supplies the body with calories, i.e. with energy. That means that with the exception of pure water just about anything else, food, beverages, milk, soft drinks, juices, any sweetened drinks, like tea or coffee etc. will supply you with some kind of energy.

Fasting detoxifies your body and thus results in weight loss and improved health

Fasten does speed up the detoxification and purification of the physical body and the metaphysical body as well. Obviously any food or drink we take does contain physical energy and metaphysical energy as well. Nowadays most food lacks of natural ingredients and natural preparation. Many fruits and vegetables are grown with artificial fertilizers and are often chemically treated during their growth or after collecting them. This may cause an accumulation of toxins inside your body. The accumulation of toxins over an extended period of time may often cause some very severe illness, as rheumatism and similar diseases that usually start among a large percentage of the population after they reached a certain age.

Prepare for the start of your fasting

There may be several steps of fasting. Before you start consider any fasting, you certainly may want to have a close look at your eating habits. It makes little sense to fasten, when before and after the period of fasting you still continue with poor eating habits. Proper food from the point of view of pure, fresh and high content of Prana contained in the food you eat is what you want to learn to eat day after day.

Proper food from this point of view means

Start fasting gently by first skipping meals or reducing meals

Beginners may start their fasting by skipping a meal each day for one or two days each week. Best would be to skip breakfast, as by the morning your stomach is already empty for many hours and is used to it. When you may feel hungry at the usual time for breakfast, just think or do anything positive that you may enjoy and that can absorb all your attention for a while and you notice the hunger disappearing for some time. It is like a child that wants your attention and if it doesn't get it, goes playing on its own again. If your hunger sees you paying attention to something else, it may go for a while, then try again and after a few tries just stays away. Remember: Keep your attention on something positive and busy - or meditate deeply. During this time when you skip for example breakfast, you may drink up to 1 liter of water or in hot whether even more. When you practice this successfully you may realize that you may feel even stronger without food than with. The purification of your physical body shows its positive side-effects. The more you get your body purified by proper eating habits and some fasting, the more metaphysical energy starts to flow through you and the better you may start to feel.

Replace remaining meals with clean, natural, organic meals

By now it may be time to skip even two meals a day, for example breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner. Whatever is more suitable to your daily plan of physical work and meditation schedule. But of course, if you start to skip one or two meals a day for a few weeks, it is important to have for the remainder of your meals the freshest possible food. Only the best should be good enough and this means fresh salads and fruits. Salads and fruits are ideal whenever you reduce the total volume of food-intake, because they provide the highest amount of pure natural energy including all important vitamins and minerals.

Remember that elephants and horses are vegetarians and yet strong !!!

Some people may now start to think of lack of protein or fat or what so ever. But remember that elephants also are vegetarian and have plentiful of muscles and strong bones. ;-))

Hundreds of millions of people in Asian countries and else where are vegetarians and enjoy excellent health.

These above point are preparatory for any fasting. By practicing natural and pure eating habits as described above for a few years, you may then consider your first extended fasting. By extended is meant more than 3 days and less than approximately 3 weeks. Short time fasting of up to 3 days can be done any time when feeling healthy and well. Do it only during periods of normal and moderate physical work and exercise. Whenever you plan very hard work or intense physical exercise you should at the beginning of your experience take normal food quality and quantity.

Combine fasting with additional practical outdoor work - physical work with real content !

While physical exercise also moves muscles
real work makes sense and is useful for others and leads to additional satisfaction in your life!

When you plan your first fasting of approximately 10 to 20 days under the supervision of a medical doctor, healer or your Guru, you may even combine it with fasting walks. This is a very good method of increasing the benefits of fasting. It is practices with daily easy walks starting at approximately 6 to 10 km and increasing daily up to approximately 30 to 40 km maximum and 15 to 25 km being the minimum by the end of your fasting walk. Drink 3 to 4 liters of pure water and watch your blood sugar level by listening to your body's symptoms. This should only be done under supervision of a knowledgeable person experienced with this special way of fasting. To keep the blood sugar level safe, it is important to walk at moderate to slow speed and make frequent rests. Any kind of motion and moderate exercises during fasten-periods are speeding up the purification process in your physical and metaphysical body. Take care of your body, it is a vehicle given to your soul to learn important spiritual lessons on this planet, so handle your physical body with care and love while continuously aiming at your spiritual goal until you reached it.

The goal of any soul on earth and elsewhere is freedom in God.

Spiritual practice in combination with detoxification of body through fasting

After several years of spiritual practice like for example extensive Kriya Yoga leading to your daily kriya pranayama being in the range of more than 4 - 6 hours each day for more than 2 to 3 months, you may then start to reduce your food intake daily over a period of approximately 4 to 6 weeks by increasing at the same time your total number of kriya pranayama practiced each day. Notice that this food reduction and increase of Kriya Pranayama should be done only if you are a vegetarian for at least 3 to 4 years before attempting it. Best is to practice this under direct guidance of your personal Guru. He may assist you in finding the best individual method for you.

During far advanced Kriya Yoga you may go to zero food for a while - feeding on prana only

When you have reached a total of approximately 8 hours or more of Kriya Pranayama for more than one week you may reach a point where you may completely stop any food intake except pure water. At this point you may need less water as your body is already purified.

This is the time for an extended spiritual fasting that usually may last 40 days or even longer. It is done under direct supervision of your Guru or under the Divine guidance of God. You may know for sure at this time that your body is fed by the Divine life-force coming from God and you may feel and know all the needs of your physical body. This usually is the time when you may be ready to achieve your first Nirbikalpa Samadhi to experience your complete God-Union. This complete God-Union takes places with your breathing completely ceased and your heart completely stopped. Hence you "die". But you may realize the enormous flow of Prana coming directly from God and keeping your physical body young and alive while you enjoy the Divine Bliss and Love from God.

Proper fasting in combination with advanced spiritual practice leads to increased power and energy level in your body!

When you are ready for extended and repeated spiritual fasting, you may notice your energy within your physical body increasing day after day. You may at this point do any hard work or physical exercise and realize that you have more power than ever before. Notice that it certainly is advisable to practice this for the first time only under the direct guidance of your spiritual Guru, whether he may have a physical body or just a spiritual body. Be cautious and listen to the inner guidance received from God, also listen to your physical body's true needs to fulfill all it's function at the highest possible quality.

May Divine Bliss and wisdom guide you

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