Emotion control - how to control your emotions

Mind control results in emotion control

Emotions, feelings and resulting fantasies may be the result of

  1. prolonged concentration an a particular object capable of creating emotions within yourself
  2. contact with the aura of a person being capable of stirring up old emotional memories within yourself
  3. other persons creating an emotional scenario for you

Point 3 above is the most difficult to control as it might be your karma to get in touch with such persons renewing old emotional memories within yourself - to make you aware of your past needing to be dissolved in Love. You have however a direct impact on the surrounding human environment around you - YOU choose your environment and if that self-chosen environment is causing repeated emotional problems to you - YOU may move to a different environment. You may even move to a different country or continent.

However we will have a look at all 3 points above. These 3 sources of possible emotional disturbances and / or emotional provocation for you can be directly controlled by you in exactly the same way as you control your thoughts - your focus of your mind. You should have successfully completed the previous chapter and exercise on mind control - else it would NOW be the ideal time to do so BEFORE proceeding on this chapter.

Millions of persons suffer from anxiety, fear, depression, .... etc. Many of these persons however do suffer because they occupy their mind with those emotional objects causing fear, anxiety, depression, etc. The principle of samyama affects your mind as well as your emotions.

If you want to change your emotional attitude - if you want to balance and heal your emotional life, then you need to focus on happiness, Love, joy, .... You need to focus all your attention on the sunny side of life to attract joyful emotional energies within yourself. You are becoming what you feed yourself with. This previous sentence may have a multiple meaning !!

For a test - you may focus on 2 or 3 totally different emotional situations for about 30 seconds and see how they affect you. First you may focus on an aggressive situation, then on a sad situation or on sad memories from your past and finally on a very happy, very love filled situation.

The same way you were shifting your eyes from one object to another object - you may shift your emotional focus from any object to any desired other object - hence you have a powerful tool to control your emotions. Stay away from others if you are sad, depressed, fearful, as your aura may pull others down. It is YOUR sole responsibility to uplift your own vibration. Previous chapters have shown you how to do so - now it is time to apply your knowledge. By focusing you full attention on God, on Divine Love, on Grace and Mercy - you are automatically absorbing all these Divine vibrations within yourself - for your own benefit as well as for the benefit of all others surrounding you or getting in mental or emotional contact with your by any means.

Become an uplifting source of joy, Love and Bliss for others - a source of emotional healing for all others.

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