Education in spirituality

Spirituality is a basic human education necessity at any age

We are spiritual beings - beings made of divine spirit - made by God and consisting of flesh body being "filled" and kept alive by our true inner spiritual being - our soul and our innermost core made by God and having its root in God.

The education in spirituality is a basic human necessity at any age - even for very young children as early as 2-3 years. Education in spirituality is important at any age - but may include different situations and scenarios at different age. You will find all from youngest age children to old age getting ready for spiritual learning and spiritual progress.

Even youngest children easily can accept that they are angels - because that is the way they often feel and remember from the time before their present incarnation. Young babies and children often still have more or less accurate memories from the time before incarnating again. These memories make it easy for children to accept basic spiritual rules applying all over God's creation - also here on earth.

The first steps of spiritual education for children

God sends guardian angels and golden light to protect children and all who ask for. Children often can see their guardian angel - or light from God and many children also can see Jesus or Mary taking care of them and guiding them in love.

Hence children also need a physical means of talking about anything spiritual and about their own spiritual perception and experiences if they have some. If parents reject any spirituality or are too far ignorant in their own spirituality then for the protection of children these perceptions and memories often disappear in the first few years of their present education.

Talking about spirituality - playing spiritual games - such as feeling energy or seeing energy or describing angels .. and more - learning spirituality by having fun and by playing !


Babies are used to Love and to be loved

Love is the first and most important education in life for all - true spirituality means having developed and fully realized the potential to always love all, to always to with love and in love all. Specially babies and children are used to love and have all done in love and

Education in spirituality of children - first rules

Avoid to suppress what is - and let them talk and experience freely as they like and when and how they like

Education in spirituality for children - and adults alike - should start with basic law of karma ! Children and all humans in general should know as soon as possible that whatever occurs to them is the result of their own action, their own action in previous incarnations or in "heaven" or of present action.

You can explain even to babies or small children that loving thoughts and loving emotions create loving reaction in others around them, in sisters, relatives, friends, other babies or children, in all ..

Education in spirituality - basic rules for life apply for children as well

Of course such basic laws like honesty, refraining from mental, emotional or physical violence, ... all these apply to children of any age and all these can easily be taught to children at the age of about 2 or so - any time when a child can listen to loving stories or start to ask questions and to communicate is the best time to gently and very lovingly explain in positive loving examples the positive opposite of all negative actions. Be a living example and allow your children to do whatever you do - ALL ! Because that is their birthright to have YOU being their teacher and living example - and you can only teach what you actually practice or have practiced at any given time.

Education in spirituality for adults

That is far easier as you are already in the Cyberspace Ashram with some 1000+ pages of spiritual education for all really practical situations of life, job, business, family, parenting, sexual relationship to your partner and much more such as the complete Kriya Yoga initiation online with all its relevant teachings of love, solutions of love for all situations of live.

The free online material and exercises offered on this site includes all you really need to tune in your entire life with all its colorful and adventurous aspects of life in one with God and to finally become one with God as the Goal of your life.

Best is just to start on top of the Cyberspace Ashram or by searching the topics that are most urgently needed for you with the Cyberspace Ashram search engine or by having a look at the chapters overview and spiritual newsletters / spiritual microletters and spiritual forum - overview to get an idea on what to find that helps you fastest.

The logical beginning is to start at the

Education in spirituality for offline study

You find on the download page full details about how to get all files by download of the file or how to order the Cyberspace Ashram DVD "Spiritual Treasures" for offline study of all material and teachings of love.

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