Loving heart
Loving heart

Easter - Holy week - Good Friday

The Passion of Jesus Christ - Jesus on the cross

Eastern is the remembrance day of evil forces and divine forces being side by side each single day in our life - eternally.

Some time ago - God's son Jesus - has been betrayed by one of his very own direct disciples - that day God has been betrayed by a mortal human. It is the day of Jesus crucifixion as the result of betrayal by one of his disciples is what we are commemorating as Good Friday - part of our Holy Week or Eastern.

Such betrayal still is ongoing this very day - thousand fold each single day ... all around this world of mortal humans. Citizens are betrayed by their country's government, Entire nations are sent to war for the personal reason of a few ones who want to revenge ancient history and personal likes and dislikes. Millions are betrayed by rich ones for the sole and cheap sake of financial profit, social status and economical or political positions within mortal society on earth.

When Jesus has bee betrayed he knew when and by whom - as God always is with all his true ones eternally. Jesus knew the end and refused to stop it ... Jesus knew that betrayal will be ongoing for thousands of years and that betrayal will be practiced by millions of humans of all groups of society for thousands of reasons.

Avoiding one betrayal never turns betrayers into lovers - the betrayed always turns home to God - the betrayer however remains within his own circle of mortal betrayers and has to become aware of the difference between:

once a betrayer - many remain betrayers for centuries or longer ... why ? once a betrayer - you have become a cooperator of the evil side of creation - you may call it devil or dark side or hell or whatever - the meaning is the same. the dark evil side of creation DIES exist. thousands of mortal humans have given their lives for the benefit and strength of that dark side. once a betrayer you have proven to have zero integrity, zero love, zero love, zero courage and zero devotion for ONENESS in God's creation.

the difference between being betrayed and betraying is that the betrayed can continue to love - while the betrayer has proven the opposite of love. that opposite force of love takes control as soon as a mortal has betrayed. why ? by betraying - the betrayer has separated himself from God - from the source of life force and love. as a human being each individual however seeks love - direct or indirect love. since the betrayer has separated himself from the source of direct love - from God - the betrayer now may and will receive repeated offers from the dark side and evil side of God's creation - again and again. each accomplished new betrayal or "evil job" done in favor OF the dark side of creation will earn him reward in from of titles, higher salary, higher positions in society, politics, military or police *law enforcement forces* or industry and economy. Each additional such cooperation with the dark side of God's creation will weaken his love but strengthen his *mortal position* within the dark side of creation and human society.

the more often he cooperates against God - the less likely a betrayer is going to address from the bottom of his still divine heart God ... and the more he turns away from God into side-paths such as many esoteric branches and new age branches of *holy business* - betrayers of God need, strive for and earn recognition and applause while to loving one earns love, bliss and God's inner support while on earth.

the more a human has worked for the dark side of creation - the less likely it appears to him that God can exist - why would God allow betrayal of his beloved first born ?? the answer to that question is very simple -. God's first born had and has total absolute faith in the power of love of his divine father in heaven - as such he KNOWS whatever needed to know and he surrenders all to his father - even the crucified body on the cross.

Jesus knew and knows about the necessity for each and all among all humans to learn from their innermost core to be true, loyal and loving above all in all circumstances - hence Jesus knew that protecting a potential betrayer from betraying - by running away, disappearing or any other means - never would have turned this ONE nor any other betrayer into a TRUE person. truthfulness, honesty and integrity are a substantial part of our eternal attitude. truthfulness and loyalty to God and Love above all in absolutely all situations is what ALL of us have to learn, practice AND PROVE beyond even the smallest doubt !!!

by making the math homework FOR your beloved children never turns your children into intelligent children. if YOU want your children to grow strong in their heart, in life and in their body, then you have to surrender ALL lessons waiting FOR your children TO your children - no matter how tough such lessons and exams in life might appear to a mortal - the immortal one knows that such most extreme exams of spiritual nature are mandatory to mature for eternity. such challenges are a MUST before before becoming an adult child of God - free and bless for all eternity.

divine wisdom is the result of truly knowing what to do in any situation of eternal life. wisdom includes the capability to always and instantly as God for advice, guidance and support. divinity requires the capability to die in favor of all creation rather than to betray a mouse or a mosquito to the evil forces !!

true eternal happiness requires true love

true divine love is manifested in absolute loyalty to all loving ones as much as to God

true divine love always gives the strength to die with dignity and love even in the worst of all situations such as the crucification

left behind are the betrayers who have to experience the dark side until their hunger for true love grows and grows - until they feel true remorse in the very BOTTOM of their still divine heart - until they can directly ask for forgiveness and repair and heal all they have done.

betraying today and saying ten thousand times "i am sorry" with a bunch of red roses or material gifts for a few months changes nothing at all the betrayer has done. once a betrayer of any kind for any reason - you have to learn to pass thousands of tests for your awakening truthfulness and loyalty toward ALL AND toward God above all. such proof of truthfulness requires real action - action of positive loyalty toward ALL creation and toward God above all - action lasting an entire lifetime and in some cases many lifetimes depending on the intensity of truthfulness in all spiritual tests provided b y God to the former betrayer.

if you betray your wife or husband and belief to be able to repair such damage by purchasing a Ferrari car or diamond ring - then you still attempt to heal the damage of betrayal with the methods of the betrayers - money and material world. under normal circumstances applicable to most mortal beings on earth - it is safe to say that one single betrayal of a loved one will separate you for the remainder of the current incarnation. the number and variety of proof of your truthfulness and honesty is so huge and apart for loving life of your betrayed partner that the betrayed one does best enter his own new life separated from the betrayer. the damage in faith done by ONE betrayal is requiring millions of proofs of integrity and loyal love beyond and above even the tiniest doubt.

how to recognize ex-betrayers or current betrayers ? a betrayer always escapes direct, repeated and prolonged eyes to eyes contact. and if - then the pupils of a betrayer always remain small. a betrayer never can fall in love - he is always hiding something. dark souls hide their darkness behind sunglasses - betrayers and cooperators of evil side of creation escape the light - it hurts their dark soul and evil oriented heart.


until one day the hunger for love may have grown stronger than their fear to face God. when betrayers are willing to face God - then they will receive millions and more of small step lessons to improve and increase their potential in love again until ready to become ONE with God.

God is Love - nothing but divine love

God's Love can but heal

then looking at the millions of people and their action / reaction all around this globe - see how often others are still betrayed ... learn from the pain betrayal causes to millions at once. see of often people betray their very own goals and spiritual orientation in favor of a short time pleasure and short time financial or material goal.

a typical example of recent large scale betrayal - just a few years ago a leading silicon valley company offered a huge some of reward for each person betraying a user of pirate software here in this country - other economical or political or ideological systems do the same, such as legal systems offering rewards for betraying accused ones. That company itself has betrayed God as it charges a greedy fee far above any reasonable and affordable amount for citizens of this country and most other countries on this planet except the first world countries. hence a betrayer searched for cooperating betrayers to let the family of betrayers grow and strengthen the force of the dark side on this mortal planet.

even these very days dozens or more smaller larger nations still hire, employee and pay full time or part time professional spies to betray counties and their citizens in favor of another country or force. governments are turned over by foreign governments conflicting with other nations internal affairs and causing betrayal until that government collapses and becomes victim of a foreign ruler OR follows the interests of that foreign political power. employees betray and blackmail each other in favor of a better position, higher salary or just for the fun of black mailing someone to harm him or to destroy his career and eventually succeed on the betrayed's behalf in that position or to improve the position in the "eyes" of his boss as a cooperating - collaborating slave of that employer or organization. women and men go on their first date with a firm decision to play ego games and finally to betray their *date* sooner or later. avoid disappointment, avoid being betrayed - learn the secrets of love - there no longer is any need for letting yourself betray by others around you. protect yourself by going at distance to all potential betrayers - may divine true love the the only key to enter your heart - hence all true ones will find you - all betrayers will have peace and loneliness needed to make up their minds and learn to prove truthfulness among themselves first.

Dark forces in God's entire creation have been active since millions of years - splitting male and female and splitting all creation, all beings and finally all human society. dark forces always remain mortal - even in the astral worlds or causal worlds all remain mortal - living for millions of years - yet scheduled to eternally die. all worlds of karma are bound to be dissolved and hence to die. all humans are given the glory and honor to be free in their choices - all humans always could and always can do a free choice of their own - a choice FOR or against God - the rules that rule all creation however always are rules of infinite love for the wellbeing of ALL creation - hence worlds of karma ALWAYS are bound to be self destructive and hence mortal.

God never judges - nor does God ever accuse or punish any one ... why should mankind have the right to judge or punish if God only loves in all situations ?!

Honesty, loyalty, integrity and truthfulness are but a tiny part of true divine love and all mankind and other beings have to learn to achieve and refine such divine aspects of their eternal being.

Instead of revenge, accusations, retaliation and punishment - strive for God's love - learn and practice God's forgiveness in all situations of YOUR life - start HERE and NOW - during these very Holy Week and any day thereafter.

Teachings of Love from God by Jesus Teachings of Love from God by Jesus

May the power of true Love give you the strength and integrity to always be true to God and all mankind even when facing death

Love and Bliss


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Loving heart
Loving heart

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