Easter message
a reminder of the values of honesty, truthfulness and loyalty to God and all mankind vs betrayal

Eastern is a time to remember the true values of mankind vs betrayal. The true values that hold together God's creation are based on true love - hence such divine values of human behavior consist of everlasting all surviving honesty, truthfulness and loyalty to God above all. Loyalty to God always includes loyalty to all mankind. The moment we betray a single person - we also betray God. Betrayal is almost as old as mankind in general - hence betrayal is much more than millions years old. Betrayal has started in early creation of mankind long before mankind has descended to this planet. Betrayal is a manifestation of selfishness, weakness and cowardice. While honesty, truthfulness and loyalty to God and to all mankind are manifestations of true strength. The one true to God beyond death always will survive all betraying, the loyal one always survives all deaths of any kind while the betrayer always dies as a loser. The one true and loyal to God always keeps on loving whatever happens.

Betraying in today's world is as common as it was all past centuries. Thousands of people are betrayed each and every day around this world in almost all countries, in almost all religions in almost all cultures. Governments betray each other by spying, family members betray each other for profits or greater share of heritage, people betray for financial gain, for gain in social status or political positions of might and influence. People betray their own family for their own short time benefits to expect from such action of weakness and cowardice. Most governments betray their very own people ... for the short time profit of an "elite group" of "mighty" or "rich" ones.

There is no way to God by betraying others - the path of love to God is but paved by love - love requires honesty to all, loyalty to all and truthfulness to all. All who betray will have to learn and prove these basic human values before returning home to our eternal home in God. All betrayers will have to prove integrity and divinity before joining the divine family in God again.

To be true to others requires above all that you are true to your innermost being first. Hence you have to know ...

Betraying of your own innermost being may starts

  1. when you select a job just for profits despite the fact that you would actually prefer to do something much different at a much lower income
  2. when you select a partner that has less or other characteristics than the own you really wish in your dreams and innermost heart
  3. when you treat one person better than another one
  4. when you favor one child above other children
  5. when you love one person more than all other
  6. when you cheat or lie to obtain a result of any kind

When we betray ourselves we always also betray others and God as well. To find true peace of mind, to find true happiness in all our lives we all need to learn to always and under any and every circumstances be true to God and true to all of God's children on earth and beyond.

There only is true happiness if all others also are happy. There only is true freedom if all others also are free, there only is true love if we include all others in our love.

Happy Eastern to all humanity - may God's love grow within all hearts of mankind and true love unite all creation.

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