Relationships - separation - divorce
a relationship needs full love at once or the relationship ends

Any relationship on earth is of temporary nature such as physical life is.

Meeting and parting is part of physical life and

of the process of spiritual learning.

Learn to be one in God and you always

remain one with all your friends as well

On earth as well as in astral, and causal spheres most people are attracted by their karma rather than by pure Divine Love. How manifold karma can be, may be learned from the chapter about karmic links within families and groups. Karma between partners may change, hence the attraction, the magnetism between two souls may change during a physical incarnation.

There may be only Love at the beginning and yet, through the course of relationship the two different souls may need different lessons, different experiences to further grow. Either they agree on a common goal and may be able to stay the full cycle of an incarnation together in a loving attitude toward each other, or they have different goals, automatically leading to the separation in life, going different places during travel, vacation, having different friends.

Another possibility might be that both of them have different goals, but their attachment to each other is of such sticky nature that both of them refrain from any change, hence both of them may also refrain from any further spiritual progress. Refraining from any spiritual progress may of course result in an possibly large number of additional incarnations. Incarnations leading to the necessary number of lessons, until all attachments, all necessary experiences and all karma as well as the potential to create new karma have been dissolved by the Divine potential to love all mankind and other beings, on earth and beyond. A large variety of different situations are necessary for the growth and development of a soul. If partners are flexible, if partners have mutual interests and mutual lessons to share on their way, they may continuously move on in life and in spiritual progress. If they are aware of their own spiritual nature and If they realize the need for spiritual progress and help each other rather than control and compete each other, then they may support their partners on the respective steps to be undertaken, hence promote mutual spiritual progress within relationship and beyond. However lack of common goals in the spiritual level may slow down spiritual development drastically or even completely freeze any progress and actually cause the necessity of future incarnations to learn and solve what could have been done in their present incarnation.

The only true common goal in life leading to the potential happy relationship for a full incarnation is a true mutual spiritual drive toward freedom in God. This goal however has been lost in many cultures on this planet. While in countries like India this goal is existing since thousands of years and among a large number of families, in other cultures and nations the primary goal are fulfillment of desires, career or material needs. Hence most goals on this planet are of pure egoistic and spiritually ignorant type resulting in a frequent change in relationship or lack of happiness in the present relationship. Happiness can only exist in a relationship that exists on the basis of creating true and infinite happiness in others as well as in each other. A relationship on the basis of creating happiness among partners while excluding part or all of the remainder of the creation may suffer from a lack of true and ever growing Love and happiness between the members of that family. True and ever lasting happiness can only be created by true Love, true Love always includes all mankind, all beings of the entire creation as well.

If your life has been empty of any spiritual values so far, you may start to ask yourself questions about life from the point of view of the absolute, the eternal life. Ask about life and death, about truth, who created everything on earth and beyond and the more you ask yourself such questions the more answers you will find and the more interesting life may become to you. The more you understand about the real meaning of life on earth the easier everything is getting for you and the more sense your past and present is making to you. Your life starts to have a real content and starts to be a learning adventure rather then repeated suffering and work. You will start to learn to understand the roles others are "playing" in your life and start to love them all at once. Life is fun, life is a game. Learn to play your role in this game and start to enjoy life.

A relationship may exist solely on the basis of common karma like previous fighting with each other, or even more intense karma like killing each other. Any common karma causes attraction, which is often regarded as Love, because is is a very strong attraction, leading to the feeling of needing each other.

However, true Love always leads to the feeling of freedom and peace within, even if the partner is away for a longer period. True Love is seldom encountered on this planet, as people are here on this planet almost solely due to their karma and spiritual lessons to be learned before returning home. If such partners happen to dissolve their karma, to calm down their disputes and heal all the wounds left from previous incarnations, the relationship may prosper and may turn into real friendship or even Love. If however there is no real desire to learn to solve all situations in Love in one or even both parties involved, the relationship may distract all people involved from any further spiritual progress by causing even more common karma.

In this situation the most peaceful possible separation may be the greatest chance for both of them to continue their life and spiritual learning with different partners or as a single. A new relationship with no or less karma or the life as a peaceful single may offer a more peaceful environment for additional experiences and spiritual growth, hence may be beneficial for all parties involved including children. How do such relationships based on common karma come to existence, you may wonder. The answer goes down to the very same point as many other answers. It is the missing capability to dissolve in love any previously experienced pain and suffering. Some people may call it forgiveness, but actually dissolve in Love is much more than just forgiving someone. Forgiving still may leave the traces and memories of past action. True Love however removes all traces and leads to complete healing, leaving nothing behind but an even deeper Love toward all beings including all person ever having caused any karma toward self.

Particularly in Christian culture it was and some places still is a problem to get divorced. The church as well as many governments impose many difficult laws on the parties wanting separation, even peaceful separation. Divorce is a situation to be solved between the two persons wishing to divorce and no one else should ever get involved. A divorce is a question of 2 persons trying to separate in peace and friendship. It is a spiritual lesson between the two souls involved including any mutual children. A divorce or separation between two persons should be achieved by each person taking full responsibility including financial responsibility for himself, giving full freedom to the partner.

The single most important aspect in a peaceful divorce is Love, giving freedom to both parties involved and getting a new opportunity to learn and spiritually progress. A partner is a free individual soul, hence a partner never can be bound by any means or contract. Contracts as imposed in many cultures either by the government or religious institutions are empty of any value. To get married as well as to get divorced or separated, Divine Bliss, Love and assistance from God is the only you ever may need. A marriage is a question to be solved by the two parties involved and God as the only witness, as he guides, helps, heals and separates the two if it is for the mutual spiritual benefit. Partnerships should only exist on the basis of true Divine Love, nothing else but Divine Love.

Letting a partner go is a more intense and deeper proof of Love than holding him back and preventing him from getting happy his way. If ever you are in such a situation and still think that you love your partner who wants separation, let him go if you truly love him. Latest when he dies you will loose him anyway. But if you both are spiritually progressing, you both may meet in God and never find any more separation possible and necessary as you both will have learned to love. Love like a child of God made to his image. God never grabs hold on any of his beloved one, he leaves us absolute freedom to part for millions of years and grow up. It is our lesson to learn to love as much as God does and leave everyone wanting a change in peace and remain in love and friendship with him even if he chooses a different way of life or a different partner.

Children may never belong to any of the separating partners. It is their birthright to may have free contact to both parents anytime THEY wish. It should never be influenced by any other person but the children. They have the right to be free and to see and meet any person they want. Remember YOU invited children to come to your family. So it is important to realize that you are a HOST rather than a slave holder. Your children are your guest rather than your prisoners or your property. Any soul - whether the soul has a female or male body, whether the soul has a you baby-body or an adult one - is free at all time. All you need to do is to protect its Divinity, its freedom, its individuality and all its link to other person the child may feel attracted to. Protect the friendship and Love the child has toward others and enable the child to live this love and friendship by seeing the person. Remember the law of karma, whatever you do to others is coming back to you - unless you dissolved anything in Love - or unless Love is anything you ever gave to others. If Love is all you ever did, there is but Love coming back to you. If, however, separation from a beloved one is what you created, then separation from a beloved one is what you may earn somewhere in your souls future.

Christianity and some other religious cultures have caused hundreds of millions of suffering, fighting relationships by putting partners together with a contract that can only be dissolved by the use of lawyers, judges, courts, governments and at worst even the church itself. Suffering that sometimes goes on for hundreds of years, for many incarnations. Learn to take full responsibility of your life yourself, keep others out of your very private decisions and learn and realize true everlasting Love and friendship among partners. Stop considering a partner as being your property. Any soul, any physical being, human and others, is free, absolutely free and always shall remain free. Protect this most valuable gift God gave us, re-establish freedom where it has been lost cultivate and practice your freedom and become an adult child of God. Loving whatever you do, loving whoever you meet, what ever others are doing - Love should be the only feeling you ever have toward all at any time.

If your relationship lacks of true Love and friendship as well as of common interests and goals, then give each other freedom in friendship and Love. In such a situation it may be for the first time in life since hundreds of years that you may be able to prove true Love to someone by letting him / her part in peace and freedom. Give your partner a big hug, wish your partner Love and Divine Bliss and let him go. One day you will for sure meet again, when both of you have learned to love. To love includes the protection and re-establishing of freedom within your environment and any person you ever meet. True life starts far beyond the physical plane, here is the placed to dissolve karma and learn to stop hating, learn to stop fighting, learn to stop possessing others - and start loving all.

May Divine Bliss and Love assist you in learning

to love your partner and all mankind.

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