Divine tricks - love-magic by God

Humans on earth and beyond created ego and separation - ego is tricky. At the very same time ego suffers from its own self created karma and separation. Separation from God as well as separated from beloved ones - very particularly from the beloved eternal partner.

People are full of hatred for others and at the very same time full of longing to find a partner - even any partner ... Without true love no relationship ever can be of lasting and truly loving nature. Hence we have two forces acting in in totally opposite direction - ego and longing for love.

Ego invests huge amount of energy and resources of all available kind to conduct war against enemies - to punish or revenge. Without intervention by God such war of ego and ego games between partners and friends could go on for a far longer time. Hence to enhance learning - divine tricks are needed to teach ego to learn to love and to prove love toward all.

Divine tricks are tricks that cause no loser and no victims but only winners. By the end all have a jackpot of love to gain !!!

Here a few examples that may show you how much some - may be even you - have to change or to learn IF ever you want to succeed on your pay home to God or on your search for your partner. Millions are in inner war against some cultures, races or religions ... how to solve such problem ? By letting your beloved ones or your eternal partner incarnate just exactly in such a foreign culture or place that you are in war with.

Hence before you may find your partner you may have to:

To understand why you may be separated far from your partner you need to know possible reasons - in most cases these are very clear and simple basic reasons, such as being too stingy in giving love to your partner as an act of revenge, of missing true love, laziness in general resulting in the fact that one may be spiritually progressing far while the other may be left far behind in his spiritual development. Hence one may be in a much better spiritual situation and environment or even out of his cycle of reincarnation while the other one wastes his time with ego play and inactivity. Only extraordinary spiritual efforts with full focus on spiritual development out of the cycle of reincarnation may result in success to unify what belongs together.

There is but one way to find God and to find your eternal partner - to truly be in peace AND love with all countries, all nations, all religions, all races - else you may never find your partner at all while searching and longing for love here on earth - even for any number of possible future incarnations. If ever you want to be happy, then you have to love with all your heart and soul and body - with all your efforts if you want to succeed. The forces of karma are far greater than most people belief. Part time spirituality never leads to success. God is full time lover - so are you. Divine tricks often are created in full teamwork between one spiritual partner and God. The partner being "bait" to attract the lost one into a region or culture where the missing lessons are. The one partner being more spiritual agrees to sacrifice and serve one full incarnation in a particular environment suitable to help his missing or lost partner to learn the needed lessons. It often is a very high price that one may be paying to assist his missing partner - but love makes all prices possible. True lasting happiness can only be achieved when you are ready to pay any price, any effort needed and all your own ego and do any work to achieve the goal. Only when you are ready to give all can you find your way back to God - the very same is needed to assist others on their way home - and if you helped a sufficient number of others - one of them may eventually be your very own partner you may meet home in God.

Remember we all learn for eternity. How much or how little is 50 to 100 years compared to eternal happiness in love ... just a glimpse. A short nightmare needed to survive to be happy for eternity afterward.

Look at yourself, at your own situation in your heart:

To find your partner and all your loved ones - east may have to be in peace with west, north in peace with south, black in peace with with white, Christians in peace with Muslims and atheists and all others, young in peace with old, male in peace with female, .... all need to be in peace and love with all.

God creates a learning environment that leaves you zero choice but to really learn to love, to prove your love, to practice true love toward all - as for most of all human on earth the eternal partner will be revealed but after your present incarnation - back at home in God. Why ? Because many are already at home - just waiting on you to finish your own learning. Others may never be found because you own efforts to get in peace with all may have been too slow or too weak or totally inexistent. You may have been too lazy to do all the work and efforts needed to travel to remote locations or to learn qualifications or languages needed to communicate with the culture of your partner or to find work there. Or you may simply have failed to recognize your eternal partner due to missing true spiritual development. A partner can only be recognized when all karma is dissolved. Never before. It is God to reveal you the partner made for you - if love is all you want to give, if making happy is all you ever want to do.

In order to be able to learn all the lessons needed you may need to be prepared, ready to do what needs to be done immediately. You may need to be ready for a total change of all your ego's plans to allow love and hence happiness to occur in your life.

Your ego created problems in conjunction with your hunger for love and your dreaming and longing for your very special partner will drive you ready to surrender all ego, pride and laziness and to accept the challenge of being a strong, powerful divine lover - ready and loving enough to love all and to hence to attract the love of your one and only.

There is but one God - there is but one path to God - there is but one partner for each for eternity - there is but one path and one solution to your own partner as well as to God - love - because your partner is a gift from God and deserves exactly the very same divine love you would give to God. God wants all to be happy - then God as well will be happy - to achieve oneness and love among all divine tricks are needed to attract and direct you toward your lessons that separate you from your partner and from God. God gave you your partner and in God latest you will find your partner again - after being in peace and in love with all - some however may find their partner here and now IF the accept all challenges, all lessons to be completed here and now and at once while progressing spiritually as well.

You never know whether you find your partner here or at home in God, the only safe way to succeed is to spiritually work your way home to God by expanding and reinforcing your love, here and now.

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