Diksha for Kriya Yoga: Initiation to Jesus secret teachings

God is your Guru - God gives you Diksha for Kriya Yoga

Diksha to the holy science of God-Realization is herewith given to all beloved children of the Divine, to all those who can accept God as their only Guru on their path of Love to God - their eternal home.

Beloved soul

When practicing Kriya Yoga following all instructions given in this diksha page and all linked chapters and lessons, pray to God on a regular basis: "Dear God, please show me Kriya Yoga" and God will do Kriya Yoga inside you for you. Observe God's Kriya Yoga and make corrections where needed in your own Kriya Yoga practice. All higher levels of Kriya Yoga will be given directly by God to you exactly when you are ready as a result of perfect practice of all given teachings. Just follow ALL instructions of the Cyberspace Ashram precisely and God shall be with you on your entire path of love home.

Whatever you do - do it correctly or leave it. Kriya Yoga is extremely powerful and should be done 100% correctly. Kriya Yoga should only be started and practiced when God is your only goal in life in your present incarnation. Kriya Yoga is for God-realization only. Its power comes from your concentration and devotion to God. Kriya Yoga does dissolve and end your cycle of reincarnation and requires the infinite power of true faith in Divine Love from God. You need the readiness to truly and fully open for that Love and let you carry by this Divine Love on your path to God. You need to be ready to make decisions and changes in your life, and finally become ready to pass the "door of death" into the true life in God. This last step is done during Maha Samadhi and is mentioned in the "Autobiography of a Yogi". Life on earth in a physical body is life in permanent imprisonment. Freedom and true life starts when you leave your physical body to become ONE with God. This Oneness however can only be achieved through the almighty power of Divine Love.

This holy technique is herewith given to all mankind on earth - as a result of Divine Love from God to all. This entire web site of the Cyberspace Ashram is part of diksha you can use the online version - or the file god.zip or the Cyberspace Ashram DVD "Spiritual Treasures" for safe offline study - whatever you do it is your sole responsibility to secure all files of this teachings of love !.

All should be read in advance - before starting or practicing Kriya Yoga. Kriya Yoga should be practiced as explained in detail here and the related linked pages of this page and the entire web site. If you do it - please do it all and correctly - or leave it. It is for your benefit to do it correctly, you may really need to reach for God before activating this diksha received here. God will be your Guru and only if you can accept God as your Guru beyond physical manifestation - you may proceed fast, easily and you may be uplifted with great Love from God. The powerful and Love flooded practice of Kriya Yoga is carrying you toward God-realization and Oneness with God. Changes in your awareness will occur within months and years to come and you need to be ready to accept these changes. More Love will fill your life, more Bliss will make your life easier on earth as well as beyond - eternally.

All chapters of the directory " for Meditation " and all chapters of the text "on your wings of Love - on your way to God " as well as the general information about Kriya Yoga are part of diksha received here. Please read and understand it all before starting to practice and before continuing to read this page - it is for your very own benefit to follow the rules exactly. It is your true and honest Love and devotion for God, your sincere striving to learn to love all mankind, all creation - that will open all the doors to God and it will be God's Divine Love and Bliss poured upon you that will help you to understand all truly and fully. A clear understanding of God, God's creation in its very basic form as well as a true understanding of "life" and "death" is required to truly success on your path of Love to God. All the chapters written on this Web Site gives you all this basic understanding necessary to find the right questions needed to find the correct and helpful answers from God to guide you correctly on your very individual path. Are you truly ready to dissolve all in Love - are you truly ready to end the cycle of reincarnation by the end of the present incarnation.

Kriya Yoga is the "vehicle" - Love your "fuel" on your path to God

When starting to practice Kriya Yoga as outlined here on this page - do it all - all the time. All the rules described on this page mentioned earlier are a permanent part of Kriya Yoga - ALL.

All necessary explanations are either published in the various chapters mentioned before or given directly from God to you - if additional explanation seem necessary. But all you need to start Kriya Yoga successfully and correctly is written in letters here on this web site of the Cyberspace Ashram. May God Bless you.

I love You

read and study until you understand !

How to use this information about diksha given to you from God

Rules for Diksha - initiation - to Kriya Yoga

HOW TO Prepare yourself for YOUR self selected day to receive from God the holy initiation and blessing to this sacred technique of Kriya Yoga as published HERE to achieve God Realization !!

read and study until you understand !

Kechari Mudra - with Talabya Kriya as preparation. See and understand the text about Kechari Mudra. The alternative technique to Kechari Mudra is to dissolve all in Love to create complete silence of your mind. This alternate technique is extensively described in all the pages of the text " on your wings of Love - on your way to God" from the Cyberspace Ashram. Kechari Mudra itself needs to be learned under the direct physical guidance of a guru. To dissolve in love however can be practiced by all mankind under God's direct guidance!

read and study until you understand !

Kriya Yoga techniques

  1. Maha Mudra (repeat complete Maha Mudra 3 times)


    right leg stretched 12 x OM

    left leg stretched 12 x OM

    both legs stretched 12 x OM


  2. Navi Kriya (repeat complete Navi Kriya 4 times)


    chin on chest: 100 x OM into Navi Chakra front

    Head tilted backwards: 25 x OM into Manipura Chakra back of spine


  3. Kriya Pranayama

    - mental Pranayama

    - as above, combined with physical breathing

    - as above, combined with physical and Prana - breathing

    - Prana breathing only - true Kriya Pranayama

  4. Yoni Mudra


    OM into Kutashta followed by silent Meditation, minimum 15 - 30 minutes or longer


    Up to here, these above are the classic and traditional techniques of Kriya Yoga.

If YOU are successfully practicing God Yoga - then YOU may replace the part - 4. Yoni Mudra

- by God Yoga for a minimum of 15 - 30 minutes or longer.

Please NOTE that this replacement of point 4. above requires YOU to SUCCESSFULLY practice God Yoga. successful means that YOU instantly feel divine LOVE and light flowing into you and through you every time you practice it. if you do feel God's divine LOVE and light flowing into and through you - then keep it expanding and flowing through ALL parts of your body and into all cells and layers of your being - metaphysical and physical !!

read and study until you understand !

Short Kriyas

The short Kriyas mentioned below are use in addition or as a temporary replacement when traveling or during advanced pregnancy when the true Kriya Yoga as mentioned and above cannot be made for a real reason. In addition these short Kriyas can be used to complement Kriya Yoga when you have more time during the day and want to practice and advance further on your path to God. These short Kriyas can be practices for any amount of time each day. The amount for Kriya Yoga is clearly restricted for safety reason during initial 1-2 years of practicing Kriya Yoga and should be practiced ONCE a day only and always the COMPLETE program at ONCE.

Silent concentration in Kutashta with OM Mantram

or Concentration on breathing with Beej Mantram

or God Yoga

Kriya Yoga online - a gift from God to you

Laya Yoga

as a result of advanced achievement of Kriya Yoga even on earth you should reach

Kriya Yoga online - a gift from God to you

God is your Guru and will guide you all the way home !

May Divine Bliss and Love from God

and the Bliss Love from all Saints and Gurus be with you

God is your Guru

Please pray regularly to God:
"Dear God, please guide me in my Kriya Yoga"
Then be quiet for a while and watch for God's guidance - God can do Kriya Pranayama or other exercises inside you for you to monitor and learn!!

God is your Guru
Loving heart
Loving heart

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