Cultures - Religions - Traditions

Cultures, religions and traditions have something in common - and hence you shall find here mainly a spiritual definition of culture.

All 3 above named have never been created by God - but came to existence through mankind's ego. For simplicity we will mainly focus on the word culture - as it includes spiritual traditions and religious traditions as well. While true spiritual traditions are adapted to successfully spiritual blockages within a given group of souls - some religious or spiritual traditions however are influenced by cultural patterns of an ethic group, religion or the behavioral pattern of a countries population.

Most cultures serve but the egos of all members of that particular culture. The ego is the sum of all that separates you from God - that restricts your free and full flow of Divine Love toward all and from all.

A culture is a group of incarnated souls having a number of same or very similar

All of the above are spiritual blockages

- all of the above are separating you from God

- all of the above need to be dissolved on your path of Love to God.

God is Love - Love is beyond any culture - beyond any tradition or religion.

Most of such groups of souls are big enough to create their own country having political independence from their neighborhood.

Individual souls need freedom to live through their patterns of experiences, wishes, desires, fears and rejections


dissolve all in Divine Love.

Cultures are dynamic - because members of a given cultures fortunately are learning and spiritually progressing. Hence the culture should be allowed to adapt. Some of the worst situation possible would be to protect a given culture just for the reason that it has been existing centuries or even millenaries. If cultures are artificially prevented to grow, adapt, change or even completely dissolve - then spiritual progress of all members belonging to that culture is stagnating and further progress is delayed until a future incarnation where any soul presently incarnated will find a new environment with a different culture, religion, tradition or even better a situation offering total flexibility and freedom to spiritually grow out of any previous culture.

On the path to God-realization and God union any and all souls will definitely dissolve and drop absolutely any cultural traditions, religious beliefs and behavioral patterns. God is absolute and free of any culture, religion or tradition. God is the loving creator of all creation - of all animals, plants, humans and other beings as well as all universes of any plane - physical and beyond.

Having a particular behavioral means that you need a particular solution to dissolve that pattern. Religions, spiritual traditions an cultures sometimes provide such solutions. But most of the time cultures create additional resistance to the fastest, easiest and most loving possible spiritual progress of any soul being involved.

If all mankind on earth would be more loving, more tolerant and allow all and any person to make any experience desired and necessary - cultures would be obsolete. Cultural groups are only needed to protect the realization of a soul's Karma and spiritual lessons needed, if other members of a global society are generally objecting such free practice within their boundaries and a group of souls having a common interest, tradition, spiritual blockage, ... start to create and defend a necessary territory to freely practice their lessons and Karma.

Giving autonomy to any group - even better - giving freedom to all, even individuals, to learn, live and practice whatever they need or want to practice, to let them live exactly the way they want, would be the most loving and most Divine solution for any society. Giving autonomy is just giving freedom to practice and live the way God is practicing to give all his creation.

Freedom is Divine and is the most efficient basis for spiritual growth and true Love to develop. Hence we all should protect - or where lost - reestablish freedom for any individual soul within all the boundaries of

with other words freedom should be reestablished in absolutely all situations of life - of ALL life - human and beyond.

Cultural circles, religious groups or spiritual traditions come to existence if a growing number of souls are developing or copying or being taught by "authorities" a given behavioral pattern that finally leads to some kind of spiritual blockages causing the group to separate from the rest of creation and to life within their own - relative and restricted world - created in their mind and by their Karma.

God is Love and as such loving children we all have originally been created. The development of our desires and behavioral pattern as a result to spiritually grown and make experiences in God's entire creation we have started to separate more and more. On our way back to God union - on our way back to our Divine home in God - we all shall dissolve step by step or all at once - all our culturally imprinted way of thinking, feeling, judging, living. It all depends on whether we live consciously and are willing and ready to question all our behavior - past and present - day after day and depending on the result of such continuous questioning we should learn to make modifications, adapt to the insight we got. We may even mature to drop immediately a particular tradition, religion or culture and become strong enough to freely develop further strength and willpower free of any guidance or limits encountered by fixed rules of a given tradition, religion or culture.

If all our heart, mind and soul strives but for Love and to love more and more like God - then we can evolve back to our Divinity infinitely much faster than within any limits. Cultural behavior, religious traditions and spiritual rites may lead to blockages surviving many incarnations until they finally are dissolved in the fire of Divine Love. Some of these patterns may be helpful during many incarnations - but some of acquainted patterns may just be bothering for centuries or millenaries - bothering millions or billions of people.

Cultural, spiritual or religious patterns are existing in each individual, in nations, different religious groups, ethic groups, political groups, ... but of course the entire planet has a particular pattern imprinted, even the entire solar system. All these patterns - including the global patterns and the patterns of the entire solar system need to be dissolved on your way to God union.

Love is the innermost being of God and each of God's creature ever made, as all is made by God - all is made of God. Since God is Love - all is made of Love. Love creates freedom - hence anything that somehow limits freedom of anything in any way is separating from God and needs to be dissolved one day.

Learn to drop any behavioral pattern that limits your freedom or the freedom of anyone else around you or on this entire planet. Love is healing and making happy - ALWAYS. Hence learn to dissolve or drop any behavioral pattern that somehow hampers health of anything - even nature - or restricts happiness of anyone.

Love is dynamic and needs to continuously flow - from God to you - through you to all - from all to you through you and to God. This continuous flow can only be achieve in total freedom - freedom in all senses - freedom from any limits, blockages, rules of any kind.

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