The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ

The Passion of Jesus Christ - Jesus on the cross

The Crucifixion - crucified on the cross - all people staring at me

My mother too ! Empty of true love for my father - for God !

All people lacking faith in God. My father inside me - loving me - taking all pain away from me - Mama Mary staring at me and crying and her heart and soul torn of pain - separated from my father, lost in this world.

Jesus on the cross and God-father inside Jesus

Good Friday - the beginning of the end of all suffering for all

God-Father's Love for his son Jesus

You all desperate and crying - wondering why ...
to prove the power of love, to love, in love with all - in love with YOU !!

Where in heaven is your true love, your faith in God - to fall in love with God, to surrender ALL you have and ever had. As you all wonder how and why - my father with all his almighty father love is inside me taking all away from me all I gave and always give .. to love me, to help me and to free and heal me from all earthly pain and experiences.

Your belief in matter and in body was far greater than your love for God and your faith in God - God the invisible for all mortals yet the one inside all immortals. My father is inside me - around me - around you .. and no one sees him or feels his love - only wonders .. ! God father is always in his beloved son Jesus - as much as the sun is always in every sunray touching this planet.

Teachings of Love from God by Jesus Teachings of Love from God by Jesus

However when you truly belief in God - then you can fall in love - fall in God's love - fall in love WITH God and all pain, all suffering, all loneliness, all morality is gone .. eternally !

With infinite Love and Bliss

The One who always loves you - who always loved you ..

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