Countries, cultures and languages

When looking at this planet centuries ago - many political borders where much different or inexistent. Borders where created by natural obstacles such as mountains, rivers or oceans. Borders also where existing to some extent by language barriers.

Most of today's borders are purely artificial and made by politicians. To the detriment of spiritual freedom and growth however !!

People can only drop ego behavior if they become aware of its destructive nature

Such awareness however can only evolve and fully manifest when experiences can be made in full freedom by all those who want to make particular experiences. Hence such experiences also require free grouping of people with similar or equal intentions and ego and it also requires that such groups can be formed and dissolved and regrouped in a different way exactly as needed for easiest and fastest most loving spiritual development of all mankind and all creation.

For the best and most loving spiritual progress the creation of autonomous groups as well as their later reintegration into other groups or reformation into new smaller or greater groups is absolutely required else all development is slowed down for all. The greater the restriction to experience freely the slower the overall spiritual process by mankind and creation.

Patriotism is affection and attachment to the ego represented in your own country
- hence patriotism is a manifestation of your ego

If ego oriented people experience restrictions or resistance from outside by others - authorities or governments of any nature - then the tendency of ego is to resist such resistance rather than to focus on the learning process. Hence any resistance to ego learning always expands and strengthens such ego processes instead of reducing them in love. Only in an environment of freedom can people - young or old - experiment, start and drop instantly their ideas and reorient as needed and even instantly as soon as they become aware from deep inside about any wrong of their actions or plans. God always supports such inner processes of awareness and expansion of consciousness - however people can only become aware in an environment of peace when they have time, inner and outer peace and silence to reflect on their ongoing or past experiments and adventures in life on a permanent basis. People who have to act in secret, who have to hide or are publicly suppressed are taken such freedom and peace needed to find inner guidance by God.

The greater the freedom to realize and experience their own dreams and ideas by mankind - the easier it is for all of them to filter and concentrate a true essence of all their experiences and ultimately to redirect all their efforts and experiences into a new and more loving and hence more God oriented - more love oriented development.

The origin of all different nationalities, languages and cultures that are separating mankind on earth is nothing else but the development of ego. Like in politics where people with some similar ideas from political parties - in development of ego people with similar ego manifestations regroup according to the direction of development of ego and such development leads to the creation of separation by language barriers or cultural barriers as well as religious barriers.

If people are allowed to regroup freely into groups of similar ego and are allowed to live their ego dreams freely for a while - even for incarnations, then they can freely experience the pros and cons of their own ego and may find some pros and many cons. Hence after a while living and experiencing in peace and true absolute freedom such as given by God to all - such groups tend to search for unification again. First with neighbor countries to re-create alliances, then with groups of countries and later on with continents and all world until we are one huge family again. A family free of any borders where all can live and experience exactly the way they want under the direct guidance of but one "king" - God.

God reigns in wisdom with love as the only powerful tool. Hence all people advanced to a certain degree of spirituality easily can recognize the value of wise guidance and advise in all situations of troubles or doubt.

Aspects of ego come and go - are created and dissolved after learning process is finished

At present time however all mankind still develops greater borders. The alliances existing presently serve but the material gain and to create greater forces to support their own materialistic or political ideas against groups of different opinions, cultures or even religions. Freedom exists if at all only on paper. Most people are free to do whatever they want as long as it pleases their government or the government that thinks to be world leader at a given time.

In ancient times such temporary world leaders have been the Greek, the Romans, Napoleon or Hitler - now they are different but all have one in common - there never will be a lasting world leader at all. All governments are of temporary nature and always have been.

The nature of humans is freedom and adventure. Governments restrict to a very large degree the free exchange of knowledge, goods, services and human visits among all world. Free means truly free among ALL without any rules, restrictions or tax laws of any kind.

Learning at its greatest pace can only take place in absolute God given freedom. Such freedom however can never be achieved by any means of war or battle - neither war against occupying forces nor war against the own government ever leads to real and lasting peace.

True freedom in love can only be achieved on the basis of love through development of divine power of love

Freedom can only be achieved on the basis of your expanding love and an ever expanding power of love leading to a strength greater than the destructive power any government or organization ever can exercise over its population. Only the power within your heart to be free at any price in a peaceful and loving way will give you the strength to grow above all limits imposed on you and others by any ego force of any name or description.

Your love can only truly expand as a result of maturity and advanced spiritual development. People invest time, money, efforts and energy in their material or technical development to succeed. If you as an individual invest the very same way in your spiritual development - then you automatically will succeed in your truly divine spiritual development.

Lack of true and absolute knowledge leads to creation of wrong paths by leaders

Different decisions by all ego have lead to a huge variety of different cultural, religious, political or industrial groups all around the world. And hence have lead to a separation even within most individual families. People who once belonged together have been attracted by the force exerted by their very own ego into different directions of development and have regrouped them away from their original family members of their own divine family. Including separation from their own divine eternal partner as well. As a result of lasting processes of separation over thousands of years - all people may find themselves spread all over this planet and when traveling may find "family-members" in some most remote places on earth. Such encounters may be marked by either love at first glance or very great harmony and attraction from the very beginning.

However the political systems imposed by ego-oriented government on this planet prevent a free exchange of people to regroup again, to rejoin long lost and missing family members or partners. Despite the fact that traveling around the globe has now become easier, faster and cheaper than ever before - most visits to other cultures are still limited to a vacation now and then for a few weeks only.

When people start to truly and consciously develop spirituality within on a greater level, then readiness to truly dissolve frontiers in love and open all borders again for a full and free flow of humans in any direction until harmony is reestablished among all mankind. Until all those who belong together are together again - according to the divine plan made by God.

Such reunification never can be imposed by anyone - it is the natural development of advanced spirituality among all those actively working and loving their way home to God.

The number of languages decreases with decreasing ego or increases with increasing ego among mankind

As ego is dissolved, languages will be dissolved and hence disappear step by step as well and on the way to one language of love used among all creation. There is of course a need for a temporary global language allowing easy communication among all egos and ego oriented business or politicians. There is an urgent need for clear communication among all by as many as possible. By doing so on the level of each individual human being all will find out - we all are searching for peace, freedom and love above all. We all are in one way or another searching for a way home to one family.

Before anything that separates all egos can be dissolved, all egos need to talk with their "enemies" and prepare a true reconciliation inside their heart and spiritual consciousness before such reconciliation can be realized in the outside of our material world. Without clear and conscious communication such spiritual development is much slower.

At present English is the language of choice. Despite the fact that originally English is spoken only by minorities such as part of USA or Great Britain, Australia and a few other small countries English has developed as a technical language in many profession such as electronics, communication technology, wireless communication, aviation, Internet, business and other sectors of global activities - English has been adapted by more from all over the world than previous international languages such as French or Spanish.

Existing religions on this planet lack precise knowledge about God and hence the power to reunify and free all in love and peace

Different religions originated from missing knowledge about God and various attempts to guess a way home to God. Mankind has been to far from God for too long, the remaining memories have often been supplemented by guesses resulting in partial true partial wrong teachings that are applied partially correct only and hence result in religious war on the basis of misunderstandings, lack of true love orientation and remaining ego.

Similar to the various political or economical parties that have "evolved" on a path of darkness and missing absolute knowledge about true solutions of love for all - different religious directions and attempts to satisfy the hunger of all mankind to reunite with the "greater source" or power of creation or God or Allah or great Tao ... as resulted. None of these smaller or greater religions have truly managed to lead all their followers into peace, freedom and finally - the purpose of any true religion - back home to God. All such religions had the end of their success within their own organizations that have been created by NON-enlightened ego oriented followers from within regular followers of a particular religion or sectarian groups.

True God realized saints never have been slaves of any organization even if they may have been grown up or educated within one particular religion. God has no religion and never had one nor ever needs one. God is love and loves never needs organizations nor restrictions or rules. Love realized in full potential within and among all mankind and all creation always leads to divine wisdom - the capability to find or create solutions of love suitable for all - for A L L !!!

God never reigns a majority against a minority. In God's creation always all are equal and all that is decided or done is done to please all at once. There never is any minority nor majority - there is but freedom and true divine love in all actions by all.

Reunification of all can be achieved on the basis of active love and spiritual development of each individual only

To enhance the reunification of all creation there are 2 steps that simultaneously can be applied

  1. Increased spiritual efforts and learning by all interested in love and universal peace among all creation.
  2. Acceptance of God's help to overcome or dissolve any restriction set up by ego at present or in future by growing stronger in all we do on our path of love. God's help may include very unusual methods beyond the rich of any authority on this planet - and touch the hearts of all for the benefits of all.

I call such solutions of love as created and applied by God - divine tricks because the are stronger than ego and still make ego and all mankind happy without leaving one single human or being of any kind on the paying side. Divine tricks are for the benefit of all and help all.

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