Confessions and steps of preparation to confession

God is Love - A prayer for forgiveness will free you and heal you

God is love - so is Jesus, son of God Love can but heal and free

The spiritual meaning and purpose of a confession is the full surrender of your entire past to God to be dissolved in Love. Hence after a true spiritual confession all that past has to be gone, else you failed to fully surrender as a result of our own missing forgiveness toward all others. What is left after a true confession is the pure divine spiritual essence of all learned past lessons of eternal life. All memories, injuries and spiritual blockages related to your confession are gone after a true divine confession. You need to be willing to fully surrender all your past to God and start from scratch your entire love life.

In the sanctum of your heart will a confession be prepared. The holiness of a confession never allows such to be spoken in public as public on earth never has the power of love to fully forgive by dissolving in love !

God however can understand ALL - God father and God son - in love with you - have full understanding why and how things occurred that may trouble your heart. God is love - so his son. God will forgive you more than simple forgiveness - far more.

God will instantly dissolve all that is in your heart and darkens your mind or happiness. God can instantly free you of any feeling of guilt. God will always free you of any such feeling. God is infinite love and hence God will always heal your heart, mind, emotions and body.

loving heart

How to prepare for a confession ?

he first and only step of preparation to confess is your true insight about what happened and your true regret of the past if anything caused pain to others in your past. It is your sincere and most honest affirmation of God and Love for the remainder of eternity that will give you instant power to confess to God and to surrender all your past to God.

loving heart

How a confession is done ?

With true love in your heart - nothing but true divine love - like baby love !

love as pure as baby love

Even a small cute baby can love like an Angel - so can you !

To confess you have to realize what painful steps are behind you - in your past and plan to fully commit yourself to learning to love. If so done, then you and only you alone go to a quiet and peaceful place. All alone. This can be at home if you are alone - in the woods, in nature, in a nearby park, where ever you feel peaceful and quiet to surrender all your burden to God father.

Holy week and confession prayers

A prayer for forgiveness: "Dear God - please heal me from my past"

Open for love by a simple love prayer "Dear God - please heal me from my past" God is waiting for you to say so, God is waiting for you to open your heart and give him all your pain or pas experiences. God is waiting these very moments to heal your heart - to free your heart from any traces and memories of your past pain and experiences.

"Dear God please love me free"

As you say again - this time: "Dear God please love me free" you actually open your heart for love to flow in - remember - first you allow all your past memories and pain to flow out - now you allow divine healing love balm from God to fill and heal your heart, soul and all memories. Do it for many minutes - for as long as you feel it should be done until all is healed and full relief is felt within your heart and soul.

loving heart

All people can learn to love - all people can fully change within seconds

God knows that and God is ready to instantly forgive all and dissolve all to free all and relief all from their past. You too can forgive all - you can easily forgive all others and you too can forgive yourself. In a world of darkness, violence and separation from God - in a world of war, industrial espionage and political lies and trouble all around this planet - it is easy to fall into wrong paths for moments or years or even a full lifetime. God is fully aware of the power of darkness on you - but God also is fully aware of his far greater power of love.

All darkness only has power over you as long as you surrender yourself to fight with or against darkness. As soon as you decided FOR God and FOR Love - God's almighty power of love will always free and protect you even if you are amidst hell in hell there shall never be any greater power but the divine power of love.

Hence the very moment you decide to love and to surrender all your past - all your heart and soul is protected and filled with divine bliss and love to free, heal and uplift you home.

loving heart

What place is best for a confession ?

Any place you feel protected and comfortable is best for a confession. It can be a church or temple of any religion - or it can be at home or in nature. The true confession takes place deep inside your very own divine heart.

What is the best time for a confession ?

Any time of the year, month, week, or day is perfect if you feel like confessing, when you feel like starting to love and nothing but to love for eternity. Then you will be ready to open your heart in full and surrender all your pain from your own heart and soul to God and allow divine healing love to fill your heart and soul and free you from your past.

God is love - so is Jesus, son of God Love can but heal and free

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