Christmas gifts for the rich

Christmas gifts those having all

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No money can buy true love - no money can create truly smiling eyes and a happy soul - only true love can make truly happy and truly smiling from deep inside !

Christmas roses of love

Those who believe to have all always are missing love. Love from you or their family - or true love from the rest of this world. here is little you can give to one rich person except true love OR an experience of love. One most valuable experience no money can buy but money can create is to help them helping others, help them helping the poor ones. But of course they should also have the time to go far beyond just writing a check or give YOU some bills to share with others. The one experience they may have missed all life is to look into really happy smiling eyes of someone deep in trouble who just has received one complete solution for the next few years or even for life.

Rich ones all have sufficient money to help easily one entire family to be out of trouble for life - if they want and take the time ... helping the the rich ones to do just that may be a very special gift from you to them. But it may take time to prepare or a special occasion for them to be open and ready to give or share from their own wealth. But you may help them by first accepting from them whatever they want to share and forward it first yourself to the needy ones, and give feedback to the actual givers. Then after a while you may invite them to join you and share the experience of helping of sharing to allow them directly to see the other side of life. a side most rich ones never have experienced themselves .... or have YOU been in the slums of Dacca - Bangladesh or the slums of Port au Prince - Haiti, in prison camps of Zaire or similar places ???

No Money can buy happiness
but money can create true lasting happiness if done with love

Helping others to open their heart and learn how happy sharing and helping others, weaker ones can be may be the most valuable help you can do for those having much or all in their present life. Money if used to pay bills, rent, repair houses or roofs, to buy food or pay school education for children, such money can create real happiness and can make a real difference of lasting nature for all - the giver and the recipient.

Jesus is God s Christmas gift and gift of all times to all creation - and to all humanity

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