Christmas gifts from children for parents

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Children are angels on earth - their love far more intense than adults love - hence Children's love is by far the sweetest and most valuable you ever can receive unless you have become a true saint yourself.

Christmas gifts from children for parents

Children have many most beautiful gifts to give to parents that are far more valuable than all the money on earth ever can buy and that can make far more happy than all the beautiful material goods of this planet.

Parents often worry about accidents, problems children create, children being dependent from their parents, ... while parents seldom may talk about such worries, they exist deep inside often, hidden even to the conscious mind of most parents.

Hence for children to give true joy to their parents as a Christmas gift, think about the following true gifts of love for this Christmas time and all future:

As you see -all these above points are actually free and ... they even help saving you time, the more efficient you are - the more time you have for all the really pleasant things in life. Work and learning is but one tiny little part of life - having fun is the other, the most important part of life. Eternal life without having eternally real fun would make zero sense at all. God however created a system where all can have fun while doing something useful. Find and go your own way of life, prove that you can learn to experience different and new things and ideas, but do it always in a loving way to stay out of any troubles. YOU will have more fun if you live your way - but you too need to learn like all humans in God's creation to do whatever you do in a most loving and pleasant way - loving and pleasant for ALL - our parents, all others on earth and beyond including all nature, animals and God as well.

Easy gifts by children to make for parents

Beloved children angels - sometimes your mother or father is tired from work, while you may be fully fit. So a little help in household, every once in a while, cleaning up the house or kitchen or garden before parents are coming home. It only may take an hour or so if you do it with love, but it may help your parents far more than any money could be worth. It may even be the only difference between having some time for you and for all family or being busy until sleeping time.

Also you may go shopping the usual stuff needed for a household. I day time when many children are free shopping may be far easier than during rush hours after their work. The benefit from helping some real every days duties and work is yours - your parents are LESS tired, less stressed and have some time to relax after work instead of continuing to work at home. It may give them a chance to go an a walk or to the playground or any kind of outdoor activities and recreation during day time - with YOU.

Always keep in mind that all life is family life and team work. The sooner you learn to be part of that team and family - the sooner your parents will accept you as equal beings and give you equal rights and full freedom. All they may sometimes need is a real prove from you that you understand the duties of life as much as the fun part and that you can first do all the work and duties before going out for fun.

It is far easier to enjoy free time if you know that all work has been done, including all school homework as well.

All these small things are actually fully free - inexpensive gifts but most valuable gifts - they allow you to prove and practice love like you have to do later on when you have your own home or your own family.

The most important however is that you can and want to do such help for your beloved parents out of the bottom of your heart. Without being told to do so. Then and only then is it a true gift of love.

That however requires that you have a sincere and honest interest of doing something FOR others and particularly also FOR your parents. It also requires that you want to see what needs to be done anyway. I am talking about the really necessary work and no way about those self created add-on duties some adults create like for example removing every little peace of "weed" from the garden that grows without having been purchased. such work is nonsense and if adults want to waste their family time for such - then they really should do it themselves. But I am talking about the easy and necessary work, like for example:

Very special gifts of love for your parents

Did you ever realize that adults are just a very little different from babies and children ? Of course they are like children - the only difference is they disguise it behind a big adult body and serious face !!!

Whatever you love - they love too. For example being spoiled. YOU love to be spoiled and that is because God spoils all of us with lots of love and many cute little gifts of love and magic moments of love.

So do we all - small or big children alike. we like getting wild flowers from our children, we like if our children sing for us or play some music for us if they know how to play an instrument. We like our children to ask us to play WITH them - it gives us the opportunity to disguise our own play instinct behind the "duty" to have to play with you. But in very reality many of the games or toys we adults buy for you - we actually buy hoping that we too are allowed to play with them all. But we have lost our gift of openly show how much we love to play.

So ...

Let your parents play with you and with all your toys. Let them be like children again. Many of them may have had a much harder childhood than you may have now. Earlier decades on this planet have been different from present ones - different in many ways. In some ways we had it easier in other ways we had it harder than nowadays.

Important is to have an opportunity to compensate for lost playing time in the past. And of course the best playmates for parents are always their own beloved children. Have fun and forget for a long while that they are your "adult" parents - just accept them as equal beings who love to have fun and to sing or play and be wild for a while or for longer, once the have learned to enjoy family life again.

Do you remember the many hours of hugging your parents as a baby and small child ? And you know that you do love it as much now than ever before - why ? Because that is our true nature - to love eternally. OLD adults have lost all these natural behavior that made so many happy hours before - happiness at zero cost - only for love and nothing but love. So make sure you find a reason and spare time for hugging sweet love whenever you feel like - be sure to know that adult parents at any age love that as much as ever before.

Also adult parents love a head, face, shoulder or back massage after work. Something very special only a loving child or partner can do. Something no money on earth ever can buy. But you have the treasure in your heart - all it needs is your love and the courage to be an angel of love. Such moments of sweet tender love are priceless treasures when shared with friends and loved ones.

Easy gifts for children to make for others

When you look at all above - then you see that many or most of all that you can easily do to your neighbors, grandparents, relatives or friends in your neighborhood.

There may be old people who may be more than happy for a little help walking their dog once a day for a while or playing with their dog. Or go shopping or watering the garden. Lots of small things a little angel can do while having fun playing with a dog at the same time you help that dog and the owner of that dog for example.

Old people having a home may bee too old to take care of their garden while you may enjoy being allowed to play around with flowers, bushes and watering all every week or so.

Little things of such nature are the real gifts of love toward all around us.Priceless and yet most valuable and a relief for others as well.

Christmas gifts from children to brothers and sisters

Many children quarrel more with their brothers and sisters than loving them or playing with them. IF YOU are of that kind, then some of the most valuable give you can give to brothers and sisters can be:

Help and support each other - specially when parents are working or out of home. Make sure all your brothers and sisters are first of all safe. Help each other to prepare food, make homework for school, repair toys, ...

That helps your brothers and sisters as well as your own parents.

Be one family of best friends - love and hug each other and help each other in all life - best friends for ever and ever. And when you truly include all class mates or friends from all your brothers and sisters then all your family members really feel special with you - because you have given them the most precious gift of all - your loyalty and true love. Your love that can accept that some of us are much different from you and still are beloved children of God. Include all your friends and family members in all your prayers.

Jesus is God s Christmas gift and gift of all times to all creation - and to all humanity

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