Christmas gifts for neighbors

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Love your neighbors like your extended family - treat your neighbors like your family - share all the good things you have with your neighbors and one day you may exchange loving help in bad times as well - like after a hurricane, earthquake or other natural human disaster. If your children feel that your neighbors are like your family, like best friends, then all your neighborhood turns into one huge hugging, loving family to care for each other, to care for each other's children, to help and uplift each other in times of darkness as well as to party together in times of happiness and wellbeing among all.

The most valuable gift of love you can make to your neighbors is to prove that they are part of your own family - invite your neighbors to share holy night together under one Christmas tree!

Love your neighbors as your very own family - that is the first and greatest gift of love you can make to all your neighbors for Christmas as well as year round. Look at your neighbors as being your true extended family - brothers and sisters who are having another house because they are having their own family as well.

Love your neighbors like your own family members - like best friends and share - knowledge and skills and all the experiences and expertise you may have to help them in their lives. Invite them regularly for breakfast, lunch or dinner, like with your very own family members. Open your heart and accept that they may sometimes or always be different from you. Be happy if they sometimes are loud, having parties or enjoying good music - when you are happy for them being happy - then you may never have an occasion for feeling disturbed by their activities.

Share household goods that are needed to make like easier but only every once in a while. Learn to be like a big community - like a family of hundreds of families in separate apartments or houses but still being ONE divine family. Help with your professional skills, with your tools and machines if you have - support them in finding peace and love within their own family if they are in trouble with each other.

How would you be to your own family - to your adult brothers, sisters or parents and best friends - if they wold live next door to you ? That would be the correct inner attitude for all neighbors. Living in a huge family has only benefits for all - because once you have learned to enjoy real extended endless family - you will experience that each of them is like a jewel in your life - each of them is unique and has something unique and precious to offer to you and your loved ones in your own home. The more friends you have among all neighbors - the less baby sitting or dog-sitting or school home work help you ever need from outside sources, because you will always have someone who is really pleased and happy to be allowed and welcome to help you or your children. Neighbors can be a very loving substitute or part time mother or father to your children when you are away or ill or at work. Some of them may be old and have little or no content in life - except what you offer them to do.

Neighbors too are children of God

Neighbors too are children of God - and neighbors too are hungry for true love - love flows best when you do nothing at all but to love, to be, to be together even without talking or doing anything at all - just be together and relax and enjoy the day or evening.

Forgive all your neighbors for whatever has happened in the past. Look forward and ... as a proof of true love resulting from true forgiveness - bring them some nice fresh flowers for Christmas and any time you feel like. Just to assure they KNOW that you love them. Flowers can be far more powerful than words. Roses - the flower of love is always best. Many different mixed colors or just the color of true sweet love - red or pink.

Roses as a proof of love and proof of true forgiveness
Jesus is God s Christmas gift and gift of all times to all creation - and to all humanity

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