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Honeymoon for two as a Christmas gift of very special love - the best Christmas gifts for husband - the best Christmas gifts for wife!

Christmas gifts are intended to create joy of life and instant lasting happiness, thus the true nature of Christmas gifts always is love - love from the bottom of your heart - please also read the extensive chapter about Christmas gifts and the special chapter about what kind of Christmas gifts to avoid

only love can make truly happy - all else is but a substitute

Be creative and romantic
when selecting Christmas gifts for her or him
Christmas is all about love
your Christmas gifts as well should be all about love for him or her

Imagine your loved one would die tonight ... just hours to live

What would you love to do or say to him / her with only hours of happy love life left ? That is what you should do to her or give her or him THIS very Christmas as a gift of love and every day thereafter ...

family life, love life, eternal relationship is an eternal honeymoon for two - for you and your loved one made by God out of true love and nothing but to make YOU happy. Did YOU make HIM / HER happy each day as God intended it to be ??

What is a honeymoon ?

Honeymoon is a time entirely reserved and devoted to exchange love between two lovers and to heal each other, spoil each other with all magic love you have in your divine heart !

Honeymoon is entirely devoted to happiness - that also includes of course those around you. Hence eternal honeymoon means your love for each other is expanding permanently toward all around you. imagine you and your loved one are together like a fireball of love - like the sun - and what is the sun doing ! ? the sun I s shining upon us on earth, letting all plants grow, creating millions and more tones of delicious fruits, nuts and vegetable for us and a tropical blossoming garden around us to make us enjoy our lives and our own love as well.

If however you are a hardworking family - working full time in an artificial environment - a factory or office, separated from each other each day most of the time, meeting only evenings and or weekends - then you need a very special honeymoon on a regular basis. since your duties and helping work of love is concentrated - you may plan and need a few weeks JUST for you - husband wife - and may be children if you have. just for love - day and night. to heal, to enjoy, to be happy and to make happy. a honeymoon at home or far away - but free from duties and job.

honeymoon on a beautiful beach on a tropical island with delicious food and time for love

Why honeymoon on Christmas ?

Christmas time is a special time or love where more hearts are more open than any other time of the year on this planet - hence a time when it is far easier to fall deeper in love with your beloved husband or wife.

A honeymoon has zero to do with travel or spending money - honeymoon is an act of love from the bottom of your heart - hence honeymoon is an ideal gift of love for Christmas or any other time suitable

Honeymoon as a Christmas gift of love for her and him

Many think of honeymoon as the very first vacation after getting married ...


honeymoon is nothing else but a vacation with one single focus - to make him happy and to make her happy - love, hugging, kissing and more time for a sweet, spicy and sexy love life.

Christmas time is time to Love - thus Christmas time is honeymoon time - ideal to refresh your vow of love and loyalty, but Christmas time also can be a very special time of reward for her love and his love - a time when you get again much closer, forgive any mistakes done in the past and refresh your love by spending more time together - directly skin to skin ... while enjoying a few adventures, dancing or beach-fun.

Honeymoon is a time to love and since every day should be time to love each other - every day any moment of eternal life should be time to prove love - every day should be Christmas day. Hence if for some reason it may be too late to book a Christmas-Honeymoon package to a tropical or other vacation destination, then remember:

Honeymoon can be spent any place, even in your home


you may go in another province of your country or any place nearby

important is that you can shut off any business for a while - that specially is important if you are full time professional and have much separation during working days - then you have to exclude your business, your employees and your other obligations for a while and just be there for your wife or husband.

Honeymoon should be for all those things together that you sometimes only dream but never appear to have time to realize - but first of all ...

  1. beware that too much activity may separate you more than bring you together
  2. too many other people around you may distract you more and fill you with too much "foreign" energy from others

Honeymoon needs to be shared husband wife only - and if you have children too young to have their own partner - then of course they are a firm part of your honeymoon and need to share your love.

Every Christmas gift of love always is blessed by God

The extraordinary gifts for her or him - is all you would have wished from her as well and missed from her - what dreams that involve just you two are open, dreams free from major investments, dreams of sexy nature, love and you two only ... That might the the single most powerful most happy-making gift for her or him. The most loving and most special gift for her or him only has to do with love - because deep inside all of us is but one priority - often suppressed or controlled by intellect or mind or culture or rules of society - it's all about love - let's love at Christmas time and beyond - eternally.

Be direct, say what you love to do - then enjoy doing it and let do what your partner loves to do with you - be a toy of love - a "pet" of love .. hugging, kissing, dancing and making love more, longer and sweeter than any time before

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Read the Christmas message collection. Christmas gifts are to create joy of life and instant happiness need to be of loving nature and coming from the bottom of your heart - please also read the special chapter about what kind of Christmas gifts to avoid

Jesus is God s Christmas gift and gift of all times to all creation - and to all humanity

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