Christmas gifts for your enemies

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Without true love and peace with your enemies there will be no true Christmas in your heart and mind. Christmas with your enemies - Love and reconciliation as the greatest Christmas gifts for your enemies.

If ever you want to return home to God - you may need to prove first to have forgiven all your enemies and to be in peace with all your enemies. To love your enemies is the prime lesson of your entire life on earth. Without loving all your enemies there can be no true Christmas blessing and Christmas love inside your heart and soul.

You may like it or hate it - but there is no other way to God and eternal peace then by loving all - including your enemies !!!

White Christmas roses

Christmas time is a time of love and a time for love. Time to really forgive, time to get in peace with all your previous enemies. You may insist having no enemies ...

then let's have a look if that is really true. If any of the following applies to you, then you just escaped all your enemies:

If you said YES to one or more above - then you have enemies. Enemies are simply people YOU have failed to fully and truly forgive. If so then Christmas time is the very best time of the year to clear all old quarrels and dissolve any karma between you and others. First of all such clearing and getting in peace is YOUR job only. You need to visualize the one you said YES above and then you practice the exercises as explained to dissolve rejection and fear. Open your heart for the one to get in peace with - then open for God and fully absorb within your heart all that is or was separating him from being loved by you. It all is from within your very own aura what needs to be dissolved. All the rejection is INSIDE your own causal body and aura. Do this exercise if necessary several times - in a quiet and relaxed situation until you feel that you could now hug that person again.

Then - buy some roses or similar beautiful flowers and bring these flowers to that person ! You always need to prove your true love, sincerity of love needs proof. For your very own feedback as well as for the other person to assure and prove that now you are friends again. Instead of flowers you could also bring a flower pot with flowers or a nice plant that may survive for months or years. It may be lasting memory refresher that all is in love again now.

Beautiful flowers

Those of your enemies that are far away - many methods - first of all as above, get in peace inside your self. Then either send a nice postcard, telegram or eMail - like the LoveCards - Love by eMail with some beautiful flowers. The traditional flowers of love always are roses. If you are in a high tech country you may even find a shop or service that delivers real flowers or real roses to the recipient and you may use such services. Love should never stop when expenses occur. True love and true peace is priceless and of infinite worth. Hence always keep in mind that another few years carrying quarrels within your heart may cost you far more in medical bills or premature heart attach or heart disease than a dozen or two of the most beautiful roses sent across your country or continent !!!

The greatest enemies may become the greatest friends one day ! Keep that in mind. There is no other way to your very own and personal happiness and peace within your personal family than to get in peace with ALL others first. During Christmas time most people around the world are far more open for reconciliation than any other time of the year. Use this once in a year opportunity for the benefit and happiness of yourself and all your loved ones. Whatever is between you and any other person also is between you and your nearest ones, your living partner, your children, all your best friends and loved ones at home !!!

What to select if really you want to give material gifts

If you really love to make a material gift - then you really should know exactly what they LOVE !!! Never buy just because people use to purchase items and give them. If then it really should be something that exactly matches the taste of that person. But how can you know ?? Easy gifts to make because you give it to friends or people you know and love and spend time with - just remember the many ooohs and aaaahs and "cool" and other expressions they made when they saw something they really loved.

For the future - always look exactly what excites them, what pleases their HEART - all year long whenever you go out. And of course best is for your future to make then such gifts of material kind instantly when they see it and you are there.

Recall what they love from all the nice looking belongings you have - and if they still are in new condition - you may give them something from you. A very personal gift that belonged a while to you and pleased you and that appears magic and attractive to your loved ones - that may be one of the nicest things to give - as a Christmas gift or any time spontaneously.

Buy them something they would never buy themselves because many people never afford the really nice things for themselves - only for all others. Buy them something nice, pretty, beautiful - something just for the heart.

What kind of gifts to avoid at any cost:

Avoid giving:

If there is any doubt about what to give - then TAKE your time to go out with that person - go walking through the streets,l through malls and shopping centers and wait for their reaction when they see something they really love - then go and get it for them spontaneously and give it right away to them. Whether this may be today or Christmas evening or in the middle of the year or a few weeks before their birthday. Be sure you ask them if they really love what they are excited about. And if they say YES then just tell them to wait a few minutes for you while you go shopping for them. If it is something with different colors or sizes, then of course you invite them to join you and make the selection directly. Make sure what you give is of good quality and nicely made. It never is about money or price it only is about LOVE. Your best friends should well be worth a nice gift of love every once in a while in addition to all the love you have and share with them.

Material gifts always should be something nice, beautiful - something that makes them SMILE each time they see or use it. Something that makes them feel special, love-worthy, angel like. Such gifts can help them even spiritually - because feeling loved and love-worthy is a prerequisite for being able to accept all love and mercy from God.

If you give them music, DVD, or so - then make sure the music is uplifting - making smiling and happy. avoid music that is serious or sad. Gifts of love are to make happy, gifts of love are to make smiling eyes and smiling hearts and smiling faces !!!

Jesus is God s Christmas gift and gift of all times to all creation - and to all humanity

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