Christmas gifts for best friends

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The most valuable gift for your best friends is to be a truly loyal and loving best friend yourself as well! The most precious gift a best friend has to offer is to always be your friend no matter what, to always have time for you no matter what. True loyalty, true love results in always being there when help, hugging love or time is needed - to always share whatever is needed.

Christmas roses

Your best friends are all those you spend lots of time on a regular basis. When ever you spend some time WITH them of course you should know what they love. Many times your friends love some of your belongings. Girls love to exchange jewelry or dresses. In general friends may love your toys, DVDs, games, anything you have - share it with your best friends.

Offer it to them as a gift whenever you feel and see they really love what you have. Think about ...

In the future remember that the most beautiful gifts are spontaneous gifts of love any time of the year at any occasion and for no other reason but just to make happy when you feel someone loves something or someone needs that extra push of love to feel good or love-worthy again.

Learn to make every day - ever hour - an ideal time for a true surprise.

Another gift of love may be your sharing of your vacation or an extended weekend together with your best friends. Instead of going alone on vacation or with your family ... as long as you are single and have no direct family of your own - you may as well share our vacation every once in a while with some of your best friends or even plan a vacation all together !!!

It is what you all do and enjoy together that unites and all you do separately separates. The more you enjoy life together, the more direct love flows and the less you feel like having to compensate with material gifts. Again - the single most valuable gift you ever have for all - your family, partner, children and best friends is YOU. Your love, time and adventures spent WITH you. No picture or eMail or postcard ever can even partially substitute a common adventure or weekend spent together or a night dancing out in a disco all night long all together, or just a candle light dinner for YOU and your best friends - just for love and no other occasion but true friendship and true love among all friends and family members.

Jesus is God s Christmas gift and gift of all times to all creation - and to all humanity

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