Christmas gifts for adopted children

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Adopted children on paper or adopted in your heart ??

When you have children and adopted children - then you have 2 classes of children, using 2 classes of love for your children. When you forget who is adopted and who is your physical child - then you have but children of love in your heart!

Love in its most direct way given is the most efficient gift - your true love is the most valuable Christmas gift for adopted children. Accept them in your heart like true children of your heart and drop the word "adopted" from your heart and vocabulary !!!

If you have true love to give and prove it by sharing all your life with your children, by sharing all your thoughts with your children, by sharing all your property, your household and even your business - if you have one - with our children to allow them to be with you whenever they love to - to allow them to leave you and venture into the neighborhood or later on into the wide world whenever they love to and come back again to hug you and love you in a very direct way ...

then you have given the single most valuable Christmas gifts you ever can give to anyone.

Giving or being your children a true father and true mother with a true home like in God - but here on earth ...

Is something you easily can make to all your children at any age. Telling them again and again that your home is their home and they may return any time and be welcome in your home. Making them feel loved at home, loved so much that they know that all their friends and acquaintances are your friends as well without having to ask each time when they bring someone home. May their friends be like their sisters and brothers on your table and in your home. May their friends be like your very own children - then you have proven them your true love. Treat all their friends with true love, care for them as if they were your very physical children. Invite them for dinner, spoil them, hug and love them like your very own children.

What are the most valuable Christmas gifts for adopted children ?

The answer is very simple ! Stop using the word adopted at all and for the remainder of eternity. Instead love them as you ever would love own physical children. Avoid ever using the word adopted again - at home as well as outside, in the presence of "adopted" children as well as when far away from them.

Call your "adopted" child - "My child"

It is your attitude in your mind and heart that you need to change if you want to make a true gift of Christmas a true gift of love to any adopted child. You have to change your inner attitude to make children feel loved. If you accept your adopted child IN your heart with all the loving care you have hidden inside your heart - then adopted children may feel loved and experience such true love and as a result feel happy.

Happiness is the result of true love flowing through you and through your children, but only direct love can really flow into a heart, into a body, into a soul.

A basket of Christmas gifts of material nature

Material gifts never can flow into heart, soul or body. Hence any kind of material gifts are of external nature that can only be experienced by intellect

Learn to accept that all your children are different

Mothers and fathers often expect children to be and to behave exactly the way they are themselves ... however keep in mind, you are here on earth because something in our attitude, emotions, mind or heart separated you from God. Hence .. may be the way you children are may even be more spiritual than your own way. One valuable gift you - the parents - can make to your children is to accept and LOVE them the way they are. It was God's old and well known teaching "be like children" that should be taken more seriously by adults and very particularly by parents. Children can live much better in the here and now than most adults can. Children love to, learn and enjoy what is. What is NOW - instead of wasting time for the future. By living, learning and loving NOW - you create your adventurous future.

A very special Christmas gift for your children
- Learn to accept and support the children's own goals

Encourage and support the children in achieving their very own goals of life - support them by giving them wise advise on how to do it a loving and thus spiritual - divine - way.

Instead of wanting to change your loved ones - love them the way they are. Learn to find out what jewels God gave them into their heart and soul. And support them in achieving their own goals. Support children by reminding them the true meaning of life on earth - to spiritually grow, to love and to stop any karma until love has been developed or freed again to a point to be free and return home to God.

Enjoy having children who have the courage to be different -. because children are like flowers in our garden of life and joy. What would this world be boring without our colorful and different children. Different from us adults, different enough to try and create new ways of life - more enjoyable than all the wars we have created in the past on this planet.

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Jesus is God s Christmas gift and gift of all times to all creation - and to all humanity

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