Christmas gifts of love

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Christmas gifts of love are affordable by all and most precious to all

Every day is Christmas day - every day is a day to love, for gifts of love

Christmas gifts are intended to create joy of life and instant lasting happiness, hence Christmas gifts are gifts of love from the bottom of your heart - please also read the additional chapter about "Christmas gifts for her" - "Christmas gifts for him" and the special chapter about what kind of Christmas gifts to avoid

Loving hearts for Christmas

Its Christmas time - time for gifts of love of true and lasting value

It's Christmas time all year and every day is Christmas because every day is a day to love, to give love and to receive love.

Learn to find true values and how to select gifts of love for all occasions. This chapter will give you a few examples and help in making gifts of love - gifts for Christmas or any other day of the year: Overview:

Gifts should always come from the bottom of your heart never from your bank account !

Christmas gifts always should come from the bottom of your heart

Gifts of love - the most inexpensive gifts yet the most valuable gifts at the same time

True divine pure love are always the single most valuable gifts for all - parents, partners and children alike.

When searching for great gift ideas, any time of the year but very particularly for Christmas and similar occasions, always keep in mind that we all are made to the image of God and that means we all are first and above all beings of divine love. We all are hungry for love - the more direct the more efficient our love will be !!

The most valuable gifts are usually the most inexpensive gifts

The true value as perceived inside the heart and soul of a gift recipient is the amount and purity of LOVE you have invested in that person or in a particular gift you may have made yourself at or purchased. The sincerity of your love for the recipient is the only factor determining the true value of any gift at any time toward anyone. Here on earth and in all creation its all about love and nothing but love !!!

Why do people make material gifts at special occasions

That is an easy question for most and a shocking answer for many. All mankind wants love, the true innermost being of anyone is to love. A soul lives but from love in various forms of manifestations. A soul can never eat a TV, or skate board. A soul - every soul - is hungry for one and only - for true divine LOVE from a loved one, from children, from parents, from partner, from friends, from neighbors !

Material gifts at special occasions are a substitute for gifts of love you failed to give at the right time when needed - when the possible recipient really was hungry for more love from you.

Lets make an example about when is the right time for a gift first:

Children love to play and love either some toys for outdoor sports like skate board, mountain bike, skies, water skies, snorkeling equipment, SCUBA diving equipment, or for a indoor challenge, like games, ...

Children also may need something challenging and enjoyable or exciting to do indoor when at home with their family or when the weather is too nasty outside for their preferred activities, toys like card games, board games, computer games, adventure books to read, technical games, learning games, games to enhance or practice God given creativity such as a music instrument, lyrics for singing at home, a small home karaoke set, painting utensils, ... to name but a few.

The selection of all those above mentioned toys depends on the personal individual talents and interests of the recipient only and should never be influenced or even pushed by the giver. People shall receive what supports their own true natural interests and hobbies to support their own God given true innermost nature of creativity and activity.

The best time is when a particular person really can and wants do practice or play a particular activity or game.

Example snorkeling:

Christmas time in norther Europe is certainly no time to give a snorkeling set to a child, because it is freezing cold and snorkeling in a public or private pool is no fun at all. Hence the best time would be just before leaving for a family vacation to a southern ocean destination or even better upon arrival there ... because after arriving the child may explore new unknown possibilities or prefer to enjoy some local traditional games.

When a person feels deep inside the wish to do something new or different or when a person needs something new for a challenge leading to inner progress - that is the right time. Latest when a person starts to talk about, getting interested about, searching the web about, .. then that person is ready for something and may need something to grow, to improve overall skills, ..

Hence true Christmas gifts of love are made any time of the year, spontaneously without particular need of a given date or occasions. Love is the only reason and occasion too make valuable gifts of any kind. Love is the only purpose to give, you make gifts to make happy, to help to enjoy life more, to help to grow adventurous and strong, to help and support development of human NATURAL skills and talents and hens to become outside what they are already inside.

Example daddy:

Children love to play with father. They may love to play any time of the year - indoor or outdoor. Any time of the year when children or wife are hungry for daddy's love - is the right time - the best tie to give .... your time,. instead of another toy to keep them busy and away from you for another while. Summer time may be the best time for a football and never Christmas with snow outside.

Example wife:

She married you because she wants your love, your hug, your kisses and far more. Every day, in the morning in day time in evening and all night - all life all eternity. So every day is the right tie to love her, hug her, spend more time more open for love and more intensely with her, .... and no jewelery ever can give her the same feeling as another few hours of most romantic love with her husband !

Because YOU are the single most valuable you ever have to give - YOU means all that you are and have, from inside to outside all. God gave her a husband - if God wanted her to have jewelry - then God would have given her a jewelry factory or just a bunch of diamonds or gold nuggets. But deep insider her heart and soul she asked for LOVE and God gave her a husband as a God made source of infinite divine love - and that is what she deserves and anything else is but another step toward the divorce to make you experience how valuable your wife's love for you actually has been to your innermost being.

Example husband:

If he is spending more time with other women, with his secretary, or in bars, then may be you have been saying NO to often, may be he is missing what a female woman can give - female love and treasures God gave you deep inside your heart and soul, treasures of infinite beauty and eternal value. Be more generous with all you have to give, with love in all direct ways, with your time to spend skin to skin with your husband.

He married you because he was dreaming of LOVE - from you - else he would have married another woman ! And of course ... how many time a day is a human body hungry for food ?? That is how many time a human heart and soul is hungry for direct love from partner or family - love of all variations depending on who the source is. YOU are his wife and you have NO limits at all. YOU are his God given source of all divine love here and now on earth. Any source always flows - eternally - so can your source of direct efficient love flow day and night - in abundance to feed your children with your love and to feed your husband or living partner with all the love he ever could dream of !!!

YOU are the most valuable gift to all - YOUR LOVE the most valuable you ever have to give to anyone !!!

A gift should never be ..

A Christmas gift from you to someone should never be a substitute for missing love or missing time from you. however many or most gifts are just of such nature. A husband brings flowers to his wife because he knows that he spends too little love time, hugging time skin to skin with his wife. He then feels bad and brings flowers for being late, for having no or far too little time, for spending more time in office or at work or with others than with his own beloved wife. And when husband feels very bad about neglecting his wife far too much, then he buys expensive jewelery, cars, TV or other expensive gadgets purely as a substitute for his totally or widely missing true love for his wife.

A father may do the very same for all his family including all children. He may substitute true divine love, shared experiences normally gained by sharing all life together, by spending all life together, by working and enjoying together .... by simple cheap material stuff.

Cheap you may say ... but I paid hundreds or thousands or ten thousands of $€ for the the "expensive gifts I make and made to all my loved ones ...

YES such material gifts are most of the time cheap. Cheaper than dissolving ego and sharing all your true love and life with your family. They are cheaper for your ego than learning to do things together, than living really together and enjoying together what life has to offer to a complete family in love with each other.

No money ever can replace true love, no material gadget ever can replace a self made toy or instrument or adventure lived and enjoyed all family together !

If people need love. If you feel or think sometimes that you are neglecting your family and that you should spend more time with or do more with your family directly - then that is what you should give above all in abundance - YOUR time, your body to play with, to play football or other games, to hug, to love, to make love with your partner. Your family members are WITH you because they are hungry for your love and true love from you is all that ever gets them happy and excited in life. YOUR true most direct love is all that really is fun for all.

Your true love is the single most valuable gift you ever have for anyone in God's entire creation, here on earth as well as at home.

Now let's look at some details - to help you better understand what to select as a gift of love:

Are you searching for the most valuable Christmas gifts ?

You are the most precious Christmas gift for parents friends and children - your love

Your true love is the most valuable you ever have to give to anyone - on earth and beyond - eternally.

Jesus is God s Christmas gift and gift of all times to all creation - and to all humanity

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