Christmas Message
A Christmas message to appeal to all loving hearts to refresh true love between husband and wife.

May the power of God's Christmas love last all year long and help you to maintain or reestablish links of true love with your loved one. In God we all are one divine family of love - a family always starts with husband and wife in love with each other.

True sweet love between husband and wife - together with their mutual love and faith for God - is the basis of a happy society starting from your own entire family, all relatives, neighborhood and all creation. To reestablish such true love relationship shall be the goal of all humanity on earth and beyond.

A Christmas message of love to appeal to all hearts to get in peace with your own male or female role as well as to be in love with the opposite gender. Merry Christmas in your hearts

Merry Christmas

Christmas time is a time for love
Christmas is a time to love the ones you value most
your one and only

How much you truly love the one God gave you - you may notice only once you have lost him / her for a long time. The single most valuable on earth and in heaven is a true love partner sharing all with you eternally. Only on the basis of such true love between husband and wife can all children and neighbors grow up happily and free of stress and tension. To appeal to you to regain such true love relationship is the purpose of this Christmas message.

The only reason why we have Christmas is because we need to reconcile ! The beginning of all separation in God's creation started when male and female stopped to directly love and hence started to fight each other.

Rejected love and/or denied love create emotional stress, spiritual stress as well as physical stress resulting in more or less violence or tension and separation between those who actually have been made to love each other eternally.

Christmas time first of all is a time to reconcile with your own family. That includes in this below order a complete reconciliation with all.

  1. Yourself and your own sexual rule as male man or female woman
  2. reconciliation in true love with all members of the opposite gender
  3. reconciliation with your own living partner - husband or wife - such reconciliation with your love starts IN your heart
  4. reconciliation in love with all your children and parents, including your spiritual ancestors
  5. reconciliation with all mankind, all religions, all all cultures, animals and nature

The more you are ready to accept full responsibility for all your action - the easier it will be to forgive all others and get in peace and finally in love with all others again.

Christmas time is a time to get in peace with God - your all father

To be in love with God you need to love all other children of God - you need to learn to truly love and solve all problems by means of true divine love. The single most valuable God gave you is your loved one - the partner God gave you to be made happy by you and to be loved by you. Your partner is what you miss most once you have lost it - to maintain a true love romance with your partner true love at all times in all situation is million times more powerful to solve separation than any intellectual means. To get in love and peace with your loved one you need to be with him/her = next to and together in all situations of life.

Use this coming Christmas time to reconcile in the innermost heart with all members of opposite gender and with your loved one above all. Focus in sharing all, sharing all your time and all your love with your love rather than wasting time for foreign travel or vacation.

All you need to find your inner peace is time at home in a cozy quiet environment. Learn to love your children as much as your partner and your partner as much as your children. Focus on inner true love manifested in gentle sweet love skin to skin. Share days or weeks of Christmas days in this inner focus of true love for each other rather than for shopping or gifts of material nature. The single most valuable you ever can give your loved ones is your innermost true love - from heart to heart.

Merry Christmas


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