Christmas message to remind you of the importance of
purity of Love and quality of Love
Merry Christmas in your hearts

Merry Christmas

A Christmas message for your daily life valid for your entire future

A Christmas message is a lesson or reminder for the coming year - for the future. This Christmas message shall focus on achieving more love and more happiness in all parts of your life.

Love can be expressed in many ways - Love can be measured in many ways. True love includes first of all love toward all. Love toward all is shown and proved by your daily work. Daily work is your contribution to the well-being of all mankind, all humanity and all creation.

To improve your own happiness, to increase the purity of love and quantity of love in your life - you can substantially contribute by improving the quality of your own work. Quality of work includes such factors as

Your work is the direct proof of your love toward all creation. Your work is a direct reflection of the perfection and purity of your true love. By working with love from the bottom of your heart - by doing something truly useful or helpful you prove love beyond doubts and beyond and above words. Continuing education in your present job, preparation for a better future job is equal to investment in the quality of life as a result of your quality of love. Words of *I love you* may be but empty words, promises of no meaning - real work you have done however always is real proof of your true love toward all. Work however can only be love if your work is available and affordable by all who ever could need or use the products or services of your work

Invest more love, more efforts, more money as well in the perfection of your skills, your expertise and your professional efficiency and uniqueness. Learn to create individual solutions for particular unattended problem areas of creation or mankind. Focus on love problems and relationship problems above all in your work as a very substantial part of all presently existing problems are the direct result of lacking happiness or lacking relationship between male and female. Create, enhance and support oneness where love between a woman and a man is lost or risks to get lost. Help in your neighborhood and among your friends and relatives to create and deepen love links from heart to heart between husband and wife

Proof your love to all by shifting priorities from purely money oriented work toward happiness oriented work. Happiness can only be achieved with actually flowing love - eyes to eyes - heart to heart - flowing love can cause instant happiness. So can work done with true love as love can be added into each and every product, liquid, fluid or fixed matter, services or products of any kind - all can have love added - all you do can contain love available to all.

True love in your work however also requires true love in your very own life - in your very own relationship. God made man and God made woman. Man have a particular anatomy - woman have a particular anatomy. Both - female and male - anatomies are pleasant and a source of happiness for the opposite gender. Both are made for each other. By assuming your role as whatever God made you - a girl or a boy - young or old - you will open and prepare yourself for more happiness as a result of more love in your own heart. Only a woman in love is a truly beautiful woman - only a man in love feels truly male.

Open your hearts for the love offered by the one who wants to love you, the one who wants to make you happy. Ask him *do you want to make me happy* - *do you want to love me* ...
if he / she can instantly and from the very bottom of the loving heart say YES to you and if you can actually FEEL it - then accept this divine love and enjoy being loved. Give him / her a chance to truly and fully love you - to truly make you as happy as can be with all his creative power of love.

Merry Christmas


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