Christmas Love

Christmas joy and Christmas love lives and loves on beyond Christmas season

Beloved children of God

Beyond Christmas days and beyond Christmas season - the Christmas love lives on, the Christmas bliss goes on, the Christmas feeling expands - the holy spirit of Christmas is the holy spirit of God and God's love for all days

When the Christmas spirit lives on and on
- when the power of love created during the pre-Christmas days is kept alive and growing
- then peace among all mankind is growing as well

The holy gift of love is an eternal gift of love put into your heart like a seed

Dozens of millions of humans worldwide are changing in their hearts during weeks of pre-Christmas time and find their peak power of love on Christmas nights and Christmas days. Millions have developed and lived more love these past days than any year ever before. But what is special during these days to give all of you this very special power of love, the power to forgive, the power to make others happy, power to join the loved one on his or her path of loving life ?

It only is your now decision that makes the difference ! It only is your now focus in life that makes all the changes. It is your shift from purely worldly matters toward the power of love from God that dwells within all of us that gave you the power to change your own behavior from your normal year long behavior.

The decision of love, peace and happiness


war, retaliation, pain and destruction

that decision is a matter of each individuals focus of mind. Whatever you focus on is filling your mind and subsequently filling your heart. Your mind is under your own direct control. No one else but you have change your focus these past Christmas days and the days of love you may have experienced in earlier Christmas seasons.

God is Love

God's love is always present. God's Love has always been in same power and purity and quantity available to all of you. The difference you are experiencing between Christmas days and days of "normal life as usual" during other months of the year is but a difference in your own choices.

Compare the feelings you have experienced these past hours and days. Compare the happiness and love you felt with the happiness and love you felt during other Christmas seasons of previous years and as well with the joy of life during non-Christmas seasons in your daily life ...

When did you feel more joy of life, when did you feel more happiness, when have you been more smiling, hugging and loving, when did you feel more bliss and love showered upon you ??

Expand the spirit of Christmas love and Christmas joy to span all year of your life

When you find your answer on the basis of memories from true experiences of your present life - then think about what you changed those days, what you did different those days from what and how you do things during other less happy days ...
and do all year long what is creating this special Christmas feeling of love joy and happiness.

Expand the true Christmas feeling, expand the love you have ever given at your maximum power of love days ... expand the power of love over more and more days. Whenever you feel that that magic love decreases - then re-focus on what has brought your love to its peak power and refocus on those objects and actions in your focus of mind and actions. Who has been around you when you felt maximum power of love, who has been around you when you felt magic moments of the holy spirit, who has been around you to inspire you in your own love ?

Remember the people and surrounding you had when feeling most happy, most loved, most magic

Magic moments of love never just happen, magic moments of love are created. Magic moments of divine Christmas love, bliss, joy and happiness are the results of several factors all occurring at once within you and a few of your surrounding loved ones.

Some or all of below factors may have been substantially contributing to your experienced magic moments of Christmas love:

Your power of will and focus of mind can keep Christmas Love and Christmas joy alive beyond Christmas season for eternity - if you wish so, you will succeed in doing so. The power to achieve it is already in your mind and heart and all tools to make it a success have already been given to you. Enjoy your love for ever !

Christmas can be every day - as soon as you truly love every day

Christmas day is just the beginning of love - Christmas can be every day - Christmas is when you love all and are loved by all, Christmas is when you are truly happy by creating true happiness in others with love from the bottom of your heart.

A human heart sometimes is like a barrel of fuel - to get on fire of love it needs ignition

The secret in God's creation is that no single person can truly love without ignition of his love. You need another person to love and to receive love, a person to truly fall in love to ignite your own divine fire of love. Why did God create you so ? Because God created many and all are made of love and all are made to love - the miracle of love only works if you want to become a fully loving member of the family of divine love. Once you have started to fall in love with the one God created for you - your entire eternal life will be a permanent fire of miracles of love ... eternally !

And every person or being you add in your heart of love will expand your fire of love even further - the more people you truly love - the greater and more powerful your own feeling of love, joy of love and happiness.

Jesus - Jesus Christ - Jesus of Nazareth - Jesus, son of God - kriya yoga guru Kriya Yoga Diksha - a gift of Love from God

Love is the reason why God has many, many children - the more children God has - the more God loves ALL


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