Christmas gifts from God to you - Your gifts for God and all mankind

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Christmas is about God and nothing else - Jesus coming to this planet is God's hand reaching out to bring you back home on a path of love. Christmas is only about love whatever you do, whoever you are - if you have no love, no gifts of love - then you have nothing at all and are among the very poorest ones in all creation. Those however who have a heart flooded with an ocean of love - shining into the hearts of all others like the sun shines into all creation, then you are among the richest ones even if you have no money at all. True wealth is about the power of living true love in all situations of life, at all times.

Jesus is God's Christmas gift to all mankind

Jesus came on Christmas eve to you on earth to be your shepherd and guide you home - God gave you the teachings of Love as a most valuable Christmas gift.

Jesus is God*s Christmas gift of love for you Christmas gifts from God to all his beloved children

God gives you all year manifold - food, work, joy of life, children and living partner, friends and pets, flowers and trees, rice and potatoes, ...

But on Christmas day God gives your total forgiving, total healing, fullest relief from all your burden accumulated all life. All you need to do to receive all the blessing and love and healing from God is to take your time off - to BE FREE in your heart and daily schedule - just for God - BE FREE just for receiving all the gifts of love God has to give you.

Be free in your mind, be free in your heart, be free in your time, OPEN your heart and say

"Dear God please love me free"

A most powerful love prayer from God to you

and so it shall be

YOU however have to take control of your own life and focus on LOVE - to rest a while and open all your heart and mind and soul -

Just for God

And each night - but very specially during the Christmas nights - when you go to sleep - surrender all your life to God, allow God to be your "manager" during all your earthly life, your manager to carry you out of your crisis caused by your separation from most loved ones and your separation from God as well.

If you can truly say to God "dear God please love me free" and mean it and surrender all your sorrow, grief, plans - just to relax and let God's love enter your heart and soul - THEN you will instantly feel his presence INSIDE YOU and feel the sweet healing and relieving love he has just for you - just for all !

Christmas gifts from Jesus to you

Jesus gave his life - his love - all his being to you in love - to love you and bring you home to his beloved father. Jesus came to witness about God's almighty love - to teach you equal love toward all. Jesus teachings of love is his greatest gift to you - to allow you to learn at your own pace to love, to practice love toward all and to free yourself by the power of divine love.

Jesus is a gift from God to you
and Jesus has but love for you !

God gave you his son - to help you - to be your shepherd and love you safely home to our infinite and eternal home in God - our only and true home for ever and ever.

God gave you his son because his son ask for coming on earth - because Jesus loves you - always loved you and eternally shall love you because he is like you

- made to the image of God -

made to love - nothing but to love you and all and God above all.

Eternally to love you whatever you do - where ever you go

Your Christmas gifts for God

The greatest gift of love you ever can give to God is to love each other to the extent that all are smiling and happy eternally. Nothing ever can be more precious than to see happy smiling eyes - to see and feel that all children are happy and know to make each other happy for the remainder of eternal life!

Love is all you can give to God - God is love and only true love can make God happy

Love given to God - means you love his creation, you love his children on earth.

Love for God means to care for all humans and all nature on earth,
you share and help with all needy, lost or struggling ones on earth.

Love for God means to stop any kind of war instantly, to stop any kind of environment pollution instantly and fully.

Love for God means making your neighbors happy, making your children happy.

Love for God means protecting all weak ones, healing all ill ones.

Love for God means allowing all to love you, allowing your parents to love you,
allowing your children to love you, allowing your partner to fully love you.

Love for God means also to share WITH God what you have, to sing FOR God,
to play music or dance FOR God, to plant and grow flowers in your home or garden or nature FOR God.

Love FOR God means to love and to let love - all - to be free and give freedom - to all -
to care and allow others to care for you - eternally.

Love for God means forgiving ALL - forgiving needs proof - by giving to all,
by sharing with all you have proven that you have forgiven all and that you are again in love WITH all.

Christmas gifts for all nature and creation

We all live from nature, from all creation, we live from what God creates for us each day !!!

Imagine a world without green, a world without forests, a world without jungle, a world without oceans, a world without lakes and rivers, a world without water, sun and fresh air.

Christmas gifts also to nature because nature is giving us so much - nature is God made

Our God given nature is so powerful it can even grow on all the human ruins and junk left behind

Imagine a world without fields full of beautiful tasty vegetables and salads, a world without trees full of mango, apples, pears, peaches, cherries, apricots, ...

Imagine a nature without all the billions of animals, oceans without the billions of fishes, starfish, shells, mussels, corrals, ...

God has created all that and is creating new when we destroy, God is maintaining all that what enjoys our heart and soul - just to please us and just to make us happy all the time - as happy as we allow him to make us happy when we stop working and stop wasting our time for rather useless things for a while. when we take a break from all the distraction of our purely material world, then we may have a glimpse at the God made beauty. A beauty of healing power made of love - his love.

Jungle vegetation to keep us alive

What can we give to nature, to creation ?

The most inexpensive and yet most valuable gift always is love

Our caring love is our most beautiful gift for God and our gift for all creation, all nature on earth

Our loving care. God makes it grow - but if we accept it as a true gift of love from God, then it is up to us to CARE for such miraculous gifts of love that have the power to heal, to make happy and to establish energy balance in our environment changed by human impact. Nature is the greatest resource of healing herbs and healing energies and healing power. Even without cutting and modifying any of the natural resources - nature in itself has already all the healing power of divine love within. All we need to do is to go out into nature and walk, sleep or enjoy being IN nature, amidst nature, amidst all the trees and beautiful wild flowers and cute animals made by God.

To maintain all that loving and healing potential of all creation we need to protect nature, we need to protect creation.

How to protect creation ?

By stopping to destroy, abuse or explore it ! Enjoy it, keep all clean and healthy in nature, keep all chemicals out of nature, keep all waste and junk out of nature and support nature. Give water when water is missing, protect by making aware of the importance of all nature around us. Prevention of additional future or present environment pollution is the easiest and most effective way to protect our nature and if you protect nature then you also have learned to protect, care and maintain all creation as creation is but infinitely larger and more beautiful as our little planet we have go as a school house for mankind. However it is important to all creation and all mankind to learn to use and enjoy God made gifts without abusing or even destroying such resources of infinite value.

When you walk through the streets of your hometown or any other village, when you travel across this planet or when you walk into fields, forests, jungles or enjoy oceans and lakes - then ...

Consider all these natural wonders and God made resources as YOUR own garden- a garden of Eden - given and made by God just for you. And even if you have no garden of your own for whatever reason - all nature is made by God and given to ALL mankind. Hence all this planet is YOUR garden and should be kept clean and neat like you would care for your own plants inside your bedroom or living room or your own garden around your own house. Your would love to keep all that clean healthy, growing and blossoming nicely all year round. Wouldn't you ?

So shall be our all attitude toward all creation - toward all nature on this very planet. Our loving care for all nature should expand to all parts of nature and creation on this planet and far beyond - because all is part of ONE single huge ecological system. There is but ONE nature on this our planet and there is but ONE creation - made by God. We should care for the most remote parts of this very planet as much as for the plants and nature in our home and just outside and around our home. It all is part of our planet - and our planet is part of our creation - made by God for all of us. God made all creation, all planet, all nature, all wilderness for the eternal everlasting joy of life that can be experienced when we have learned to LOVE ALL eternally.

White Christmas roses - pure Christmas love

Gifts for all mankind

All world needs our love and forgiveness

Give love, give and protect freedom

All world needs our:

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Jesus is God s Christmas gift and gift of all times to all creation - and to all humanity

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