Christmas gifts for children

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The most valuable gift for our children is love

Love for your children is free, yet there are very precise ways to truly prove your love for your children. Some of the most valuable gifts money never can buy are:

Honor the God given freedom of your children. Give the all freedom they want and be a guardian angel and living example on how to use this freedom. Instead of limiting freedom or taking freedom away from children - show them how to be free, show them how to use freedom peacefully and with love by honoring the freedom and integrity of all creation, of all humanity and nature while enjoying your own freedom. Give your children the freedom to get up when they want or go to bed when they feel sleepy or want to go to bed. Children have a far more open energy system and may have a totally different inner clock than adults. Be a living example in all you do - for your children and all others around you - adults and children - as well. Accept the curiosity of children as a gift from them - allow them at any given age to be with you, to watch you, to listen what you say or discuss with others. Children love to learn from their parents if their parents have something exciting, creative or useful to do. The easiest way to mature and learn is by being allowed to watch adults, to learn and practice adult work whenever the divine curiosity of children wants so. Allow them to spend time with you where ever you go.

Respect the desire of children to have free time on their own - away from parents - even in very young age. Children are exactly like adults - curious and adventurous. They love to venture into new areas of activities, they love to expand their geographical range of activities as they grow and mature. The only way to safely allow them to grow adult and strong is by given them freedom and wise advice when ever they ask any question. By being allowed to spend time with you when ever they feel like and love to - you give them all the theoretical knowledge and basic practice while they live, work and venture with you - then after a while watching and practicing new activities with you - they may want to experience on their own. Such learning is natural behavior of all divine children. Here on earth as well as home in God. God never restricts the freedom of anyone. God gives advice before you do something or go some place and then while you are away and practice or experience or work - God is watching you, guarding you and constantly giving you advice and guidance if you are constantly open for God.

Children are adults in a child body !

Christmas love - roses

Children love to be treated with love and wisdom like all humans of any age !!!

Keep that in mind whenever you want to say "you are too small, or too young, or you don't understand yet, that's for adults only" ...

Such phrases from parents may prove but the limited understanding and limited true spirituality of such parents. Children are souls of hundred thousands or millions of years of age - reincarnating into a new baby body that needs first to adapt to the real and true inner spiritual maturity of any child's soul. There are many children far older from the purely spiritual point of view than their parents are - and as a result they may be of different spiritual maturity and enjoy more wisdom than parents. Such children may need less intellectual learning and education for the simple reason that their natural intuition is far better developed or preserved than the often suppressed intuition of adults on earth. Intuition is a natural gift from God to all humans. Intuition allows us to perceive and know whatever is of REAL importance in life without the use of acquired intellectual knowledge or formulas and human laws.

Children grow and mature much faster if parents give them all God given freedom to adventure and enjoy while playing and expanding their activities following their true inner spiritual nature. Children in freedom learn easier at school and of course learn faster as well - provided the topics really make sense from their very own spiritual perspective or perception.

A very special Christmas gift from parents for children

One of the most valuable gifts parents can make is to truly give their own love, mother love, father love - to be given you need time you share together. Time for hugging, time for playing together, time to have fun together, time to enjoy nature and adventures together. Such gifts may appear simple - yet they are of true value to all beloved children. A child before being born has made a firm and conscious decision to reincarnate with you - with that particular mother and father. They have made such a high level decision because they LOVE YOU - the parents. They have proven their love by coming to you to share more than a decade in your house, to share with you whatever you have to share. To accept your love whatever you have to give. But first of all they came to you because of what you are and never because of what you HAVE !!!

Hence they first of all enjoy your LOVE - love that if given needs time to share for the love to allow to actually flow in a most direct and most efficient way from father to daughter or son and from mother to son or daughter. Children enjoy hugging, skin to skin, even being allowed to share your bed any time, to fall asleep in your arms and to wake up in your arms or near you may be one of the most beautiful and most valuable gifts parents can make for their beloved children.

Are such gifts the most inexpensive gifts - the cheapest gifts just because they are free ?

That depends on you. Some of you may have to pay a very high price - the highest you can - you may have to drop your ego, to drop all your very own inner limits and self made, self created restrictions and rules. Rules that have been made by ego only and never by wisdom or divinity. Hence giving freedom, love and time to share with your children may be the single most valuable gifts you ever can make - because you may have to change your own priorities in life - to shift your own focus from purely material orientation and money oriented career to a love oriented fully satisfying spiritual orientation of eternal life.

Jesus is God s Christmas gift and gift of all times to all creation - and to all humanity

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