Christmas gifts for the poor

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Poverty is the result of greed: The best Christmas gifts for poor ones your honesty giving equal rights and equal opportunities to poor ones. Share all with all and help all poor ones to be equal family members. Be ready to pay as much as you want to be paid to eliminate poverty on all planet.

When you share all with all poor ones - when you pay all poor ones an equal salary as you ask for yourself, when you help the poor and needy ones to enjoy life and to be free on this planet as much or more as you spend time, money and resources for your own pleasure and recreation - then the Christmas spirit reigns your heart and soul and Christmas may be all year long - eternally.

Christmas flowers

Wake up your love for all poor and needy ones

Out on this planet we have far more people having nothing or nearly nothing than rich ones. If you know someone having very little, then there are 3 points of importance to consider when selecting a gift for any occasion:

  1. Give them what they need most urgently to exactly meet their needs
  2. Give them something they can share with others - because even and very specially the poor ones on this planet often are poor because they keep on sharing with all.
  3. In addition to above give them something just for their heart and pleasure - something small but just to make happy and be good, tasty and a kind of real luxury for them. something they never would buy because the never have enough money to taste the really good things of life.

Only the poor ones know all their needs - hence for ALL poor ones on this planet - no matter where on the earth, the only gift they can use for their most urgent needs is money. a gift of money, while appearing impersonal to you, can be compared to sunlight in relationship to the rainbow colors. The rainbow colors are but a manifestation of the sunlight - no sunlight - no rainbow colors.

Money too can come from the bottom of your heart, because you have been working and earning it with your honest work and with all your heart and body.

Money is neutral love that can be converted into the very specific needs by the needy and poor ones

Whatever they know to need most urgent, like to pay back the outstanding rent, or electricity bills, school material for their children, open doctor or hospital bills, food, clothes, soap or utensils for cooking, ... The know best what is needed most urgently from any available amount and they will make up their own priorities what first depending on true situation and needs.

Money can be the most efficient way to help because they recipient can get what he needs in exactly the size, form, shape, color, variety he really needs. He may best know where to get and what quality is acceptable or desirable.

Anything else - even if very expensive - may only constitute a partial solution or even a burden because the may have other far more important needs unseen to outsiders.

If you give them an appropriate amount of money, no matter how little, they always can share with their loved ones. Always keep in mind that sharing is a very natural desire of all humans. Even the poorest ones like to have something to give away, to give to their own neighbors, relatives, family members, friends or of course to their parents or children.

With money they know how to do that, what to give to their own loved ones. Or they may share the money because money can very easily be shared and split up among as many as they love to share with. If however they would get a cooking pot or similar utensils, or a shirt or pair of shoes, they would have nothing at all to share with anyone and if unlucky the things received may even mismatch in size or style or material suitable for their individual situation.

Imagine how much love can be from you to others in money if you do an extra working day, or an extra job for a few hours, or sell something from you that you really have little use for and use that money to give to needy ones. needy ones are all over the world - even in extremely rich cities like Zurich, Paris, Munich and other business major cities, there are thousands and more living and eating outside in the streets from human waste and garbage.

Of course all other factors about gifts of love for Christmas and all other occasions apply here as well. All need your love, your direct personal love, help, time and your hug. But how to enjoy love if stomach is hungry or feet are cold, or rent unpaid for weeks or months ?? Hence before all these needy ones really can enjoy one peace of chocolate for Christmas they first need to have all their basic needs of life covered and all outstanding bills paid. Then they are free and open for the sunny side of life - for joy and love.

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Jesus is God s Christmas gift and gift of all times to all creation - and to all humanity

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