Christian meditation means focusing on God and Love

Love from the bottom of your heart.

Definition of Christian meditation

In a typical Christian meditation you focus on God - God father to be precise - while many do focus on Jesus instead of God father, it shall clearly be recalled that it is Jesus teaching to pray to God only and hence to focus on God the one and only - the source of all and creator of all whenever you pray or meditate !

Preparation for Christian meditation

When practicing Christian meditation - oriented and focused on God and God's love, you should properly prepare your heart and mind, adjust your attitude to be free for God's healing and freeing love that creates or re-establishes inner peace and harmony and balances your life.

Helpful to attune and prepare for a Christian meditation will be your repeated review of the description of God as experienced by Jesus and the description, explanation and nature of true love.

Silent Christian Meditation

The Prayer of Love !

The easiest and best silent Christian meditation is the simple but most powerful prayer of love ! Repeat it as needed and remain fully relaxed open for God's Love flowing into you and healing you.

As God's love is healing and freeing - such meditation is very easy to be done by all and has little requirement as to where or when it can be done. It can be done by old or young, at work or at home - even in the bus from or to work or in a park during lunch break !

Loving Heart.

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