Every moment in life we always have a choice to change

Loving heart
Only a loving heart can achieve anything

What is our best decision we can make and what options to make our choices or decisions do we have in our life?

Every moment in life you have a choice to correct mistakes, to avoid mistakes, to change yourself and thus to change the outcome of all your action and all your entire life. You can chose to love and thus to first forgive and pardon. You can chose a life only made to love.

To be here and now on earth is absolute evidence that some most important choices in your past life have been completely wrong. That's why you ended up here on earth instead of remaining in God's heaven of love! Hence there definitely is an absolute need to achieve readiness and efficiency in reviewing all your actions, all your way of acting and reacting and possibly your entire attitude may be put into question by yourself. You alone are fully and solely responsible for your current situation here and now on earth. Without assistance from outside you managed with all your "heart", common sense and soul to fall from heaven to earth. Hence you may need to drop any and every pride and search for assistance to find your way of love home to God.

To search for help and accept help in no way makes you a lesser human - in contrary accepting help proves you are a smarter woman now than before. Searching and accepting offered help proves that you have finally understood the seriousness of your spiritual situation far from God - here on earth. The search and acceptance of loving help on your way home to God also proves beyond doubt that you are willing and ready to properly use your common sense in addition to your heart and that you are willing and ready to accept responsibility for your own life. To change your own life, to change the outcome of your current situation into a solution of love and happy end at home in God's heaven requires full cooperation and active efforts and abundant action of love.

Your options in life

For any and every situation of life there always are at least two options or choices to chose from:

- the most loving one


- your ego choice

  1. The most loving option and most efficient choice and most direct and fastest solution always is a gift of love from God. This is the way all angelmen and angelwomen at home in God's heaven learn forever and ever.
  2. Any other choice or solution always needs to be created paid and earned in full by the one rejecting the solution of love given by God.

Wrong choices lead to karma and suffering

Any wrong choice or wrong solution always leads to karma and thus to self created pain and suffering to be solved alone by the one who has made that wrong choice

Become aware of mistakes and correct mistakes

At any given moment in life, when becoming aware of any mistake or wrong choice made, you have the option to correct mistake to avoid karma and thus you always have an opportunity of LOVE to prevent pain and suffering at any given moment in life.

At any given moment or situations in life all people always have the option to chose God and Love as their single favorite choice for life. Thus all mankind always has and always had the option to avoid any kind of damage or pain or suffering or karma. Whatever is in your current life always is the result of your own decisions, your own choices made so far.

Love is the only means to heal anything and everything

Work as action of love and proof of love

Actions of love are more powerful than words or symbols of love

Good quality honest work is action of love and thus a means to heal pain and suffering or to dissolve karma

Choices are given to all, to chose the solution of love is the choice of true angel beings. We all have multiple options, more loving choices, less loving decisions and totally wrong choices. We all have a God given heart to FEEL what is right and what is wrong. We all also have a God given common sense to use before making our choices in life and deciding on different options available for a particular situation of life.

The lessons for life help you to improve your actions of love and thus to make your flowing love and actions of love more healing and more powerful. Proper Kriya Yoga gets God's love flowing through your entire soul and body and thus has the power to heal any damage from any cause and ancient or current incarnations. Part of proper Kriya Yoga is the complete teachings of love for all situations in life.

God is Love - God loves you

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Love heart
Love heart

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