Checklist for your spiritual success

Spiritual success is the result of scientifically controlled precise
and repeated action on your path to God. It needs to be done step by step
in a very precise and controlled manner. As with all scientific methods, there is a
possibility to measure your spiritual progress.

Only you can measure it, as the scale to do so is within yourself.
Here you get some questions that allow you to measure your progress year after year.

Did you ever wonder why some others achieve spiritual goals faster or why others achieve spiritual goals at all while at the same time you sometimes appear to move "on the spot" - waiting since years for your first spiritual perception, your first "spiritual happening" of any kind ?

Some people from all around the world often encounter so called "spontaneous spiritual awakening" - a sudden start of spiritual awareness and spiritual perception. This only can be the result of true spiritual work done in previous incarnation and suddenly released as a result of any drastic change in present life. It might be but a small change but apparently it must bean important change.

Often it is but the sum of a few of several minor changes that make the difference between experiencing true spiritual success that can be measured or experiencing the feeling of "no success at all" even after many years or decades of practicing any serious and successful spiritual tradition, such as Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Raja Yoga or Kriya Yoga.

How can spiritual success be measured ? There are many different changes within you as a result for control of spiritual success. Such measurable controls might often be helpful as a positive feedback to keep your motivation up to the maximum. Any goal to be achieved in life needs a positive motivation. there must be a positive state of mind, awareness, consciousness, perception and general wellbeing of yourself that will be the root of your motivation.

Here some detailed questions that you might want to truly and honestly answer to yourself:

Independent of any spiritual tradition you might have selected - there are a few points in common for ALL of any truly successful spiritual tradition. You may need to follow them ALL before ever expecting ANY spiritual success at all independent of the amount of your positive spiritual practice and techniques that you follow each day. These points to be followed are as follows:

These are but a few selected questions you may ask yourself - and you - only you - my give the answer and only you will know the truth of your answers - besides God and all others being one with God. If you cheat when answering these previous and similar questions you are but cheating on you and on God. it is your path, your life, your freedom that you may achieve NOW or delay to sometimes later. YOU are the one benefiting most from your spiritual progress. Your beloved ones and many others may benefit as well and progress faster and easier but their spiritual progress may become absolutely free of your own progress once they have started intensely to develop a desire for ONENESS with God and true Divine Love.

Spiritual progress may be supported and enhanced by the spiritual progress of others in your vicinity - but no one ever could delay even a single second your own progress if your first and only priority in life - in this incarnation and beyond - is clearly defined as ONENESS with God - the source of all Love and Life, the creator of all universes, physical and beyond.

Like any business may make up its account each year and see how the business is growing and prospering, you as a spiritual person may take a few days or weeks time each year for a truly truly spiritual retreat and get an overview about your present spiritual state. You need to know whether you are progressing or remaining on the spot - you may need to may adjustments or even major changes. You may reconsider your entire spiritual path if you failed to substantially progress within about three years from start.

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