Chakra meditation or japa meditation with mantram

Common and effective ways to meditation are briefly but in every needed detail described below. Look, learn and feel and you succeed in your meditation !

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Chakra Meditation with light

Some people are more successful in visualizing light rather than sound or repeating mantram - hence they prefer what is easier and thus more successful for them - light. Light from God - never mind the color, God will send the one light quality needed for you to heal and thus free you most lovingly and most efficiently.

If you need to learn the precise location of the chakras - on the bottom of this page you have the precise locations of all 6 main chakras needed for any and every meditation - light meditation or sound meditation or mantram meditation ( japa meditation ) !

chakra meditation with light or mantram - japa meditation

Here you can review the chakra locations and chakra names

Chakra meditation with mantram - japa meditation

What mantram to use for japa meditation ? Only the most divine and most powerful named below:

OM in each chakra


Dear God please love me free - in each chakra


God is Love - in each chakra

How to do chakra or japa meditation ?

The above animated graphic on chakra meditation is self explaining

For chakra meditation with light - you ...

visualize light into each chakra - as shown above from muladhara chakra to ajna chakra and back again to muladhara chakra

For chakra meditation with mantram - japa meditation - you

repeat mantram into each chakra as shown above in the graphic

How fast shall you do chakra meditation with light or mantram ( japa ) ?

both chakra meditation variations - light and japa - by using the real time-frame as shown exactly in above animated graphics.

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