Dissolve in Love

The physiology of dissolving in love - How to dissolve problems in love in your life.

The interaction of God - Soul - Ego
and how to dissolve problems
in the fire of Divine Love

Knowledge of Spiritual Laws and Divine Principles of God's Creation gives you the power of properly using them for the benefit of ALL Including the metaphysical physiology of Bhakti Yoga - the knowledge how to dissolve in divine love.

Human life, as much as Divine life consists of interaction between different souls. At the beginning of evolution of a particular soul, it consists of interaction of the Ego, being part of that Soul's manifestation and at the same time being apparently separated. On the level of souls, all souls can communicate with each other almost independent of distance. Almost here meaning they certainly can communicate across their present solar system, some even further but some may be limited to the present solar system for a particular reason. Within a particular solar system souls may easily communicate with each other, but the ego of these souls may be unaware of these interaction of their souls. The souls receive Divine guidance from God and gently forward it to the ego leaving a high degree of freedom to the ego to either accept or reject inner guidance received from its very own soul. Whatever happens between two particular souls and their pertaining Egos always is in harmony with both souls and God as well. However what the Egos do may sometimes be neither in harmony with God nor in harmony with its soul. Such case tend to lead to "serious illness or accidents" for the Ego - the persons physical body or spiritual body.

Never can any number of Egos endanger the Divine plan of evolution. Anything detrimental to Divine Laws is in disharmony to the very core of that person doing it and will cause the soul to even separate from that person rather than endangering Creation.

In the following example it has been explained as simple as possible. Just keep in mind, that God's creation is multi-dimensional and the following example may just push your ideas off - into the right direction. Intellectually you may hardly ever understand Divine Creation now, Human brain at this time is too dense and to blocked by human conventions on earth, but with your metaphysical "Divine Intellect" you may easily understand it thoroughly. Human conventions applied at present may be dissolved in the fire of spiritual truth and disappear sooner or later. Leaving clarity and pure knowledge in the mind of mankind - leading to wisdom, peace and Love in their life. Just stop brainstorming the problem and the picture of the true solution appears in your "mind" on your Screen of Divine Awareness and Consciousness. The picture may appear in your mind as a thorough understanding, you may know, without being able to tell or write a single person about, but you know that your knowledge is true and correct. The words of your language may be insufficient to express Divine Truth. But you'll know it. That is sufficient. Your knowledge will spread out by the continuous radiation of your aura and help others to get the "picture" as well by dissolving their conventions and thus making place for the truth.

Stop copyrighting and patenting. Give all you have into one "pot". Give all your knowledge about anything truthfully to all, in your books, words, mind, ideas, work, and so on. Spiritual growth, welfare and material well-being will be the result and grow like the energy-wave caused by an explosion of a nuclear bomb and free all souls on earth caught at present in the darkness of illusion and human conventions valid on earth at present and in the past. Learn to behave and act for the welfare and well-being of all at any time of your life. Learn to be for the mutual benefit of all

If you dissolve your Ego in the fire of Divine Love, you learn to act and be for the benefit of the entire Divine Creation. You learn to be in full harmony with God, the Creator, or whatever you may call it. The source of all sources. The beginning and the end.

If you are driving a car at 200 km per hour on a highway you may still be on the highway and in your car as well, but you may be neither in control of the highway nor in control of your car. It is the steering mechanism that controls the car and you try to affect that steering mechanism of your car. If you, the driver want to step down on the road, you may first have to make sure to fully control the car - that means you may first have to become "one" with the car - agree with the car - and stop it. Then you may step out and become one with the road.

The car and the highway are somehow related, they are made for each other. A highway is useless without vehicles and a car useless without roads. The driver and the car are related in a similar manner. The car has been made for the driver to transport him. The driver is no driver without a vehicle.

If the car follows other directions than the road goes - both of them, car and driver, may crash. If the driver follows a different directions than the car may be able to, they may crash again. Driver and car and road have first to agree on all. For example if the driver still drives at 200 km / hr and want to step out of the car, car and driver may crash. The driver without a car has a certain vibration - a natural and potential velocity, that he may walk or run on the road without getting hurt- the driver needs to adjust the velocity of the car by following the directions of the road. Then he may safely step out of the car and be on the road again.

The Divine (highway) created your soul (car) to transport your Ego (driver) though the path of life - the evolution of your consciousness and spiritual awareness. Your individual Consciousness is basically bound to your Ego during any physical incarnation.

The driver drives from A to Z. The highway is at all the points - A, B, C, ... to Z at the same time. Once the Ego and the soul are becoming one, they then may become safely one with the road and be at all the points from A to Z at the same time as well.

Remember: The road determines the directions a car can drive. The directions are the spiritual Laws of the Divine, that your soul needs to follow. The car - Soul - needs the driver - Ego - to go through all the different directions of the road - God's Creation and Divine Laws. Thus the driver needs to adapt to the rules of handling for that particular car as well as to follow the directions of the road. Finally the driver needs to learn to make proper use of his car while following the road from A to Z.

Once he has traveled from A to Z, he then has been at all the different points as well and he then is is A to Z. Once a soul has gone through all experiences of the different Divine Laws, he has learned to practice them and properly apply them in any situation of Creation, he has then become one with the Divine Laws and one with the Creator. A Child of God made to the image of God. A Child of God having gone through all the colors of a rainbow to become equal to the source of the rainbow.

An Ego needs to learn to behave as a soul and applying all Divine Laws in all and any situation of Divine Life and Creation. An Ego is learning to live and be the potential Divinity as created by God - and being that Divine Truth of the Soul.

read and study until you understand !

Our consciousness needs to expands throughout the entire creation. That's why we are driving the entire road until we are the road in above example. Incarnation after incarnation we are living and experiencing part of God's creation until have have experienced all.

Basically we have two different ways to experience a particular situation. One, the more spiritual one, is related with the technique of Samyama as described in another chapter. By using this technique, we are concentrating on a certain part - simple or complex - of the manifested creation until we are one with the object of concentration. Then since we are one with it, it is infinitely more intense than just superficially living through it. It is the most precise way of learning anything and done by most souls at a later stage of spiritual maturity. The technique of Samyama allows us to completely and thoroughly become aware of even a complex principle of the Divine creation on a single day or two - within one session of deep and perfect Samyama on a particular object.

An other and often practiced way of evolution of the soul is to actually live through a particular situation that represents a manifestation of a Divine Principle of God's creation. Living through all the different lessons of spiritual life and growth may however be very painful and time consuming. Although it appears at present to be standard on this planet for most of the souls trapped here.

But remember from earlier chapters, particularly the chapter problem solving" - there always is a solution of Love to every and any problem that ever could occur in your life and the entire existence of this planet.

Love is the solution of the Divine for any and all problems, whatever the cause, however the situation may be. Stop your action, stop your thoughts, stop your emotional fighting and LOVE. Take your time, sit down or lay down and LOVE. For minutes, hours, days. It always works, whether you may believe it or not. Try it - it doesn't cost you anything at all except the time. It may save you hundreds, thousands or billions of dollars that you could otherwise waste for insurance, lawyers, police, military, defense, war, and so on. You may first practice it in small scale situations, it will prove to work. If it only works partially, then because you forgot to ask the Divine to assist you in loving or you failed loving with the full power of your soul and heart. The Divine is the source of love and needs to be included in your efforts of dissolving problems in love. Loving without God is like switching on an electric light without being connected to the power station. So next time you may repeat it with the full power of your soul with the full power of your heart , including the Divine assistance of Love from God. And finally you will succeed. It is only a question of "investing" enough Love - the results may always be peace and Love, if your investment was sufficient, else just increase your "investment of Love" until you succeed by decreasing your inner resistance to Love. The Ego is the only resistor to Love. By dissolving your Ego in the fire of Divine Love, more and more Love may flow through you. Your soul may shine brighter and brighter in the light of its Divine Love shining through.

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Now we shall have a close look at the metaphysical physiology of how dissolving in Love works. Your may also read the chapter about rejection for this topic to better understand and successfully apply this technique. Below you see two persons fighting, verbally, mentally, emotionally or even physically. Both of them may have Karma causing them to be attracted by the other who has similar Karma. This Karma causes them to actually live through the situations equal or very similar to the one both of them have caused. Remember the Law of Karma that says: Whatever you do to others in your thoughts, emotions, fantasy or actions is coming back to you. Be it within seconds, minutes or incarnations. Any time later you may certainly experience what you have caused.

The only exception is, when you have learned from that particular lesson and started to apply this attained knowledge to your life immediately. By doing so, the return of outstanding Karma is delayed. By practicing Karma Yoga you may start yourself to dissolve your Karma step by step, may be during the course of many incarnations or eventually, when you succeed with your new way of life, you may feel sorry for past Karma caused, you will start do love past "victims" in your life and you may even start to pray to God to remove or dissolve this Karma from you. You may pray to God to heal the wounds and damage you may have caused to others previously. Of course does God always reply to any and all of such demands in a positive way. Such prayers may however only reach God if they are coming from the depth of your heart and soul. Such prayers must be honest. It does never depend on the words you are using, but on your feelings and thoughts you are developing. God is Love, that is his innermost and absolute truth. Mercy and Grace are manifestation of his Love toward all creation.

The relationship of LOVE of the Divine and all the other Divine aspects of God like Mercy and Grace for example is like the relationship of the white sunlight and the colors of the rainbow. Without white light no rainbow, no colors at all. Without LOVE no no mercy, no grace, no life, no creation at all. It is Divine Love that is the innermost essence of all life force in the entire cosmic creation of manifestation. Whatever comes from God always is derived from this Love. Nothing but pure Divine Love.

lovers are made to love - all are lovers - all are made to love !

The interaction of above souls A and B is based on Karma and lessons and takes consciously place on the levels of emotions, thoughts and actions including words. It is some sort of war that takes place between two egos leading to lessons learned by the soul. The souls is experiencing different environments i. e. different energies to experience how they - the energies of that situation or environment feel like. The soul as being made to the image of God, has the same potential as God, however first needs to become fully aware of it and learn the cause of different situations, thus leading to the knowledge of knowing the result of different causes before they have occurred in the future. This finally leads to the wisdom of knowing in advance what a "potential" creative thought of a Divine mind could cause and to only create thoughts that lead to the desired result. Whatever it may be. Divinity leads to the capability of developing continuously thoughts in full harmony with Divine Love.

A soul having accumulated sufficient experiences, starts to drastically evolve toward Love. This is done by withdrawing all energy from the Ego, from all wars of its mental -, emotional- and physical body and direct all attention to the innermost truth of the self. The core of each soul. This is sometimes called the Divine Light or Divine Fire of a soul. Following the principle of Samyama, the Divine power of Love can now be used to dissolve all and any Karma still remaining within the aura attached to that soul. This is shown in the pictures 1 through 4 below.


Picture 1 above shows an ego still in "full action" while at 2 the involvement with fighting is starting to decrease. Getting weaker and weaker finally reaching state 4. in this state the person fully consciously withdraws all its energy by the power of his will from all interaction of its Ego. All steps from 1 through 4 are done using the power of will. This requires a person involved to be aware of the principles involved in this process as described here and in some other chapters of the text "on your wings of Love - on your way to God". Continuous observation of all actions, thoughts and emotions created by the ego is necessary. Whenever the ego wants to make a "side-step" into its previously created mud, it must be gently but powerfully directed toward Love. No force or violence of any kind as a kind of self-punishment shall be applied. Just directing the attention and awareness of the Ego toward the source of Love is enough to realize the potential of Love of any soul. Any discussion or argument is a war of Egos, needing at least another Ego as a counterpart. Whenever one of two fighting egos withdraws. Peace will establish itself, if no one else jumps in to continue the war in place of the leaving one.

Dissolving an Ego including all Karma and all past incarnations leads to freeing all the energy of past experiences and their essence of wisdom contained in any past experience. Nothing is lost, from all the past experiences. All will be converted into wisdom and Divinity and is part of God's plan. All our current experiences of our Ego are of great value for our future to come.

Once we stopped our involvement with other Egos, a process as shown below starts. Each symbol standing for a particular event in our past, including past incarnations of course. A particular learning situation to be dissolved. Events having caused us to fight, to kill, to abuse, and so on. One by one or as a result of grace and mercy of the Divine many at a time, will now become dissolved in the Fire of Divine Love. Some of them may be of particular importance to us and we may again go through that particular situation for a "dream" or the time of a meditation or otherwise. However we may now have a review of that long time past situation from a different and neutral point of view and sometimes may see how it could happen, what the cause was from our side and what the role of the other partners were. We may also become fully aware of the deeper spiritual sense of that particular lesson of evolution of our soul.

This process of directing our concentration inward to God and his Divine Love can be made using various "techniques" like Kriya Yoga Meditation, Kriya Pranayama or just the development of Divine Love within ourselves. The latter shall be subject of this following picture and description. The more we concentrate in any and all situation on Love, the more we shall become aware of our previous intentions and actions, thoughts and emotions and the more we may become aware of the difference between true Divine Love, thus the true nature of God and the behavior of our Ego. This process leads to an improving view of the absolute reality that was previously obscured behind the "curtain" of our Ego. The power of Love being focused now on our Ego is like the power of the Sun increasing after "waking up" early morning and dissolving the fog that may have obscured our view of a beautiful landscape - thus clearing our vision. An awakening soul is exposed more and more to the power of Love, leading to increasing "enlightenment". This word has seldom been fully understood by most users of this word on earth. Now you should be fully aware of its true and full sense. Whenever your Ego wants you to re-act in a certain way. Stop it by immediately withdrawing your thoughts from the outside object and concentrating on Love. The deeper the silence within, the deeper the relaxation within, the more Love can flow through you and even dissolve your potential capability of getting involved in any battle with Egos. Instead you learn to practice loving in all and any situations of life, no matter what your surroundings.

Your awareness of your environment is obscured by your own thoughts and fantasies you ever created yourself - obscured by your very own Karma. You see your environment through a "Sun glass" that you have painted yourself. This may become a topic for another future chapter to appear soon.

dissolve in love

Whatever limits your capability of loving anyone is caused by all the past experiences to be dissolved and learned from. All you need for this process of purification is the desire to do it and some will power to accomplish it. Whenever you experience any difficulty you should immediately ask for Divine assistance of God. You are his Divine and beloved Child, made to his image for his pleasure. It is your birthright to receive any help you ask from him. Whatever you ask you may get. God would like all his children to grow up, be happy and near him. So whatever he can do to help you being happy, shall be done. Love is his being. To love his pleasure. To help his children his desire if he has any kind of desire at all.

Before anyone ever can experience any true love coming from you, you should have cleaned your aura, else all love may be absorbed or disturbed by your ego and never arrive at the destination the way you have originally "dispatched" your Love. All action of your Ego shall be stopped, to allow the Divine Love from within traveling through all the layers of your Ego without being hampered by it.

Whenever you encounter any difficulty on your spiritual path, ask him to remove this obstacle - to dissolve it in the Fire of his Love for YOU. He loves you and he shall do so. all you may need to do is to apply a stamp on every "letter" you send to God. This stamp can only be LOVE. Pack all your desires, your questions, your prayers for help of any kind in LOVE and it will surely arrive and be answered in a loving and wise manner.

The picture below may show a soul cleared of any Karma. Capable of loving in all situation of live on earth as anywhere else. The white center is the Divine light of God within each of us. The other circles symbolize the different part of spiritual body that you may need during a physical or metaphysical incarnation. The white rings show how Divine Light and Love can shine from the depth of YOUR soul through all aspects of your Divine Personality after having dissolved your Ego and all of your Karma in the light of Divine Love. You never have been anything else than you shall be in the future. You only have been a Saint in disguise to play a role of a Divine Child in the cosmic creation and learn while playing. All life on earth and beyond is but a game, make it a joyful and loving game - it's more fun for all participants. Learn all the rules of the entire cosmic creation and become a free Child of God for the rest of eternity. A Child of Love -because love is the truth of your being, of your soul, of your personality. God is Love - so are YOU.

holy soul - divine soul - loving soul - made to the image of God

The rest of eternity starts when you decided to start loving.

You create your own future by the way you handle your presence

with all it's various situations.

If you decide that your presence shall be Love,

then your future shall be Love as well.

If you start loving today -

all the rest of your future shall become Love as of today

The choice is yours

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