Be strong with all your heart

You can never learn to be strong - but you can DECIDE to BE strong !

Hundreds of millions of humans on earth are weak. weakness can have many manifestations. you can be physically strong but still be weak in the absolute sense. from the absolute point of view strength means

Can you learn to be strong? NO !

but you can decide to be strong and then BE it !

it may take a while - but this while has actually NOTHING to do with learning - it is a time that you may NEED to get used of BEING STRONG - because your ego was used to be weak for a long time - for many of you for a too long time. in addition many people WANTED you to be weak, government officials and high ranking military want you to be weak because they want you to serve their ego and their purpose as a blind and stupid YES sayer. many parents also want their children to be weak and obey in all situations. teachers at school want us to be weak to obey any and every order - even the most stupid ones. since early childhood many are being told " you are too little, too young, too small, too stupid, too ..." to do ...

after a few years you start to belief it and it gets imprinted in your brain and central nervous system, in all your body. hence YOU have to overcome this mass hypnosis that reduces hundreds of millions of humans to WEAK babies, to ill ones, too weak to be FREE. YOU have to use powerful POSITIVE affirmations to achieve what YOU want to be - a strong, powerful and brave child of God - strong in your heart and soul. strong enough and smart enough to do whatever your heart desires to achieve !

at no point is it TOO late to change your inner attitude - any point in your life - even one second before dying is it is still the right time to BE STRONG

because God is love and the divine love God has for YOU can make you as almighty in your heart and soul as he is. God made you to his image - to be strong in all situations. you need to get used to BE STRONG - can a cat learn to BE a cat ? NO ! but a cat grows up with her cat mama and accumulates EXPERIENCES to BE a cat.

we accumulate experiences to BE and behave like a child of God - made to the image of God.

if YOU want to be strong - then you have to DECIDE to be strong ! you need to be able to say:

YES - I want to be strong in all and any situations - I want to be strong in my divine heart and I want to be strong soul and I want to have strong roots in God's divine love !

whatever you want to achieve you can achieve - if you made up your mind very clearly and if you are sure YOU want to achieve a particular goal.

being strong also means you have no more excuses for:

being strong means:

exceed your limits again and again to get used of being strong. do it in many different ways

a strong society is the best warrant for a strong and lasting peace and a lasting UNION in God of all family members. for the remainder of eternity !

whatever profession you have selected - learn more, do it better day after day, improve all your skills and knowledge, become an expert in all different fields of activities you need in your life, in family life, in professional life, in recreation, in making others happy - including in your SEX - LIFE !!

weak persons are WEAK and BORING lovers !

who wants to be boring ? who wants to join someone boring ? NONE - because ALL children of God have a divine right to get a powerful and exciting partner - an adventurer who knows that eternity includes infinite ways of LOVING and LIVING. only the very best is good for YOU and only the VERY BEST is good enough for YOUR PARTNER and your entire family !

stop playing weak to attract PITY

start being strong in all your love to attract LOVE !

I love you

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