Be prepared - be ready - prepare yourself for love and happiness

To be really happy - major changes in your life may be needed. To allow such needed changes to happen in your life, you may need to be prepared to grab every chance offered to you. Some chances in life occurs but once in a lifetime, while others may reappear every few years or decades.

Chances in life - chances to get the one and only partner for life or chances to get the very best job for you and similar chances may occur like a comet on the sky - for a very few seconds or days or months and then they are gone for long or for the entire remainder of this incarnation. If you are prepared to act within seconds - often instantly - without having to ask anyone, without having to think about, without having to learn or get prepared - then you may succeed by instantly accepting what is being offered to you - offered by God.

To reach goals or realize your dreams you need to do your homework first !

Many have dreams and high goals in life - dreams or goals of a better future, better partner, more pay, to live in a different place, country or even far away on a different continent - even going home to God ...

Dreams of a beautiful loving partner ... the one and only ...

But ...

Are you prepared ? Did you make ALL the needed steps that you are expected to do to make the realization of your goals and dreams come true ??

How to prepare to be ready ?

Different main steps for different chances. If you dream of a partner ...

Be prepared for your one and only partner

Preparation requires YOU to

  1. Be free - free from any wrong partnership. Never try to remain in a wrong partnership and dump the wrong one like junk when another one occurs on the horizon of your heart. Be honest and sincere to your present partner and if the present one is the wrong one and you know it - then part in peace, friendship and love to free BOTH of you for a true and lasting love relationship with the right one. Hence you need to be free now and have your heart cleaned from any debris of past relationships and healed from any possible damage and "injuries" caused by wrong relationship.
  2. Be open for a partner of any religion, any culture, any race, any nationality - it also means you may be multi lingual or at least speak a major international language. Your partner may come from THAT country you feel attracted to ... because your soul is in permanent contact with your one and only - even if physically you may have been separated since years or incarnations ! The sacred link of divine marriage is fully maintained by God.
  3. Be free of any karma with other persons !! Any karma by you must be dissolved in divine love in order for YOU to be free ! How to clean up and fully dissolve all your karma is very well known to you and clearly described in the many chapters here.However it is up to you to really do all that work and free yourself. Action is the only way to succeed - action of love the only method to really dissolve all in love. You need to get in peace with all before being free for your one and only. Your true spiritual development requires YOUR action and full attention - your full efforts in loving all.
  4. Be free of any contracts that may need extended periods of time to be dissolved - as you may need to act or part spontaneously - even within hours or days.
  5. Be aware that ALL can be dissolved in love - even if you have contracts with your landlord or employer - they all are human - it is however up to you to face them - eyes to eyes - heart to heart - soul to soul - and honestly and very truthfully and clearly explain why you want to be instantly released from any contract - released just for love and without having to pay anything for your instant freedom !!! Of course you may at first have to learn to never sign any contract for any amount of salary that ever limits your personal freedom at all. It is your eternal responsibility to maintain and protect your God given freedom even if this means to earn less or have a lesser position in your life. If you sold your body by a contract - then you also sold part of your soul for a while at least.
  6. Be spontaneous and ready to fall in love instantly and to become ONE with your true partner at once - most likely you have been separated for years, decades or incarnations once you meet the one and only YOU have to prove that you have learned to set LOVE as your first and only true priority for the remainder of eternity - else your one and only deserves another one more loving for now until YOU have learned to give ALL love at once, in full, instantly the very first moment you meet again !!!.
  7. Be sure you can show AND prove FULL love at once - instantly open heart - no limits at all what so ever !!
  8. be strong in your life - free from any dependencies from your parents, relatives, or other persons - you also need to be free from any kind of personal attachments to friends or relatives - be free to move anywhere, everywhere at any given time even forever !
  9. Be ready to REALLY make happy with ALL your love, with all your heart, soul and body.
  10. Be ready to give all you have, to be a source of all needs your partner may have - to be the ONE source that may fulfill ALL needs and ALL dreams of your partner !

Be prepared for your professional chances in life

If you want a better life, a better job, a better climate to live in, you need to

A practical example of being prepared and ready

To give you one precise example of being prepared and being free and loving your way free instantly - here a brief true example out of my very own adventurous life:

Once in the mid 1970-ies I was working as an electronic technician in Switzerland for a small communication company. One early morning at my job - I received a Telex from an organization asking me to call back. The Telex was without further comments or details.

I firmly decided to call back after work the same day. But a few hours later - around late morning or noon time - a received another Telex from the same organization asking me again to call as soon as possible - of course it was possible to call instantly from my work and so I did.

I called from the office right away.

The organization ask me to be ready for departure for a mission in Middle East and to come right away - same day or next day - for all the contract details and actual departure. Since I knew about such possible missions - of course I spoke the language of such possible countries and I had my passport always fully extended and valid and all possible vaccinations regularly updated for ANY and all countries on this planet - since years. Ready to leave within hours or latest within a very few days.

It remained one point - I had a job - and I was the only one doing that job ...


My boss was human !! Of course !!! ALL bosses are human - my boss was the owner of that company and decades earlier HE was young such as I was now at that time. I explained very briefly - there was nothing to convince him - he understood in full without any convincing. Decades earlier he was traveling abroad, adventurous and ready to do whatever was needed to succeed, progress and be happy. He knew the priorities of life.

The contract was dissolved in friendship and love. He let me go instantly. A former employee came back to take over my job. A day or two later I was underway ... My apartment had a short notice to leave, a months or so, I paid the full notice time in advance and left soon - for a open end contract in Lebanon.

No matter what contract you have - every contract is but a piece of paper and an idea in your mind and heart and thus every contract can be dissolved as fast as such a piece of paper can be burnt ! Love is the key to all - love should be the only bond between "boss" and employee - my boss was and is a real friend ... making all possible that makes happy.

Time needed to make major decisions in life ...

If it takes you 3 days to make such a major professional decision in your life - then you are wasting 2 days 23 hrs and 59 minutes too much !

If it takes you 3 hours for the first kiss and hug of a newly met potential partner - then you wait 2 hours and 59 minutes too long to be ready and prepared for the REAL ONE !!!

When you get ready to become ONE with God - it is instantly !

When you meet your one and only in God - latest -. then you become ONE instantly !

When you are prepared and ready to love - you can do all instantly ! Else you failed to be ready and prepared for TRUE LIFE !

Your own happiness in life can only be the result of your very own actions, decisions and loving progress - it is up to you to be prepared and to be ready for any possible occurrence in life - it is up to you to BE READY to accept offers of love and chances in your life. There are chances that occur but one single time in a full lifetime - it is up to you to either accept or waste such doors to a better future or to more and true love.

In 1997 while treating some poor ones in India I met my very oldest patient - a woman of 108 years - when I saw her the very first time I told her "you have missed your train some 40 years ago" ( I meant the "train" back to God ) she understood what I meant and said "Yes I know" ...

There is even a time to die and if you miss that time you may have to wait for decades until the next "train" is ready !!

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