Short Kriyas

Concentration on breathing with Beej Mantram

A beej mantram could be called a "seed mantram". If you plant a seed and care it - it finally will grow to a tree or plant - to its full potential. There are several commonly used beej mantram. Many of them have Sanskrit names. Here we prefer to use mantram that you can clearly understand

For this particular short Kriya one very powerful mantram you can use in clear language is

God I am

you pronounce loud or in your mind God during inhalation and I am during exhalation

To truly understand how this mantram works please look at it like at an mathematical equation

God = I

on one side of the equation we have God on the other side I (meaning my person). Normally an ego on earth is much different from God as mankind has forgot its origin from God. A mantram however is like a powerful equation that becomes true when you repeat it a sufficient number of times with its meaning in mind - because this is an absolute and Divine truth. All truth always comes true as truth is Divine

Repeating such a mantram with the proper attitude creates an opening from you to God and through the repetition of this mantram you invite God to be one with you and you show your readiness to be one with God

When doing this while watching your breathing it causes all your attention to be drawn toward something Divine outside your physical body as God is beyond or outside your physical body - it facilitates entering a deeper state meditation. During inhalation you pronounce God - God is all over, around you - and of course in the air. When inhaling you imaging that God also being in the air is entering all your body and body cells. During this phase you imagine God becoming one with you by entering all parts of your aura. When exhaling you imagine you flowing into God waiting outside your personal aura. You are open to receive God inside you and are ready to become one with God beyond your physical body

When you become truly one with God it always is beyond your physical body - death is the door to God - God is perceived beyond your physical existence after leaving your present prison. A physical body is a prison for your soul - for any soul. You can however open all door of your prison and learn to become one with God even while having a physical body. This is achieved through the power of Kriya Yoga in combination with the development of Divine Love in all situation toward all beings

Another very powerful mantram that can be used for this exercise is the mantram OM - it is used to call God - like another name for God. you pronounce it in your mind or verbally and the more often you pronounce it the more you open for God and all he offers you. You can use this mantram OM during inhalation and OM during exhalation.

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