Tradition and spiritual root of arranged marriage

Imagine you have a car - and put any tire on it - any ... then you need an engine and put any engine into it ... any - will such a car ever work and run fine securely and safely for many hundred thousand kilometers ?

Of course never !

A particular car needs a particular matching set of tires and an exactly tuned engine of proper size and strength.

So does a human soul and being !

A top running car is composed and manufactured of specially matching parts and components. In God's creation nothing is left to incidents and hazard or luck - all is planned and fine tuned - all is created for perfect match - by God !!

Perfect ?

YES perfect - but that in no way means that perfect can remains without further evolution to even match better and better. But the original partner is created for each by God creating a perfect match for each.

Deep inside many of us still carry that memory of matching partner - the partner given by father to us - father our match maker for an eternal perfect love romance with one made and presented by our heavenly father.

Arranged marriages are a left over from heavenly times at home

Arranged marriage is a left over from heavenly times - except that arranged marriages here on earth are arranged by Ego oriented parents instead of by God. Any parent here on earth is mortal - hence has temporarily lost divine knowledge, wisdom and true love - any marriage by mortal parents is invalid and void. Yet millions of children obey there parents and marry the one proposed by parents and trow their lives away into an arranged marriage empty of love.

When God made matching partners he knew what you are - he knows your true being exactly as a car manufacturer knows all the technical facts of his cars - God thus knows exactly how to match for greatest pleasure, fun end eternal joy.

Leaving us freedom however we all had and have the freedom to explore, reject, deny - venture into wrong relationships ... until we have realized that our ego matched partner never is a true and lasting match.

If you are in a parent arranged marriage - then you may be lucky and have a truly loving partner. A partner sufficiently loving to allow you to learn and practice to love. If you had extremely spiritual parents you may even have the right one if they listened to God's guidance to find you a match. Most however are in a dead end road of life - a path empty of love worse even - for some a life more like hell on earth - hell within hell.

To understand the roots of arrange marriages you have to fully understand the origin or arranged marriage having its roots in God - our heavenly father. The attempt of doing the same on earth however fails to create happiness as all mortal humans exist of ego above all and only to a fraction of manifested true spiritual love.

Mixing up heavenly rules and traditions with earthly traditions is wrong

Here on earth we all are individuals lost and far away from God - each of us needs to make his own choice according to his hear and nothing but to follow his heart - his innermost voice free of thinking, free of rejection, free of denial - a voice so gentle that it only can be inspired and directed by God.

Heavenly rules are made to use in heaven !

If you want to love and live here on earth with heavenly rules for love life - then you have to be a God realized person fully one with God here and now.

At home in God you may easily follow his advice - by the time you are ready to return you will have learned and experienced his infinite wisdom and love - to accept the one he made for you will be easy for you as you truly know its a true and eternal match of love to meed all your needs as much as you know for sure that you too are a full and 100 % match for your partner to give him all he ever - eternally - may dream of - even before he ever starts to dream of anything. God made partners to be so perfect that both always know the needs of the other before that one becomes aware of his own needs.

Here on earth we have created our own world of separation - separation from home, separation from God and our loved one as well. Our foremost responsibility is to find and love our way back home. The easiest way to achieve such divine goal is to help each other. Even if you knew who your partner made by God is - it helps you nothing at all as long as that one on the basis of ego, fear and karma rejects your love or denies to love you here and now.

For such reason most of us on earth may either find no matching partner or have to be happy with the one who is truly willing and ready to love us, to accept us, to accept and fully absorb all he has to give you whatever that might be and you have to give all you can give as well. True love and true relationship never can be matched by ego - hence never by earthly mortal parents - only God can be a perfect match maker.

If you are hungry for true love - for the one God made for you - the absolute match, there is but one way ... to spiritually progress faster and better yourself - to learn more intensely to love and to be how God made. Inside equal outside.

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